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Member since: Mon Jun 5, 2017, 02:52 PM
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Why is America the only country with an "opioid epidemic"?

This quote below is from a thought-provoking article I recently came across, which discusses the several "pathologies" afflicting America, and contributing to its decline...

"So there is of course also an “opioid epidemic”. We use that phrase too casually, but it much more troubling than it appears on first glance. Here is what is really curious about it. In many countries in the world — most of Asia and Africa — one can buy all the opioids one wants from any local pharmacy, without a prescription. You might suppose then that opioid abuse as a mass epidemic would be a global phenomenon. Yet we don’t see opioid epidemics anywhere but America — especially not ones so vicious and widespread they shrink life expectancy. So the “opioid epidemic” — mass self-medication with the hardest of hard drugs — is again a social pathology of collapse: unique to American life. It is not quite captured in the numbers, but only through comparison — and when we see it in global perspective, we get a sense of just how singularly troubled American life really is."

The full article is here:


I'm still thinking about it. This commentary is really about America's despair, and the unique pathological signs of its decline.

I'd be interested in any comments.

Regards to all.
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