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Member since: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 07:45 PM
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Thank You, O!

I feel better already!

This is great. Thank you Mr. President. Good luck in November. Where are the jobs?

God forbid the Court and process orchestrated this news for this particular time. People are hurting. People need health care. People need JOBS.

So, this announcement is bittersweet... to American people who once had jobs, paid for health insurance coverage, which they may not have been able to afford to actually USE ... and that's gone. Health issues don't go away when the job and insurance does.

Unemployment benefits are gone. COBRA is gone. Hope is gone. Cities are going bankrupt. The nation is waiting for the plug to be pulled on the debt held by other countries.

Too Little Too Late and Lesser of Evils aren't working. People are dying. The nation is dying.

This is seen by some as a great achievement for the administration and party and by others as a benefit to private insurers ... and a tax on poor people.

The discouragement is understandable!!

Congratulations. Can we now have a JOBS PROGRAM? How about a TAX ON ALL CORPORATIONS. Those who choose to employ American citizens on American shores will receive an exemption. The funds collected by government can go toward a NATIONAL JOBS PROGRAM that will provide infrastructure and community aid. How about GARDENS IN THE SCHOOLS that can EMPLOY AND FEED AND EDUCATE PEOPLE AND KEEP THEM HEALTHY.

Feeding corporate profits doesn't do that.
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