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Eddie18's Journal
Eddie18's Journal
July 17, 2024

Would GOP lawmakers protect their pregnant daughters?

OK, let's try this. A GOP lawmaker who supports no exceptions for abortion finds out his 13-year-old was raped and is now pregnant. So, he is going to tell her she has to go through with it because of right to life beliefs or god's will, etc.?

What are the chances the family secretly opts for an out-of-state abortion?

June 28, 2024

Biden performance view

Couple of things:

His speech after the debate was a different person in energy and cadence

He had a bad cold and it was obvious with mouth clearing. 2 recent trips to Europe didn't help

He hates Trump and needs to reign that in. He despises assholes

The stuttering didn't help but was fueled by the lonely stage and his cold

Keep in mind he surrounds himself with younger brains and enthusiasm

Newsom and Kamala were very gracious and did not panic

4 months to go and anything can happen, including Trump's sentencing and more speeches on sharks and what "black" jobs look like

Keep the faith. We need a new Supreme Court and Biden will deliver

May 17, 2024

These TV ads drive me nuts

1. The Prevagen Pharmacist. Has been practicing more than 40 years and needs the drug for memory. This is scary.
2. The Range Rover challenge in Iceland up a water slide. She sees impossible as a challenge. I see her meeting Jesus.
3. The Leaf Filter for gutters. Do they work for pine needles? Since I had a similar product, the gutter filter creates massive pine-needle dams vs. filtering. Probably not ideal for Pacific Northwest, Maine, Upper Peninsula, most of Canada, etc.
4. Liberty Insurance ads. What are they selling besides a big bird and a guy who needs serious career counseling.

There are more but a good start.

May 10, 2024

The Jen Psaki book

It was recommended on MSNBC so I gave it a try. Observations from a former editor at several large papers and former head of communications at several large corporations:

Psaki is not insecure but, rather, a bit pretentious

The book is a bit preachy on communications 101

She is a workaholic and appears to be obsessed with success vs. balance

Not as insightful as I would hope and, frankly, somewhat boring

May 2, 2024

The Farmer's Dog

Kristi Noem is a rancher/farmer. Her dog probably never got his last meal.

April 24, 2024

Washington State GOP is truly nuts, read this

They want to eliminate mail-in ballots, one day to vote with photo ID, paper ballots that are only hand-counted, eliminate "democracy" as a discussion. Thank god most of the state is blue.

Here is The Seattle Times story on their platform.


February 11, 2024

My memory is OK, but solid

My memory at 72:

* I was 9 when I was struck by lightning. My brother was 10 and he never made it. We were on the front page of The Washington Post the next day, but I've never been sure of the date. President Kennedy called the house as my father worked at the Pentagon. Memory works in strange ways.
* I can't remember the last time I met a normal, educated Republican who could listen
* I played a grand master in chess and remember his name. I didn't lose. Not sure of the date or year, however but it was in the '70s
* I went to a Black and Blue concert once and Blue Oyster Cult opened the show. I don't remember Black Sabbath for some strange reason
* My first date with my soon-to-be wife was on a beach in Florida. Can't remember the date, however, and don't really care.
* I remember meeting Nixon at an Air Force Base near Spokane in May 1974. I remember he looked like a tired rat as Watergate loomed. Can't remember what Pat wore that date and it will haunt me forever.

I could go on, but hopefully you catch my drift.

October 23, 2023

Why I should be next Speaker

This is really simple but I'll need your support as we move forward. Here we go:

1. I am not constipated an enjoy toilet time as my GOP reflection deposit.
2. I am aware of reality and do not cage small animals for sport and inspiration.
3. I voted in 2020 and 2022 via mail ballot. I am not dead and did not enter America illegally.
4. While some guy Gets US according to the new TV campaign, I have yet to meet this dude but leave out a white wafer every night with my wine dregs..
5. I do not hang flags at my house or in the back of a truck. I don't wear a flag wind breaker or wear hats with the flag on it. I do own a 48-star flag as I don't recognize Texas and Florida.
6. I support women's choice and view GOP pols as the result of trailer sex gone bad.
7. Gym Jordan, not to be confused with Gyn Jordan, needs help with his receding hair and comb-overs. I comb my hair every morning and actually look into a mirror as a form of cross-check.
8. Rugby and the GOP have a lot in common. They just keep moving this ball around in the mud. I'm having a ball watching the dysfunction, of course.
9. I'm not in 4th grade anymore and am aware of it, proud of the fact, and can complete whole sentences without looking stupid.
10. GOP bed bugs or GOP shingles? Neither of them care. I watch them on TV and enjoy their appreciation of life in the slow lane.

