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Doctor Who

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Name: Not really The Doctor
Gender: Male
Home country: Galifray
Current location: Observation Deck
Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2012, 08:08 PM
Number of posts: 147

Journal Archives

I meant "open to interpretation"

I guess "subjective" would have been a better term. cheers.

Wow. That's a pretty interpitive term.

If someone thought Al Sharpton or Joe Madison was "inflaming racial strife", should they be fired also. Be careful what you ask for.

Terminated for what?

Offending BLM? Not a fireable offense. Maybe tone deaf, but that's it.

A Muslim American who gave his life fighting other Muslims in an illegal war..

rest in peace Capt. Kahn.

Good point..

Charter schools are run by private company's. Right to hire, right to fire is the way they deal with teachers. But, are we more concerned about the teachers or the kids.. Let me put on my flame proof suit, because I think I touched a nerve here.

Why is school choice not a Democratic issue?

I live in Philadelphia, PA. The public schools here are horrible. Not to disparage the teachers who do the heavy lifting every day during the school year. But, if I had kids, I would move heaven and earth to get them into a charter school, or move to the outer counties w/ better schools.

What's for sale outside the convention? Really?

Your going to judge you fellow Americans by what some hucksters sell outside a political convention? You do know these same hucksters will be outside the DNC convention in Philly, right? Selling anti trump / Hitler buttons. It's their business, they give zero fu*ks about politics.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

I'm not at that level yet. But, thanks for the info.

How do I host a forum?

Not sure how it works. Thanks admins. Cheers

Swing and a miss imho if true.

Sen. Warren would have put this to bed w/ a walk off home run. I do think Sec. Clinton's advisers are telling her "you got this. No need to nominate someone who might upstage you in the base's eye" I'm just a internet pundit, so I could be wrong.
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