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Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009, 06:22 AM
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Sad all the way around, of course as a Iraq vet he killed people who just lived in the wrong place..

like his wife.

The rich are sick and must be drained of our money like puss from an infected wound

This is VERY SCARY; Notice some saying: "Prove it is not real"

I am very afraid for the world, the US, my family, and myself. When this many people are credulous only dark days lie ahead.

I'm agree 95% -- add cut defense spending and I 100% agree

Confront Global Threats is great but do we really need to spend so much money?

What an unbelievably horrible thing to do

Here is a bit more from the NYT article -- how incredibly twisted does is he to use this justification?

Mr. Jones is trying to have the Pozner and Fontaine cases dismissed under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which protects citizensí right to free speech against plaintiffs who aim to silence them through costly litigation.

Remember: Pense was very unpopular in Indiana


...there are plenty of Republicans in his home state who would be glad to see him abandon his re-election campaign to serve as Donald Trumpís running mate.

Correction: "America as far as I'm concerned is captive to Russia. "

What he meant to say.

NO ONE will answer my: doesn't this show massive corruptions on both the R & D sides?

How can a guy get away with SO much corruption? It is due to: massive corruption throughout the political landscape on both the republican and democratic sides. Our country has changed from a democracy to a corrupocracy.

He was unable to get 1,000 valid petition signatures

If he can't do that should he be in congress?

Unfortately, Maxine, Chuck didn't suprise me at all

I am disappointed that he did exactly what I expected.
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