July 22, 2023

My Covid game plan during Covid ... and surviving

A look back at a difficult time and adjusting. We all remember it now that it is in the past. A few facts:

First of all, I first had Covid in late February 2020 while in Las Vegas. I had slight chills, a hacking cough and was tired all the time. A fever for 4 hours. There was no testing then, but I'm pretty sure I had it.

When I got home to the Seattle North area, Covid hit the nation and our "great president" did very little initially. I already knew we were in trouble with that moron at the helm, so I planned survival with my wife.

Luckily, Seattle quickly became a mask-abiding society unlike many Red states so we were in good shape on that front.

Food: We survived on Amazon Fresh, a local cater that sold frozen to-go meals in our neighborhood, our local dairy truck delivery with all kinds of items they left in our metal-insulated bin by the front door, and a local food co-op grocery store that had a very mask-friendly staff and customer base. The latter was key. No large grocery stores, no Costco, no Home Depot, etc.

Vaccines: I had the first one in early February 2001, the second in early March 2001 and the boosters shortly after that. Yes, I got slightly sick every time and experienced fatigue for up to a month after every shot. But, I powered through it along with my wife.

Mental health: The 2020 election helped but not Jan. 6, of course. I took a trip to Palm Spring after the 20-day effective period following vaccine No. 2. It was March 2021 and it was in the mid-80s there compared with cloudy and 46 in our city near Seattle. I flew on Alaska Air Lines, which offers a clean-air system that is second to none. We watched a lot of TV, including series we would never watch before. Black Mirror really helped. Music really helped and long walks with mask on in our neighborhood. My wife, an attorney, worked at home and I am retired.

Companionship: Along with 3 other guys, we started a weekly outdoor wine club on my deck, which overlooks Puget Sound. The topics were diverse and started in April 2001 and still continue. Everybody wore a mask until seated on the deck, and then took them off as the Sound air is superb and we social-distanced. As time wore on, we had more locations and more people in the group.

Going out: Our town had many eateries opening up sidewalk-tent covered tables and it was an incredible experience that illustrated community support and engagement. I still avoided Costco, Home Depot and large gathering places and even went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving 2001. Hint: Seattle is not a long flight to Hawaii and prices were reasonable as the airlines sought to recover.

Today: What mask? Do I regret all the steps we took? Of course not. Biden made such a difference with the Covid response and Democrat responsibility and action. But, I look back at millions who did not have the options we had and suffered immensely. Those who bought into the GOP scare on vaccines and mask-wearing, suffered even more as many gasped for air and on their death beds, said they wished they had taken the vaccine. What a lesson and let's ensure America rewards the people with Biden again.

June 19, 2023

My 2024 projections ...

1. Biden will destroy Trump. If it's DeSantis, it will be worse. Trump has way too many indictments for smart voters to ignore. Smart is defined as Democrat, Independent and Republicans who have all their teeth and have heard about college. DeSatan is what we call the classic result of a Siberian grudge fuck. Frankly, he needs to woke up to American values.
2. Democrats will retake the House as this holding the country hostage for debt and budget is pretty fucking stupid. Comer's probe into the Biden crime family is a knee-slapper and Jordan is proving he is one stupid wrestler who took way too many head shots on the mat.The new speaker will be a person of color. Oh my god! George Santos will be back to adopting puppies and Marge Greene and Bimbo from Colorado could exit and return to their roles as, respectivel, waitress (not server) at a local waffle/pancake house and stewardess (not flight attendant) on ski charter planes.
3. The Senate will be tight and I see it as a toss-up. Tester will win in Montana and Manchin is finally gone. Cruz could lose in Texas and Arizona will move beyond Sinema, and hopefully Gallego gets the win. Kari Lake will return to her natural role by driving a beer cart at a private golf course for assholes. Schiff will replace Grandma Moses.
4. Abortion will play a role in many states along with gun control. Now, if you are pro-life and pro-gun, then I am confused that a woman can't make a decision on having a live child but it's ok for freaks with AR-15s to kill children. Consider Kansas that protected its Constitution with respect to abortion. Very red state. Guns? Canada figured it out and ask them about mass shootings.
5. On election night, smoke pot and drink some red wine like Jesus did at the Last Summer. Yes, it was alcoholic as they had the wine in April and the grapes were harvested the previous fall.

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