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Buckeye_Democrat's Journal
Buckeye_Democrat's Journal
March 20, 2022

That was just responsible citizens...

... trying to improve the safety of air travel.

Strangely, it did in some ways...
Smoking Made Flying Safer
The idea that flaming tar could make flying safer is laughable but absolutely true. It has to do with the tiny cracks in an airplane's fuselage that tend to form when the craft is hurtling through the air at 500 miles per hour thousands of feet above the ground. These cracks and holes need to be immediately detected and fixed, and those death sticks made finding them much easier. All engineers had to do was look for nicotine stains where the smoke was escaping. In 1988, when two congressmen pushed forward legislation to improve the depth of equipment checks, one of them remarked "The easiest and most common way to detect leaks in the fuselage today is to look for tobacco smoke stains on the outside metal. Not very reassuring, is it?"

I still have unpleasant memories of my father smoking in the car during long trips. I'm surprised that I never barfed in the back seat.

November 3, 2021

I've seen notes written by managers...

... at factories which were impossible to decipher.

If they simply wrote as they talked, like dictation, it would be understandable. But for whatever reason, they repeatedly struggled to do it.

I can't remember the details of their notes and memos anymore, but I'll make up an example to illustrate it. Suppose a manager wanted a machine to be shut down and thoroughly cleaned. Then their written note might be: "Machine 6 clean shut down."

Yet they had no problem expressing the instructions VERBALLY, in a completely understandable manner. So why not just write the same way?! Even if they misspelled every other word while trying to write a sentence like they talked, it would at least be much more understandable that way.

January 15, 2021

Here's another pic for a better nose comparison!

Holy crap, I think the noses might match too! I can make out the slight "nose crease", or whatever it's called, on the tip of the nose in that one... like BullhornLady.

Heck, the sunglasses seem to match too! That's not as significant, though, since many of them can look alike.

I'm not too focused on body shapes either since that can change a lot after diet programs and such.
January 11, 2021

Lol! He looks more like my older brother when...

... he was living in Colorado years ago and working as an electrical engineer.

He would've never done such a thing, though. He was extremely smart and interested in science, for starters.

Gray-haired old man now.

May 23, 2020

Church-goers just gotta get their next fix, like alcoholics.

Sometimes followed with a "Cracker Barrel chaser".

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