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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 12:22 PM
Number of posts: 213

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Lindsey & Jaime

Watching the debate here in SC....Lindsey all over Pelosi...Pelosi ..Pelosi.. AOC...answering questions about SC healthcare..and Covid .. illegals...Hillary
Jamie is passionate and factual.. Keeping the focus on South Carolina
Graham all over the place , now “Bernie care” Lindsey claims he supported Obamacare.. Jamie calling him “ this is not fairytale hour”...he’ talking facts...now blaming closure of rural hospitals on Obama care..Lindsey now an advocate for Medicare.. “but everything can’t be free
Jamie’s talking facts..about healthcare....Lindsey.. Pelosi Pelosi and Schumer wrote socialized medicine
Now very emotional Jamie talking about thr mother emanual shooting & loss of his friend clement a Pinckney & bill sitting in Graham’s desk in response to the gun loopeholes the Charleston loopeholesbill..Lindsey’s response...what about the Muslim caliphate, where’s you outrage about that....
Lindsey now the victim , all the liberal allies against me... now about other republican running ,,dr. Bledsoe...still on the ballot....Lindsey blaming Jamie for Bledsoe....now it’s the Pelosi..hillary plan ... Pelosi
Jamie’s response “ if you had Pelosi on a drinking game tonight, please get a designated driver”
Lindsey looked scared . I’ll leave it there


Briana Keiler on cnn just now..today the president is celebrating Festivus and airing his grievances...I love her

Watching Joe vs

Snuffleupagus who is taking too much time away from voters questions

Website crashing

Anyone having problems with getting on DU ?
I’m on my cell but can’t get on with my computer...keep getting messages of crashing

Steroid induced mania,

agitation and aggression...not a good mix with sociopathy and malignant narcissism...fasten your seatbelts folks


Trump and Biden in a combative debate ? How about an abusive debate

Joe got under his skin

Big time....
.and showed him... finally !

Wallace is pathetic

I’m waiting for him to bring out doosey on the set

now holding a bible for photo 0P

standing there with is crew of sycophants, holding the bible up like one of his executive orders....looking around for the 2 corinthians....what a f---cking reality show...and his evangs loving it

morning joe BS

Sorry joe, your BS about trumps firing of inspectors general, oh the fear that it will set a precedent for future democratic president to do the same...sorry asshole..a democratic president would be incapable of doing this because it goes against the core of justice...joe just can't get it
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