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Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009, 05:22 AM
Number of posts: 285

Journal Archives

Most private / religious schools are tax exempt so we support them all

Regardless of whether they are bigots or not

'splain it to me Johny

What kind of person, let alone a politician, let alone an ex-Governer does not know that you never ever blame victims. Full Stop.

By the way Engler was the Reagan of Michigan but without the Alzheimer's -- the stuff he did to the state will take a really long time to fix.

This is not a big deal............................................................ just stop eating.

I did.

I think the reason DT hires 'dangerous' undocumented workers is because...... HE IS CHEAP!

Billionaire my ass

I hate it when TV says the Democrats are not willing to negotiate, THEY DID / HE RENEGED

WOW, that is amazing -- what a great graphic

This just makes sense: Fake billionaire, fake president, fake green cards

Real ass

Kiss his ass when you think it will help you vs kick him in the nuts when you think it will help you

Which one is a narcissist again?

Looking forward to 8 years of Whitmer governship

Why are we helping Arabia kill people in Yemen?

Maybe we should do the reverse?
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