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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,946

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"Sorry to be crass, but we have the motherfucking receipts." Bess Kalb (Kimmel writer)


God have mercy on your NRA-kept souls:

Richard Burr

Roy Blunt

Thom Tillis

Cory Gardner

Marco Rubio

Joni Ernst

Rob Portman

Todd Young

Bill Cassidy

Trump had his parade last August in Charlottesville ..

Military parades have downsides ..

Emmy Dancing on Osborne Fire-Finder

Blast from the Past: Emmy

Probably the only Emmy for a PBS documentary that was ever hiked in by the producer!

Lemmon Rock Fire Lookout
Wilderness of Rocks
Coronado National Forest, AZ

"The Monsoon Cometh"

Lemmon Rock Fire Lookout
Tucson, AZ

"A Winter Moonset over Destin"

Since I got skunked by cloud cover this morning and tonight, I'll just post a pic from a couple of years back.

"A Winter Moonset over Destin"
From Grayton Beach State Park

Made Arizona Highways Magazine Online again today!

"Photo of the Day" - B&W Wednesday


It was 50 years ago today (January 31, 1968 at 02:30 AM) ..

It was 50 years ago, today (January 31, 1968, at 02:30 am). The beginning of the end, some call it. But it dragged on for another deathly five years, thanks mainly to Nixon and Kissinger (IMO), and their non-existent 1968 "plan" to end the war. I am currently reading the Bowden book, "Hue 1968." All three are great reads. Today would be a very good day to read about this epic day in US and Vietnamese history.

Post-WW2 Joy (too good not to share)

My beautiful parents. Dad was an arty officer. N. Africa. Captured by the Germans, and escaped when a British Spitfire strafed the marching column.

Then, Italy (wounded, recovered (Purple Heart)). Winter of '44 in a pup tent. With the first US forces through the gates at the horror of Dachau.

Married my mom, a school teacher. Dad got his PhD at Auburn, and became a professor at the University of Georgia. Incredible couple dedicated to public education.

If I look a tad like either of them, I'm doing good!

Mobile, Alabama
Ca. 1947

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