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Member since: Mon Jun 9, 2008, 01:54 AM
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Wake up and do what exactly????

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that the banks are screwing us out of our homes, and that the banks created this mess to begin with.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that we are now living in a police state where American citizens can be tortured, held indefinantly, and/or killed with out trial.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that what I am typing and saying, and posibly even what I am thinking is being fed into a data base and that the government is keeping records of all of it.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that it is not only the government that tracks what I type, say and do, but also coporations like Google and Apple. I know they do this so they can determine what products I am interested in and sell my clicks on ads to the highest bidder.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that BP's well head blew up, and I know that Fukushima melted down and both contaminated the entire ocean.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that Pot will never be legal, and that porn will never be illegal. there is too much money in the status quo; these arguments are simply a distraction.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that Dieboltd machines don't even bother to count my vote, and the out come of elections is preprogramed long before day one.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that even if they did count the votes, it still wouldn't matter as the two parties are maintained simply to give the American people the illusion that they have a say in what goes on.

I am awake as I suspect most Americans are. I know that less then one tenth of one percent of the world population controls everything, and my chances of ever making more then a simple subsistance for my self and my family are nill.

So I have to ask, since every one keeps telling me that the American people better wake up: Wake up and do what?

I suspect that the reason the elite let us proles even have this information is because they know that there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Sure we might be able to get one of their talking heads off the air every now and then. We might be able to close down a street or two for a few hours. We might even be able to get a token congressmember who is on our side elected, even though that is probable just so they can say: "see the elections are not rigged, you guys got Grayson in" When the reality is that they let Grayson in and one guy can't really do much.

Wake up and do what? Go out and protest just so I can get beat up by the cops, thrown in jail and loose my meanial job, or worse take a bean bag to the head and become a mayrter?

Wake up and do what? sign a billion on-line petitions that say "Hey! this or that isn't fair!" which will be hand delivered to some .01%er who dosn't care and probably dosn't see it any way?

So Again I ask what? What is it that the American people are suposed to wake up and do???? I'm all ears. What is the plan?

I've been a member of DU for years, and I hope that no one takes this the wrong way. I'm not trying to be a downer, I'm just staring at the gorilla in the corner of the room. I think it's better to talk about the gorilla rather then ignore it. but maybe thats just me.


I called 911 again today, this time for a mother on the shoulder with her baby.

I do not call 911 for every car on the side of the road. I realize that the CHP are buissy.

About two weeks ago, it was raining, and about 5 cars had pulled over on the center divide which was a narrow shoulder no larger then one lane. people were out of their cars, I can only guess to exchange insurance companies. It occured to me like a dangerous situation because the traffic before the accident was moving at 65 to 70mph, and only slowed to 50 right next to the accident. Did I mention it was raining? That might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but in California, People forget how to drive when it rains. After I safely passed I pulled over and called. the 911 operator was courtious as I relayed the situation and that it seemed like no one was hurt, but it also seemed like a dangerous situation. She thanked me and said they would send some one.

Today I called again. This time it was not raining. a single gray Pris on the right shoulder well out of traffic. A mother with a baby on her shoulder was standing on the other side of the gaurd rail rocking the baby. l don't know if there were any other kids in the car as I went by too fast, but this glimps caused me to think: "What if that were my wife? What if that were my child? What if her cell phone was dead?" Again I pulled over and called 911. I relayed the situation and location. Again the operator was courtious and said they would send some one to check on her.

After I continued on my way, I saw 3 more cars that seemed to be broken down on the shoulder. one of them had a male driver, the other two were empty. I didn't call. None of thouse seemed like dangerous situations.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you this except to say that I wish that people cared more about each other. Especially children who are killed in auto accidents more then any other cause of death. I love my family, and I love yours too even though I don't know you.

Blessed be,

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