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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 301

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I am so sorry. I seem to have gotten it wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Was it make America great again or make Russia great again?????

He was a Traitor yesterday, he is still a Traitor today and will continue to be until we kick him

out of the White House.

Today arrest of the Russian citizen Butina is but the latest example of the great work of the FBI.

The FBI has been working diligently to protect us even at the hardest of times when they are constantly attacked
by Trump and the Republicans in Congress.
To the men and women of the FBI from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.


As clear as the sun in the sky, we have a full blown traitor

and anyone tries to justify his actions is a culprit. That is my opinion....period.

Just when we thought that the GOP could not go lower guess what.... surprise!

The hearing all day today was so disappointing. The GOP as we know is gone with the wind.
In its place, we have a new political party named (TCP) that stands for Trump Cult Party.
The law and order, conservatism and family values party is dead and buried. In its place, we have TCP
that support Agent Orange opening a hotel, a bar, nightclub, and restaurants bearing his name ...Where? next door to the WH. conflict of interest and corruption in the open. TCP cover for Agent Orange hiding his tax returns.
They cover for the Russian interference favoring Agent Orange as if it never happened. They demean and insult the men and women of the FBI and other Intelligence agencies. They cover up for his lies 24/7. They cover for his hate and racism dividing the country in the process. His decisions on Trade and our allies go counter to Americas best interest.
TCP is a party of Hate and division we must not allow it to win again.
The Democrats were a shining a star. Keep the good work to let the American people know the truth even if we do not have the majority in Congress. It will create the right sentiment among the people.
Remember what Lincoln said"sentiment is everything without it you have nothing.

If one wants to stay married why would you insult your spouse in public before millions of people?

Well, that is exactly what Trump did to Nato.
He has begun the process of ending our Alliance.
The winner is Putin the losers are all of us.

There is a side of Trump I really like to see.

His backside as the door hits it on his way out of the WH. forever.

I understand and respect different member have varied points of views

about many issues.
can we make one thread a day that we all or at least most of us agree with and make our voices heard as a united front.
Today lets all stand united and post here that we condemn in the strongest terms separating and locking up children.
It is unamerican. It is a clear violation of basic human rights. It is unethical and immoral any way you look at it or try to justify it.
please do lend your voice to this united condemnation. I wish we can get hundreds of DU members to say it together "NOT IN OUR NAME."

A few generations had the honor of being at a pivotal junction of human history.

The future of many generations to come as well as history itself depends on our effort to stand against the current
madness engulfing us.
We are the generation that has been entrusted with such honor, not by choice but by destiny.
This is the fight of our life and our purpose to exist at this moment in time.
We must not falter. we must not hesitate. we must not doubt our resolve or purpose.
America, this great experiment in human history must go on. We will prevail as failure is not an option.
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