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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 653

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Andrew Napolitano: Why Donald Trump will soon be indicted

Heís not usually my ďgo toĒ legal analyst but he does sometimes make really good points, and this is one of those times. He does not mince words in this article. He says Trump absolutely will be indicted and that Trump has virtually no defense to fall back on. According to Napolitano, Trump is 100% fucked.

It gives me no joy to write this piece. Even a cursory review of the redacted version of the affidavit submitted in support of the governmentís application for a search warrant at the home of former President Donald Trump reveals that he will soon be indicted by a federal grand jury for three crimes: Removing and concealing national defense information (NDI), giving NDI to those not legally entitled to possess it, and obstruction of justice by failing to return NDI to those who are legally entitled to retrieve it.


But the Bush-era statute, the one the feds contemplate charging Mr. Trump with having violated, makes it a crime of obstruction by failing to return government property or by sending the FBI on a wild goose chase looking for something that belongs to the government and that you know that you have. This statute does not require the preexistence of a judicial proceeding. It only requires that the defendant has the governmentís property, knows that he has it and baselessly resists efforts by the government to get it back.


What will Mr. Trump say in his defense to taking national defense information? I cannot think of a legally viable one.


If Trump runs in 2024, how will it not be a disaster for the Republicans?

Does anyone else see the major problem that the Republicans are going to face in 2024? Not from
the American electorate in general but from the Republican Party itself? Letís say Trump does run for the nomination. Itís extremely unlikely that he will be the only viable candidate. Itís not going to be like 2020 where the field is cleared for him and only a few nobody Republicans who are intentionally hamstrung by the rules will even try. There are going to be some real heavy hitters in the party going up against him and think about how that will play out.

Someone like DeSantis will not just roll over and treat Trump with kidís gloves. The only way to win the nomination will be to go toe to toe with Trump and that is going to be brutal for all sides in the Republican Primary. They will turn into full blown enemies. Does anyone expect calm civility if Trump actually has to fight to be renominated? Then what? Trump wins with a minority of support after being brutalized by his own party or Trump loses. And guess whoís an extremely sore loser that likely wonít accept the results.

How exactly do the Republicans come out ahead in this scenario where Trump runs in 2024?

My theory: Mark Meadows is the secret witness Trump contacted

These hearings feel like a tv show and Iím starting to come up with my own fan theories.

My guess is that the mystery witness we havenít heard from yet and who Trump tried to contact was Mark Meadows. A bit hard to believe but there were two articles I read today that make me think itís at least possible. First, thereís the revelation that the January 6th Committee has been looking into his finances for some time. Second, Trump and his legal team reportedly think Meadows is ďgoing downĒ and they are trying to push him as the fall guy.

If Meadows has recently agreed to cooperate and Trump knows that and has been calling, that could explain the seriousness of his ďwitness tamperingĒ, as they put it.

You have to admit that would be a pretty good twist for the final hearing.

Barring Trump from running again should be a campaign issue this election

The 14 Amendment gives congress the power to bar someone from running for office. The Democrats should make barring Trump from running for office again a campaign issue. I think thereís enough support for some kind of accountability that this issue could gain traction with people.

Do you think the January 6th Committee has information on how Trump....

Öplanned to deal with people who would have protested against his coup attempt, had it succeeded? We already know Eastman admitted that there would be uprisings across the country, had his plan succeeded, even temporarily. Surely Trump or someone close to him had plans on how to deal with people protesting against or otherwise opposing his coup and it certainly would have been very dark and horrifying. Do you think that is something we are going to hear more about?

I have an idea on how the GOP can largely denounce Trump and rid themselves of him

I think itís fairly safe to say that the second half of Trumpís term in office was way worse than his first. Iím not saying before 2019 Trump was a great guy and an amazing President, absolutely not but I would say 2020-2021 was when shit really, really hit the fan.

I have an idea on what the Republicans can do to both denounce Trump and save face, they can claim Trumpís first half in office was great and on the right track, but the second half, after 2019, that was when he became erratic. Still prone to greatness but at times he very much crossed the line, even committing crimes. But itís not his fault! The Great President Donald Trump would never have done that! But tragically stroke victim Donald Trump would.

In November 2019, Trump went on an emergency middle of the night trip to Walter Reed. There are tons of indications that Trump had a stroke. And there is the Republican off-ramp. Claim that Trump was on his way to greatness but that his time in office was tragically destroyed by his stroke. After that, he wasnít the same man, they can say, at least at times and he began having trouble telling right from wrong. Now we know January 6th was bad and it was illegal but this was due to grifters like Giuliani and Eastman taking advantage of a President still recovering from a stroke and who was under a lot of stress.

Charge those two, bring down the hammer of Justice to anyone who tried to overthrow our Republic, but Donald Trump was not well enough at the time to understand what was happening.

I think the spin writes itself really

Something seems amiss

The more we learn about January 6th and just how much of a worst case scenario it was, something doesnít make sense to me. Trump almost had potentially all of congress murdered. His friends and enemies alike. They all know they were in serious, historical danger but after a week, the Republicans in the House and Senate stopped caring. We can assume they are spineless and power hungry, some are even guilty as being accessories but still, they know they almost died; beaten to death by an angry mob while their deranged leader had an insane plan to start a dictatorship and almost certainly a civil war in America. But after a few days, they stopped caring? They know, despite their public indifference, how bad it actually was. They were there. And why donít the Democrats seem all that outraged?

