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Member since: Sun Jul 9, 2017, 09:23 PM
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Joe Manchin was going with the side that had the votes..

If Collins had been a no, he would have been a no. By casting a vote for a result already decided, we don’t have to worry about winning in WV, a state that went over 65 percent for Trump. We stop this bullshit by winning the Senate, not by blowing ourself up.

If the base didn't demand we use the 60 vote filibuster on Gorsuch, we would have won today...

Simple fact. It would have been much harder to get 50 votes for the Nuclear option today then it was with Gorsuch. Could Mitch have done it? Maybe. But that would have been the time to use that option.

Michael Avenatti: Kavanaugh and Judge targeted women with alcohol/drugs to allow a "train" gang rape


Wouldn't it have been nice not to have WASTED the filibuster on Gorsuch now?

Just saying. I was one of the few who thought it was foolish and a waste. Just let them get to 60 votes. But NOW!?! Less then 50 days before the midterm with someone accused of attempted rape? Now it would be useful.

Is Conor Lamb how we win the house in 2018?

Lamb looks like he might win tonight. That said, he is a moderate/conservative dem. He has stated he will not support Nancy Pelosi for speaker, for example. In districts like this, is Conor Lamb how we win back the house?

Minnesotans Dont Think Al Franken Should Resign; support is particularly high among women.

Pretty interesting new poll. In my view, it’s shows deep social problems with society.


Well Roy Moores campaign has filed an official complaint;requests to delay certification


Conor Lamb: The next step to taking power back happens on March 13th


Though the district favors Republicans, the contrast in candidates, coupled with the enthusiasm coursing through the Democratic base around the country, has some GOP operatives in Washington and Pennsylvania on edge as they look ahead to the March 13 election.

"If you look at every special election to date, Republicans have been underperforming Trump’s [margin] by double digits," said Titus Bond, a Republican strategist and polling director for Remington Research Group. "I don't think Republicans are going to lose this seat, but it's going to be a battle and they're not going to take any chances,” he added.

The next strike comes here. We need to fight for this seat and build to 2018. You can donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/lamb-for-congress-1

Can we get enough votes to Remove Trump in 2018?

First we have to win big in 2018. The GOP must see a bigger threat from the general public then from their base. For the Senate that means.

1. We have to hold all our seats. This is a huge deal as we are defending seats in deep red states.

2. We have to win both AZ and NV. Again, this is a huge tasks, but that gives us 51 votes.

3. We need to pick up McCain’s seat when he resigns or passes away. While I hope McCain the best, the reality is his type of cancer is very hard to treat. That would bring us up to 52 votes.

4. We need to win in TN and TX. In both cases we have very good canidates. In TN, that seat is empty. In TX, we face Ted Cruz. In a huge wave, they are both doable. That gives us 54 seats.

5. With a wave that big, the house goes big too. So actual impeachment won’t be a problem.

Even in this landslide, we need 13 GOP votes to remove Trump. This sort of landslide will scare the shit out of the Republicans, but I don’t know if it will be enough. The 13 most moderate Republicans there in this situation are:

Sen. Thom Tillis
Sen. Joni Ernst
Sen. Rand Paul
Sen. Patrick “Pat” Toomey
Sen. Charles “Chuck” Grassley
Sen. Shelley Capito
Sen. Richard Burr
Sen. Thad Cochran
Sen. Dan Sullivan
Sen. Richard Shelby
Sen. Lamar Alexander
Sen. Lindsey Graham
Sen. Robert “Rob” Portman

Though I don’t think that tells the whole story. I think Sen Sasse, Rubio, etc are possiable gets. That said, this is very hard.

With all of that, is removal from office actually possiable or is this a pipe dream?

Senator Gillibrand showed courage and has fought for women from the day she became a US Senator.

Senator Gillibrand has changed our party and our nation. When she started her career, she fought for women. She has fought for them in the Military and outside the military. She is the one that has led the way in stopping toleration of any abuse in the Democratic Party. With that, she is changing both our party and our country.

We, as a party, have to look reality in the face. For example, it was Joe Biden who chaired the judiciary committee and , at first, refused to call Anita Hill, and then did refuse to call witnesses that could collaborate her story. Democratic men have not always been on the right side of history. However, Gillibrand has fundamentally changed that dynamic and is leading the path to a cultural change in our party and country.

While some may disagree with her position on Senator Franken, it is wrong and sexist to question her motivation. Some “liberals” seem to pick her out for abuse when she was one of many calling for him to resign. They state it is because ambition. While I am sure she has ambition, it is also true she has fought for these issues from day one. To pick out the one woman who is on the vanguard of these issues for abuse is not keeping the values of the Democratic Party. While debates about due process are legitimate, if wrong, these sexist attacks on the Senator should stop.
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