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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,651

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Mandatory Muster: Our DU Vietnam Vets are dying off. Sign in Vietnam Vets.

Vietnam 9/70 - 9/71
MOS: Pilot
1st Radio Research Company (AVN) - US Army
Naval Air Facility
Cam Ranh Bay, RVN

Wahweap Sky, or why a right-wing friend or two might not be all that bad ..

My good friend - right-wing, gun-toting - finally found the Wahweap Vista turnoff from US-89. I gave her some bad directions, based on some 2016 closures. She is camping at the Wahweap marina campground (in her little camping trailer) on Lake Powell.
She is a retired pilot, like me. And a T-6 Texan driver. And a damned good photographer. I met her through Kathryn, another pilot, after Kathryn hiked into the Lemmon Rock fire lookout in 2014.
Friend's throaty Dodge RAM pickup finally swung into the top-of-the-mesa parking at the Wahweap Vista. It was official sunset (19:20), and the color was fading. Lightning popped overhead. The last time her red Dodge and my green Tacoma were this close, was when we bumped into each other at the Trader Joe's on Campbell in Tucson.
We exchanged greetings, and laments over the weather. A strong southwest wind slammed cold, isolated raindrops, the high desert kind, against us. I saw a flash of lightning to the close northwest.
We talked for maybe five minutes. She said, "As soon as I leave, you will take the most spectacular photo and post it on Facebook." I said, "No, if I have a good photo, it is from before you got here."
And it was.

"Storm Clouds"
Wahweap Vista
Arizona/Utah Line
May 7, 2017

Just did 1975 miles in three days. Gotcha a good snap of Monument Valley this afternoon.

I ate at the Dam Bar & Grill in Page, AZ, tonight. My footrail at the bar was a #-gazillion section of rebar, as used in the concrete of the Glen Canyon Dam ("Dam" Bar .. get it?). Biggest rebar I have ever seen, and I built interstate bridges in my last life.
Page exists only because of the damn dam. The town sprang up, ca. 1957, much like mining towns do. But hasn't gone ghost, yet.
Lake Powell, created when the Colorado River was dammed (and, some still say- damned) at Glen Canyon, brought a recreation economy to the area. I would argue that the dam should have never been built (read Edward Abby's "The Monkeywrench Gang"). But you know me (by now).
Anyway, I set a land speed record for myself on this trip. Caesar's Head Mountain, SC, to Page, AZ, in three days. Slightly less than 2000 miles. About 32 hours of hard driving. And I not quite sure why, except that it gives me time on the front end of this wilderness photo workshop to do a couple of shoots on my own (and, perhaps, with friends who might come up from Tucson).
I will be hell-bent to get back next weekend, to take over Nick-Watch duties when Dr. T. goes back on her road trips on 5/17. Although, Nick is doing so well on Previcox that we both agree that a couple of days with the sitter he loves would be OK. I'm equivocating on the return date, in case you did not notice.
Got a suite at the new Page, AZ, Hampton Inn. Evidently, they don't see too many Diamond level award members. The Hampton was proud to upgrade me. The room has a dance floor. That big. I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. Huge room. No band. Sad.
A story for another time: long-haul trip restrooms. Actually, I could write a book on this subject.

"Storm over Monument Valley"

Today: Married to this beach walker for 43 years today!

She forbids me from posting her photos anywhere, but I don't think this counts! Don't tell. Still in love.

A few from my Gulf Coast Portfolio

Western Lake Fog
Grayton Beach, Florida

Beach Walker
Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

Beach Town
Florida Panhandle

Westbound Piper Cub
Florida Panhandle

Blue Mountain Beach, Florida

Alligator Lake Cut
Florida Panhandle

Beach Scene
Florida Gulf Coast

Sand Lot Ball
Grayton Beach, Florida

My Facebook page is dark tonight ..

My photo-share meme: permission to share granted.

Three, for smiles ..

"Room with a View"
Shot in the Sonoran Desert, west of Tucson. I shot this through a 1905 wavy-glass window from my Greenville, SC, house. Just happened to have it in my truck!
Tucson Mountain Park

"Snowbow on the Crater Buttes"
Deschutes National Forest

"Moon over East Butte"
East Butte fire lookout shot from China Hat Butte. I was at the back of my truck, hearing a mountain lion close by. My relief guy at the lookout and I were talking by cell phone. He cranked up the gaslights for my shoot.
Deschutes National Forest

"Lucky" the Grasshopper

"Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds"

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