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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Bend, IN
Home country: USA
Current location: Dayton, OH
Member since: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 03:15 PM
Number of posts: 857

About Me

Retired Electrical/Computer Engineer--29 years with the Air Force. Purdue, Wright St, AFIT, U. of Dayton. Strong liberal but not a "purist" who eats his young! Animal lover but NOT a cat fancier. Divorced. Two kids--both quite successful.

Journal Archives

My Take on Our 2020 Candidates:

First of all, BOTH Joe Biden (we share a birthday) and E. Warren are too old! As much as I appreciate both, we need the very best this trip. Therefore, my picks are:

POTUS: Tom Steyer

VEEP: Amy Klobuchar

Both are the perfect ages. Both are honor grads of Yale--Tom summa, and Amy magna. Both have prestigious graduate records at top notch schools (Stanford and Chicago). Tom is a self-made ACTUAL billionaire, whose record on Democratic and charitable causes is superb. Amy a terrific Senator who would step right in as President of the Senate. Both are "likable" (this COUNTS folks!). Nice geographical balance. This team would sweep the elections and win back the Senate (perfectly set-up and our turn!).

All inputs would be appreciated!


Nice Santa Clause Rally!!

Market down only 653 today, continuing the Trump disaster. I'm guessing this will get the Repukes' attention now--they are only concerned with their pocket books. They will start bailing on this cretin now!

I'm Sitting Here Trying to Imagine Trump's Funeral--Any Thoughts?

I Going Out On a Limb Here Regarding the CA Shooter

Anyone want to bet the shooter was a Trumpster upset about the election results and picked "College Night" at a local bar, specifically because college students tend to vote Democrat?

Finally, the Saudis Come Clean on Khashoggi Accident

Several Saudis visited Mr. Khashoggi in Turkey with questions about his reporting. During the questioning, while removing his fingers with a bone saw, Mr Khashoggi shouted some unflattering comments that riled up the questioners and he was accidentally killed. In a panic to cover this, they then tried to clean up the scene by cutting up the rest of his body to remove it. They have confessed to this unfortunate accident and are repenting in prayer. Praise Allah!

I'm Thinking That Ohio St, Penn St, and Michigan St Should Form Their Own, "Big Abusers" Conference!

Think It Can't Happen Here? Trump's Biographer Thinks So:


Why The Repukes Have to Cheat:

The demographics are against them, and getting worse. They have only won three presidential elections since 1988: 2000 when they stole it in Florida and the Supreme Court, 2004 when they stole it in Ohio, and the current 2016 abortion, when they stole it via wholesale Treason! Once again they have a huge advantage, in that they are missing the embarrassment gene. Feeling no shame, and not being able to blush, is a huge advantage for them, along with, of course, their willingness to sell out their country. Anybody remember way back when Repubs were patriotic?

Regarding The Orange Buffoon's Dissing of Montenegro:

First of all, he's not about to have any interest in a country whose name ends in "Negro"--it just runs against his nature. Second, he said he'd never want his son's off fighting there: Well, one assumes they all inherited his bone spur disability, and besides, they only shoot unarmed endangered species!

Anybody Ever Ask Trump How He Decides ...

... which color hair to wear and how he does it? Notice today he is wearing his "Blond" hair, and at the Summit he was wearing his "Brown" hair. He must have a whole team of "Hair People," for whom we are footing the bill!
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