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Member since: Wed Nov 6, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 199

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Man's refusal to be vaccinated costs him 1.6 million dollars

Golfer Jon Rohm was leading the Memorial golf tournament by a big margin after 3 rounds when he was told he could not play on Sunday due to a positive covid test. Now he will not be able to claim the 1.6 million top prize.

So I am out of tissues

Been watching the inauguration and the special tonight. I have been touched so many times I am out of tissues I have teared up so much.

How to visualize 400,000 dead!

Are you having a hard time visualizing 400,000 dead? Try this.

Imagine if you took the dead bodies and laid down one every six feet along the interstate highway.

There would be about 880 dead bodies every mile.

400,000 dead bodies would stretch for 454 miles along the side of the highway.

454 miles is almost the distance from Miami, FL to Savannah Ga.

That is about a seven hour drive where you would pass 61,600 dead bodies every hour.

Wear a mask! Get vaccinated if you can.

Somebody with photoshop need to do this to Josh Hawley

Remember the end of Greg Stillson , the presidential candidate in Stephen King's The Dead Zone, where he holds up the baby to shelter himself from being shot?

Take that picture of Josh Hawley with his fist up to protesters and photoshop a baby in his had. This should be the end pf this goon.

I filed a complaint today against the Florida Attorney General today

Ashley Moody, Fl AG, joined the Tx lawsuit against Joe Biden.

I used her website to file a complaint against her misuse of state money in the ridiculous lawsuit.

Biden will win by more votes than the individual population of 27 states

Once California is in, Joe will win by a margin of 5 million votes.

this is a quick back of the envelope calculation. Please check my math..

Stacy Abrams is Obi-Wan Kenobi

Strike me down Brian Kemp and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!

Chill out; the blue states haven't come in yet

California and New York alone have something like 80 electoral votes (not sure of exact but that is close.) Geez.

Write-in votes for Rick Wilson in Tallahassee

Talked to a couple of friends today. They voted today and the republican choice fro them for US House Representative was Neil Dunn (a worthless trumpie). They wrote-in the name of Rick Wilson (a resident of Tallahassee) and member of the Lincoln Project.

btw Neil Dunn is in the funeral home biz so he is probably very happy with Trump;s Covid response

Trump announces plan to save Social Security and Medicare

...you guessed it. Give everyone over 65 Covid and kill them off.

Ok Lincoln Project... get busy with this ad!
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