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Member since: Wed May 8, 2019, 05:25 PM
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How many voters would be so upset by impeachment that it would convince them to vote FOR Trump?

The answer is people who were never going to vote for a Democrat anyway!

I have struggled with the impeachment dilemma because the Republicans and Fox can message and spin so well and somehow Trump will be the "victim".

However, we are on a perilous course with Trump blatantly defying the law everyday and we can no be afraid of impeaching the president for high crimes and misdemeanors.

It seems to me that televised impeachment proceedings will show well over 20 impeachable offensives and even without a conviction, you will put several hypocritical Republican Senators on the defensive, having to explain why they only support impeachment charges for a Democrat leading into an election year. Democrats in the House could be so good at presenting a compelling case to the American people that will help cause a major Blue Wave in 2020.

I now say we need to Go For It!

The Pro-Fetus Movement Doesn't Give a Shit About the Child

This is a about punishing the woman for getting pregnant, period! That is the thinking of men like Kavanaugh and the others in the Federalist Society.

But moreover, the Alabama law will mostly hurt poorer women. Women with money or a rich man who wants to "get rid of the problem" will go to Europe or Canada and have a safe abortion.

Desperate women will only be able to seek solutions that will kill them, but it will be "their" fault.

Such good Christians, those Republicans are!

The Republicans are laughing at us!

AG Barr asks Speaker Pelosi if she "brought handcuffs" to gathering.



With or without the Senate Republicans,

Is their anything Trump could do that would trigger immediate impeachment hearings? An unprovoked attack on Iran? Withdrawal from NATO, temporarily suspending civil rights, canceling the 2020 election? Is anyone preparing a response for such scenarios?

I am starting to worry that we are living through what the German Wiemar Republic failed to do to stop the Nazis.

Trump and his officials shit all over the constitution and we issue more letters and extend deadlines...

Time to Get Ruthless

Arrest them if they disobey the law and start impeachment!

Remember: When the war with Iran breaks out, we must have unity!

This will be one of many BS, jingoistic mantras from the right and their media echo chamber.

I want to see Democrats get out ahead of this and message like crazy to prevent Republicans from using our soldiers as cannon fadder again for political gain! ACT NOW!

Here's my biggest concern:

While I personally would go all out with impeachment, I have come to understand the political realities as to why it's risky.

However, my concern is that virtually nothing is being done strategically to secure the 2020 election from either voter suppression or hacking.
What is the plan?

If I am wrong, please telling what is being done

Hey Republicans:

Can we assume that if Trump gives the farmers $15 Billion in aid over his disastrous tariffs, you'll insist that all farmers be Drug Tested first?

The next time Ken Starr shows up on TV, I wish

someone would ask him, "Do you think investigating the investigators is appropriate, because you spent years looking into Whitewater and wound up with consenusel sex."

"You also jailed people who would not give you the answers you wanted ".

Mic Drop!
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