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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 403

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The NY times article regarding Mr Rosenstein

has the aura of the timing of the Comey letter a week before the 2016 election.
WHY they did it ???????

Following their testimony before the Senate, both Dr ford and Mr Kavanaugh

should be given a lie detecting test by the FBI regarding their testimony, and the result should be taken into account
in the final determination as to who is more truthful.

William shakespeare (slightly modified) meets Trump.

Out, out brief candle. Your presidency is but a walking shadow. You are a poor player that struts and frets
his hour upon the stage and soon will be heard no more.
a tale told by an idiot President full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
The heavy set lady already started singing.

(with sincere apologies to William Shakespeare)

As I am watching the funeral of senator John McCain through tear drops

I am amused that a giant of a man, regardless of political persuasion, can be bigger than
life by having his thump down at a moment that will last forever in American history.
I am also amused by the fact that the current president is getting smaller and smaller every passing day and one day he will finally match the size of his hand.

Cynthia Nixon and Andrew Gillum ROCK. We need more like them.

We are facing a clear and present danger named D J TRUMP.

Good morning America time to act before its too late.

Mr TRump Drain the swamp, RESIGN!!!!!!!!

Cloud 9.

Since this afternoon I have been on cloud 9, and tonight I will sleep like a baby for the first time since that horrible man was elected. The wheels of justice may be slow, but it is closing on Don the con.
His own Lawyer accused him of being a partner in crime. It is all downhill for agent orange and his family from here.
There is a GOD and some really great people who love our country.

To DU, thanks for being their.

You have provided an outlet to my emotional rollercoaster, my anger toward the current madness we are experiencing
with the con and his administration. you have, through your member's comments, enriched my views even when it was critical.
DU thanks for being A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS !!!!!

Who would have believed that Trump is a liar!!?

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