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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,379

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"The Intrepid Photographer"

The only other soul I saw during this blizzard shoot in north Texas last month. He sprinted out from his van, and sprinted back. Apologized to me on the way to take his shot, but I said "No problem," knowing I'd get this shot.

He probably took five shots with his cell phone. I took about 1000 with two cameras, warming up in my truck every fifteen minutes, or so.

Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas
November 12, 2018

Be Prepared, vis-a-vis Snowmageddon in the Carolinas.

Moving my Snowmageddon/ Icemageddon gear down from the Blue Ridge Escarpment to Greenville this afternoon, where we will ride this one out.

The mountains will probably get a big snow event. Greenville, maybe an ice storm. That is what I fear (think December 2005).

Generator, gasoline, drop-cords, de-ice crystals (in the garbage can), LED work lights, and orange cones. Snow shovel, ice-cleats, hand-warmers. Flashlights, extra candles and batteries, and warm clothes.

You peeps in Greenville, and Upstate South Carolina, can go ahead and thank me now. By hauling all this stuff down from Caesar's Head today, we are virtually assured of nothing but cold rain all weekend. You are welcome.

Besides, Jim Cantore is in Asheville.

Swamp Fantasy

Caddo Lake Cypress Swamp
November 2018

Behold, I return from the swamp ..

I am back, and I am sorry for the disturbance I caused on DU last week.

Thanks for the support. I was wrong. My apologies to DonV. After 17 years on DU, I did not really know the rules.

Hard to apologize when you are banned, but I am back - and DonV, I am sorry. And thanks to Skinner for re-instating me, even after my raving and ranting. Life is good now, back on DU!


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