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Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009, 05:22 AM
Number of posts: 368

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Good news is good news but why are we allowing miliary weapons to be sold

These weapons should be not be available unless you are in the military or police.

I will use the library

That is what I did with Donna Brazile's book.

There were 70,000 votes uncounted in Detroit

Remember that! If you haven't heard this just search for it.

Exactly, Exactly! Lets use the capitalist system and pay more when we can't find teachers

The BS that we have to bring in people from other countries because we can't find anyone in the US to do the job is baloney. People fall for theses lies and the message is we need to do something innovative to solve the problem.

Pay teachers more money!

It got my vote

I've never met anyone who likes our current health care system.

You mean: He has been defending the Military Industrial Complex

Just like all of the other 'retired' generals he supports and defends the industry that kills poor people in foreign lands -- a man without honor -- a man who should be shunned.

Quite a read and quite are load of

I love these bits:
* "The surest way to prevent war is to be prepared to win on" -- A great bit of deep deep thought
* "Professional Military Education (PME). PME has stagnated, focused more on the accomplishment of mandatory credit at the expense of lethality and ingenuity." -- How the holy hell can that happen? We spend trillions on 'defense' and we are just passing up soldiers!? This is an enormous issue and he passes it off as a minor item.
* "Each ally and partner is unique." -- Sounds like this paper was not long enough so he padded it.

He agreed to break a tradition of having a civilian military and just because he has now lightly dissed Trump does not undo this life long ass kisser who was clearly passed up on his own PMEs.

MAD DOG Mattis IS AN ASS:broke convention on generals being Sec Def, nomalizing DT, and is a killer

Because Mad Dog has lightly dissed DT do not make him a good guy; he likes to kill, helped destroy many people, and destroy our country's military standards.

Who is Whoopi addressing: Global Climate strikers, GM workers, the millions working to dump DT, who?

Whoopi sounds like a very rich old person who is 102% out of touch.

Are we saying that Warren has agreed to drop out rather then split the vote? This post is confusing

From the quote (see below) Bernie has said if the progressive vote splits and Biden wins he won't quit -- so I guess this means that Warren will quit?

In an interview with Yahoo News last Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., brushed off the possibility that he and Sen. Elizabeth Warren could split the progressive vote, creating an easy path for former Vice President Joe Biden to win the Democratic presidential primary.
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