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Gender: Female
Current location: India
Member since: Thu Jun 18, 2020, 11:40 AM
Number of posts: 238

About Me

Used to post here as nam78_two 10 years ago.

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Confusing-why is he against virtual learning?

I thought he was using it to kick international students out?

He can't even seem to keep his own incoherent ...well not thoughts...whatever he has in place of those..straight.

A US president who sounds most like what I usually see in my spam folder...


Imagine how brilliant he had to be to work against odds like those....


Very Cool.nt

Ah well-they can't all be stable geniuses.nt

Interesting Read

Stanford does some weirdish work in psychiatry. They did the Rosenhan experiment which I suppose is closer to anti-psychiatry.

I spent 8 extremely unpleasant months there as an employee a decade ago. I did not dislike my direct boss, but to my (possibly irrational )brain, it struck me as the sort of place a Mitt Romney of science/College Republican wing of academia, who/which wanted people to self deport out of science itself, would build! But that could be paranoid or irrational. I will never know..I certainly had no hard facts for feeling like that...just a sense impression.

But they did almost give me a disgust for science - felt too much like a high surveillance, anxiety promoting workplace - which my 2 previous schools never did.
I have just about gotten over it....still some ptsd left but oh well..

Edit: I should hasten to say I am not libelling them, the College Republicans (would not want those lovely people suing DU, if they could) or Mitt Romney. It was probably all in my head. It was an unpleasant work place and my brain associated it with those types of people. Maybe my own incompetence/inadequacy...see..I am self aware! Anyway...

I will miss Trump

For close to 4 years, even on my foggiest days, I have felt smarter than the US president...


She is not sociopathic or evil but maybe her trauma is making her less clear-sighted than she should be.

Even if I weren't a GLBTQ ally (and I am), during a Pandemic, with climate crises/economic depressions in the offing, keeping Trans people out of bathrooms would not be my top priority. This is how the GOP and the anti-science, anti-environment, far right uses nonsensical framing to not just perpetuate bigotry but to also deflect attention from their real failures and crimes and to perpetuate class warfare using bogus crap.

Why during a US election year, in the middle of BLM, she started this up baffles me. There are actual feminist issues-MeToo was one...that she could have put her energy into. BLM is a real movement - that is a real issue. This stuff is just trolling and she is not a troll so it is weird.

It isn't for me to say what someone else's priorities should be. But Greta Thunberg has a point about our failing future generations...The anti-science, anti-environment, class warring, creepy bigoted far right is going to TRASH the place if this buffoon is reelected.
Imagine this creep as a lame duck....

The death of nuance is not good

But maybe as times change and things become more just, nuance will return.

While some of it might be human nature (which apparently dislikes complexity), certainly a lot of it is basically driven by the right..they have fostered grievance politics, culture wars and hammered down nuance through a combination of actually shitty policies,trolling and creepy messaging.

Feminists, anti-racists and people who are generally well intentioned, progressive and most importantly sincerely invested in introspection, can probably self-correct. A seasoned troll with a pile of mostly imaginary grievances (that would be the alt right version of cancel culture-Gamergate, AllLivesMatter and that crap) probably can't and won't.

You are right

People change..Even Don Black's son left.

Young people might just be repeating rubbish they hear at home. College is a great opportunity for getting exposed to alternative view points and getting deprogrammed wrt racist, sexist and other rubbish.

And I at least think class is a factor. If your parents were wealthy, educated and you hold these views, college probably won't change you. You will merely come away with the ammunition you need for a career on Fox News claiming that colleges are communist bastions ruled by feminists or some such rubbish. But if you are poorer and this is your first exposure to diverse groups and academia, you have a decent chance of changing.
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