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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 998

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A large part of the problem of Trump is that he can shoot someone and not lose voters...

His supporters don’t care how violent, incompetent, cold blooded, and deplorable he is, they have no moral backbone and are essentially deplorables themselves. What do you do when deplorables make up 43% of this country?

Mitch and most Senate Republicans failed to kick out Trump a year ago, and the consequences were...

Trump essentially killing 200,000 people (excess deaths from the coronavirus due to Trumps failure of leadership) and the big lie of a stolen election as well as getting many Americans to go along with sedition and treason, culminating in an attempted coup that has destroyed our sense of peace much like 9/11.

Now that Mitch and most Republicans have failed to impeach Trump a second time, they will essentially be responsible for destroying American democracy and the deaths and the suffering that will ensue if Trump manages to get back into office.

So the fix was in to begin with

Mitch intentionally didn’t allow the impeachment trial to start until after Trump’s term was over so that he can use this tepid excuse to give Trump essentially a “get out of jail free” card. How despicable and cowardly, and Mitch cements himself as the worst senator in decades and the gravedigger of American democracy.

WTH just happened?

I was excited because it seemed like they were going to call witnesses, two hours ago, and I’m busy and I come back and they are NOT putting witnesses?

They are giving the Republicans an OUT!

Without conviction, Trump can come back and claim the presidency for himself in four years! His minions will rig the hell out of the election system in swing states!

We’d better hope that Trump doesn’t manage to intimidate courts and anyone else trying to convict him within the next four years.

Heck, I may even be optimistic that Trump won’t do a coup some time within the next four years.

And if Trump gets power again, he will exact much more revenge, including on Democrats and Blue States.

And the biggest losers will be the vulnerable, and minorities, like they were in the past year with the coronavirus. And I happen to be a minority as well.

Either way, Trump is psycho

Either he attempted to sociopathically kill many people in order to remain in power, or he was incredibly reckless to the point of criminality (heavily violating the reasonable person standard) in lighting the match, but then with Tuberville and McCarthy’s accounts, delighted in the violence and took the side of his supporters in doing violence to the Capitol, psychotically revelling in the mayhem.

Are they trying to suggest it's ok the Capitol Riots happened since violence happened at some BLM..

Protests? Are they trying to set up a false equivalency?

Trump inflames society and then they play victim...

Trumps defense is to play victim, to say. “oh poor us, they so unfairly hate us”, so typical of a bully.

Trump in 2016: I will accept election results ... if I win

Trump's strategy in 2016 also was to basically say: "If I didn't win, the election was rigged"

Trump was pulling off the election rigging bullshit back in 2016:

It's not just what Trump did between mid 2020 to January 6th 2021...

Trump has a history of inciting violence, inspiring violence, and making threats that suggest potential violence.

From March 14, 2019:

And back in the 2016 election

And up until mid 2020...

This is why many of us could have seen the coup attempt coming from long ago, about his supporters protecting Trump from removal from office.
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