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El Supremo

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Gender: Male
Current location: Kansas, Coloradio
Member since: Mon Feb 16, 2004, 07:52 PM
Number of posts: 20,338

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Opinion: America has always had many poorly educated ignorant people, but...

never have they been this influential.

They belief in conspiracy theories, are vocal, violent and are on social media. It's scary.

It is now time for Colorado to eliminate the death penalty.

Not since Timothy McVeigh has Colorado been subjected to the attention of such a high profile death case.

So many people criticize Governor Hickenlooper for giving a reprieve to the Chuck E. Cheese murderer, but I criticize him for not going further and commuting the death sentence for all three on death row and pushing for the end of the death penalty in Colorado.

The death penalty serves no purpose except for revenge. And it produces many bad results not the least being the huge amount of money it costs us tax payers.

Because of this ridiculous trial I hope that Hickenlooper and the legislature will come to their senses and join the rest of the civilized world and eliminate the death penalty.
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