Why would the Republican leadership forgive so easily after what they know happened? What if they didnít? How was it the Democrats got the exact kind of investigation they wanted? McCarthy tried to appoint unacceptable people and then Pelosi was free to have a real, cooperative, unbiased committee. Thereís never going to be enough votes for a 9/11 style commission so she got the next best thing. So easily?

And Liz Cheney, the #3 House Republican is suddenly persona non grata in the GOP, after decades of accumulating power. Someone who has national name recognition as a prototypical hardcore Republican is just out? With no protest? None? And she just happens to join the committee? A member of House Republican leadership at the time of the attack?

What if more people are taking the threat of Trump more seriously than they are letting on? What if January 6th was the closest doomsday scenario our country has ever seen and people who seem like they quickly forgave and forgot for some campaign cash actually didnít.

As I said in my title, something seems amiss to me. What if itís not as business as usual in Washington as it might seem?

One major thing I believe the January 6th hearings will achieve

Iím sure weíve all seen the speculation on the impact the January 6th hearings will have. People wonder whether Trump will finally be charged and if his moronic fascist movement will finally collapse. I suppose those things are possible but who knows at this point.

However, there is one result that I believe these hearings will have and that is The Big Lie will be largely discredited. As ridiculous as it has always been, when the person in the Oval Office is making claims, itís difficult for people to ignore. Polls in February of this year show 60% of Republicans believing the election was stolen from Trump while a significant minority of non Republicans voters are uneasy about election security and do have questions about the validity of election results, even if they donít believe in massive fraud or that Biden is illegitimate.

I believe after these hearings, Trumpís lies about the election will be largely dead. Maybe not among all Republicans and his psychotic base that drain their bank accounts to buy him private jets, but among non-brainwashed Republicans, Independents, and any horribly confused Democrats. I think it will become a fringe conspiracy theory that some people cling onto for decades, like the Moon landing being faked or Area 51 being an alien prison. Maybe 40% of Republicans will cling to this nonsense until their final miserable days but the 85% of the electorate that doesnít worship Donny Diaperload will roll their eyes at this nonsense.

After the January 6th hearings, I believe people will largely be ready to move on from the 2020 election and those shouting about dead South American dictators and ballot smuggling mules and Italian space lasers will be pushed from prominence. And any candidate, including Trump, that tries to win elections by rehashing bizarre conspiracy theories about the 2020 election will be met with frustrated sighs and silence by the electorate at large. If the January 6th committee is able to achieve one thing, I think it will be restoring faith in the security of our elections among the vast majority of voters and that certainly would be a good thing.

My blood is boiling

Even before the first round of January 6th hearings we all knew what happened already. Part of me hoped that it wasnít as bad as it seemed though. I donít want to be able to say ďsee, we were right, Trump and his supporters are fascist scumĒ. I wish Donald Trump wasnít a bad person and I hoped that it was all handwringing on the part of the left or baseless conspiracy theories meant to hurt the GOP. Of course that isnít the case. A Republican President tried to stay in power despite legitimately losing reelection and a large portion of the GOP was onboard with his plan, even if it meant sending ultra right wing militias to murder members of Congress and the Vice President.

The harsh reality is, Donald Trump is exactly as bad as we always knew he was and the Republicans at best are extreme cowards who went along with his fascist plans to overthrow the American government. Will there ever be accountability? I have no idea but what I can tell you is this, the Republican Party is dead to me. I donít care what they have to say, I donít care what their ďNewsĒ outlets are rambling about, I donít care which candidates they run for which office, I donít care what they say about the Democrats or what their ideas are or what ďtheir side of the storyĒ is, I am done listening to all of it. Their party and their members are morally bankrupt traitors and nothing more.

For the rest of my days, even if I live for another 100 years, I will never vote for a single Republican for any office or listen to what any Republican has to say. They are exactly who we knew they were. They are fascist scum. Iím done with them.

I'm getting very cynical about American politics

I started following politics back in high school during the 2000 election. I found it to be both sad but fascinating. For close to 20 years, I was passionate about politics, following every little event and obsessing over every election.

However, that passion is waning significantly and itís been replaced by a growing sense of cynicism. When I read political news, it just seems like petty, meaningless nonsense. I donít need daily updates on Donald Trumpís latest fundraising scam or what dumb thing Marjorie Taylor Greene said or some vaguely racist thing that a dusty 90 year old Republican State Senator tweeted.

It feels like American politics is nothing more than fake scandals, taking what people say out of context, ridiculous conspiracy theories, focusing endlessly on the biggest dumbasses in government, or people getting into arguments with individuals who are clearly just trolling for attention.

Maybe Iím just getting older and losing my idealism. Maybe itís always been this way I am starting to see why some people throw their arms up and say the government or politicians donít represent their concerns or interests. Iím not saying Iím done voting or that both sides are equally bad, but I am becoming very cynical about the whole thing. My concern is that 99% of politics is petty, childish arguing and meaningless nonsense and life is too short to spend time worrying about what some random congressperson is bitching about today or what some Fox News host is screaming about this week.
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