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Gender: Male
Hometown: Goshen, Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Michigan
Member since: Tue Jan 27, 2009, 02:38 AM
Number of posts: 813

About Me

A Christian (Lutheran) and a veteran (Air Force)...and one who stands against the far right!

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I hate myself for allowing myself to feel as such, but I don't know what to do.

Maybe this does belong in the Primaries section, but if so only superficially.

The violence at the Trump rallies is eventually going to get someone seriously hurt, if not worse, and he's only egging it on.

I have been told on other fora dominated by RW nutcases that "if that happens, it's because they were looking for it and they deserve it."

Ever since I first heard Rush Limbaugh in 1992, trying to paint Bill Clinton, a product of the DLC sausage machine, as a Marxist, and then with the rise of his clones, Fox, etc., painting "liberals" as demons from Hell to the point where liberals themselves have felt compelled to "reinvent" ourselves as "progressives." The hell with that; I've never run from the term.

I am not a violent person by nature, and, at 50 years old I have had my share of fights in my life. I grew up a street kid.

However, in the last few months especially I have almost been wanting to duke it out with some RW idiot who says that liberals are just a bunch of p**sies, who are scared of RW'ers "open-carrying" (actually, I'm not; in the Air Force you have to qualify on small arms and I have fired everything from a BB gun to an Uzi semiauto) and would "run from us." It is especially the "keyboard commandos" who have stopped amusing me and have started angering me - the types who post insults from the safety of their keyboards and who would never say their bullshit face-to-face.

In essence, I want to prove them wrong in their idiotic beliefs about "liberals" and to show them that, yes, we can strike back in force too. Liberals have been "too nice" for far too long.

If Trump stages a coup d'etat and gets himself into the WH (think Emperor Palpatine) and establishes a fascist dictatorship, those of us who cannot leave the country before he puts up walls that keep people from coming AND going are going to have to organise some sort of underground like the French Resistance. I have distant relatives in Alsace-Lorraine whose parents and grandparents took part in that, doing nice things like stringing cable across roadways to take out Hitler's SS motorcycle despatch riders.

I don't believe the comparison of Trump to Hitler is valid - he's more like Mussolini.

But the worst part is that I hate myself for being brought to this point.

As someone supposedly mature, who takes his Christian faith seriously (especially all that stuff in the Sermon on the Mount), who served this country in uniform (which many of the RW bigmouths have not done) in the Air National Guard, and later as a volunteer in the Civil Air Patrol and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary helping to save lives, I should be above this.
Posted by DissidentVoice | Mon Mar 21, 2016, 02:40 PM (9 replies)

Is anyone else as frightened as I am?

I remember back during the 1980s Donald Trump was just someone with too much mouth, ego and money for his own good, not to mention couldn't keep a marriage going. Just someone for that odious TV abomination "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," complete with Robin Leach's bullhorn piehole.

But now...I do not think I have been as scared (yes, scared) as I am over a candidate who is probably certifiably batshit ending up running this country.

His poll numbers climb and climb every day...the more outrageous he is the higher he goes. He has tapped into the bald hatred and racism that has festered ever since Barack Obama became President ("and that wasn't supposed to happen...a biracial man, who wasn't even born in this country, into the WHITE House, forcing Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Maoist and anything Un-American down our throats!". It's been like a boil growing under the skin of the country and I fear that if he is elected (or somehow forces his way into office) that boil will explode.

Yes, there have been oddballs running before...David Duke, Pat Buchanan. But none of them ever made it to this level in the primaries as Trumpetmouth has. The guy has all that the far right has been looking for to "even the score" and "take 'our' country back."

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain, even Sarah Palin were relatively harmless compared to this man.

I would say he is more dangerous than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney ever were. Why? GWB couldn't construct a coherent sentence if he tried and Cheney was the "man behind the curtain." Trump knows how to gin people up just the way horrible people in history (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc.) knew how to. Watch some video of Trump rallies then watch newsreels of Nuremburg rallies.

I am probably more afraid than I have been in my almost 50 years. I am afraid as well that if he DOESN'T win through the electoral process, his disciples will try some sort of coup d'etat. With all the guns and hatred they have, it could happen. The Klan, neo-Nazis, "militias"...so many of them support this man.

When he entered the race I thought "OK, there are hopefully enough sensible people left in the Republican Party to see what a crack-brained so-and-so this guy is."

I have been terribly wrong. Anyway, even if he starts dropping in the primaries and doesn't get the Republican nomination, he says he'll go independent, and I think MSNBC said something like 68% of his followers will go with him.

I live within walking distance of the Canadian border. I have tried speaking to my wife about trying to claim political refugee status if he is elected. However, she is the eternal optimist and doesn't think he stands a chance, plus she says "we've got a house, mortgage, cat, I have a good job, etc...we can't just drop all that."

I could. Except for my wife and cat. If I were single, I would probably be preparing for it already.

However, Canada is very hard to get legal residency in, unless you are a citizen of another Commonwealth country, have a written job offer (I'm a disabled veteran) or have immediate family there (I have second-cousin level family around Kitchener, Ontario, which isn't close enough), OR are a legitimate political refugee. A few years ago I even talked to an immigration officer there asking if joining the Canadian Armed Forces would help. He said I would FIRST have to get landed-immigrant status before being eligible to join...and then I could only join as a reservist until I got citizenship (which takes five years). He also told me it would be likely I would lose my U.S. citizenship since I would be taking an oath to a foreign monarch (all Canadian troops have to swear an oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II) which would leave me stateless.

Every night I have started praying for divine intervention to stop this man, and every day he goes up-and-up-and-up in the poll numbers.

I am a disabled veteran and not in good health. I served in the Air Force/Air National Guard. The thought of a President Trump using the Armed Forces I served in to enforce his will scares the hell out of me.

I know the first primary is several months away, but if his poll numbers aren't dropping now, with all the outrageous things he's said, what hope is there that they will fall by the time NH, Iowa etc come around?

I am supporting Bernie Sanders in the primaries but if he doesn't get the nomination I will throw my support behind Hillary.

However, even as intelligent and experienced as she is, I don't think she can overcome the juggernaut this man has become.

Even now, thinking about 20 January 2017 with Trumpetmouth seizing power, my heart is racing.

Is anyone else feeling what I'm feeling?
Posted by DissidentVoice | Thu Dec 10, 2015, 05:35 PM (91 replies)
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