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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,776

Journal Archives

The best coverage of the Mexico disaster is coming from a banned DU legend ..

Nadin Brzezinski

Four from Southern Arizona (and not what you might expect)

"Falling Ice"
Santa Catalina Mountains
Elevation: 9000 feet
April 2015

"In the Pines"
Santa Catalina Mountains
Elevation: 9100 feet
April 2015

"After the Storm"
Santa Catalina Mountains
Elevation: 9000 feet
April 2015

"No Country for Old Men"
(Apologies to Cormac McCarthy)
Lemmon Rock Fire Lookout
Santa Catalina Mountains
Elevation: 8800 feet
April 2015

Graphic radar image from the Blue Ridge Escarpment (SC/NC mountains)

This is a graphic radar image of a weather phenomenon here on the Blue Ridge Escarpment, that we see from time to time. Usually with a strong southwest flow. I have tried to explain it to many folks, but - here - a picture is worth not having to listen to me explain atmospheric physics.

The strong southeast flow from Irma is piling moisture up against the Blue Ridge Escarment. The resultant phenomenon looks like a line of thunderstorms on radar (blue circle). It is NOT thunderstorms, but it IS vertically deflected rain.

I called this at about 5:45 pm, and WYFF-TV's John Cessarich described it twenty minutes later! John Cessarich says the worst is yet to come (between now and midnight), with up to six more inches of rain.

West Texas and New Mexico shots ..

"West Texas Field Road"

"Sunday Morning: Memphis, Texas"

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

"Sunday Morning: Memphis, Texas"

"The Incredible, Inedible Ag" West Texas

Hurricane Emergency Net - 14.325mHz on the 20-meter HAM band

Listen on 14.325 mHz. I have a 20-meter dipole in the air on the mountain at about 3200'. Strung for polarization in the direction of Irma. I'll be monitoring SSB (upper), CW, and digital (PSK-31) for the next few days. Heard some fairly strong stations in the islands last night.

Houston Zoning (on a lighter note - whorehouses)

When we lived in Houston from 1981-1986, we lived in Montrose. Montrose was the close-in place to be. Cooltown. Hiptown. Gaytown. And SIN-TOWN!

Restaurants, close grocery markets, art museums, and many other wild attractions. There were also the ubiquitous brothels, mixed into residential areas .. and a few whorehouses next to churches.

There was "Golden Girls" on Alabama, near Pasternak's Grocery and Alabama Jack's Liquor (when you didn't want to go to Spec's Liquor - the greatest liquor store in the whole wide world, where the clerks wore roller-skates and there was always the oder of a big vodka spill in the air).

"College Coeds" was a block from our condo, on Westheimer. Near the Chicken Coop (a TV bar - and I don't mean television, Vern). "Mandy's Girls" was behind "Mary's." Mary's on Westheimer was a gay biker bar.

Pacifica Radio (90.1 FM) was just north of Westheimer, across from the Chicken Coop. Radio Free Houston.

"College Girls," was next to the University of St. Thomas (one block down Montrose Blvd from our condo). Specifically, it was almost next door to the Rothko Chapel. Whores galore. Suicide black chapel, adjacent. Take your pick. Or, pick both.

Some of the whorehouses were next to "storefront" churches. I always wondered if there was a back door to enhance commerce - in both directions. Lordy! Padre!

But, all I know about whorehouses, I learned from the Kingston Trio's "Ain't it Hard." Seems that there is one in every town.

I attended a lecture by Chuck Todd (MSNBC/NBC) at Furman University this evening.

Can't say that I was inspired. Nice guy, I'm sure. And I know some DUers hate Chuckles. It was a lame evening. Lame lecture and lame panel discussion.

However, it was SRO (and I was the lone standee (couldn't find my wife, who had saved me an aisle seat!)). So my back is killing me. In that respect, it was not worth it for me.

But, it was good to see a large crowd - generally well-educated and liberal - in South Carolina. Most seemed older than me, and I am pushing 70.

I usually watch Chuck on MSNBC at 5pm (east coast time). At least I am not screaming at him on the TeeVee like I was during the 2016 campaign.

Know what I mean, Vern?

The Don Days of August

I always thought they were called the dog days of August, because that was when hydrophobic dogs ran the streets. Think "To Kill a Mockingbird."

But, actually, the term goes back to the Greeks. They had already named the brightest star in the sky "Sirius." Sirius is the anchor star in the constellation Canis Major. Sirius rises in the early night August sky in the northern hemisphere. The Greeks thought that was just enough extra heat to make August, well - August.

Sirius is magnitude 1, and all other stars are lesser (don't confuse this with planets .. another animal totally!). The Latin name for the dog star is Cannicula.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my last two dogs were Sirius (1993-2005) and Cannicula de la Bastille (Nick-Nick) who is now 16 in human years.

But, politically, August can be a bad month. It was bad for Bush-2 with respect to the events leading into 9/11.
August 2017 will be known as the month Donald Trump totally destroyed himself. The Guns of August? Nay, the tweets and mouth-diarrhea of August.

Houston (and America), we have a problem. This man is over the edge. He is the rabid dog on the summer streets of Monroeville, Alabama. Foaming at the mouth. Snapping at anyone and everyone. Staggering from one lie to another, like a hydrophobic cur. Or a drunk, with Steve Bannon trying to hold him up. Shitting on the country, like a dog shits on your lawn. Actually, worse.

Shop keepers close up. Barbers turn off their poles. Mothers herd children into hot houses.
Mad man running like a mad dog. Man with the satchel. Man with the codes. Man with an insane Nazi whispering in his ear.

Postcard from Hell

Drove through north Greenville County (SC) today: Travelers Rest, Marrietta, Slater, and Cleveland. There were FAR more pickup trucks than usual flying Confederate flags from their beds. Especially in and around Travelers Rest. Quite disturbing, actually.
My car is clean. No bumper stickers at all (I do have a South Carolina Vietnam Veteran license plate). But I drive an old Prius. I'm afraid that may mark me as an outsider in their little corner of Hell.

It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks - Acts 9:5

Get this man's finger off the button. Quick. I have done one mad, bad war. I never want to see another.

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