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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,411

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What in the world is AOC doing

According to polling we are now favored to win the House and we are in good to expand the Senate. But she is going on Chris Hayes and making the rounds to "challenge" the leadership. Why at this time. Does she want to lose?

Thanks for the hearts!!

Did the Repugs get this petition passed?


Does anybody know where that video of them misleading signers is

Can someone on DU help me

I am looking for a DU post probably in General Disscussion which was discussing the redistricting in WI in 2011 after Obey retired. This thread was saying 3 cities, one of them Steven's Point was added to another district. Of someone can help me find this thread again I would greatly appreciate it.

Tonight on Rachel Maddow.....

Rachel featured a story about how local officials were carrying out Trumps wishes to seize the voting machines. One of these guys was a sheriff named Dar Leaf in Barry County Michigan who's lawyer sent a letter saying his client had seized the voting machines. If I remember correctly that sheriff was the one who was involved in the militia group who tried to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. He had said at the time that the militia group was Making a citizen's arrest. Isn't it interesting that this sheriff is also involved in tampering with the election.

It seems there were others besides Sinema opposed to $15/hr minimum wage

What's the situation in S. Carolina can we afford this bickering?


Are any of those fraudulent electors running for Congress in Nov

If so and they were convicted wouldn't that disqualify them from holding office if they were elected?

Nicole Wallace just said

He (Trump) was just "referrered for criminal prosecution"

Michael Steele said that if Merick Garland tries to prosecute Trump

That it will turn off donors. Do any of you agree with that assertion.

What does Sen Ron Johnson think he knows or is doing

What does he think N Pelosi knows about security? She doesn't control the National Guard, Trump does through the Pentagon which has Trump's own guys.
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