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Name: James Crackcorn (I don't care)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Anytown
Home country: Just browsing
Current location: On the Ramparts
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 737

About Me

Ummm I uh Well, (cough) ......... Never mind..

Journal Archives

I've said this for years too

Abandoning the fairness Doctrine without a real fight gave us fascist radio around the clock. Fascist radio gave us Fox television, all of which has supplanted or supplemented religion as the new opiate for the masses. Withdrawal from the staggering cognitive dissonance created in that world is too painful. The only thing that can relieve it is more of the same.

Roosevelt: "Will Hirohito be my new best friend?"

Dissociated Press: Roosevelt: "It would be great if we got along with Hirohito."

President Franklin Roosevelt faced a fresh round of criticism over his administrations ties to the Japanese Emperor when he asked if Hirohito would be his new best friend. It was only a few weeks ago when combined forces of the Japanese Navy and Air Force attacked and destroyed most of Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt immediately dismissed these claims despite corroboration from virtually the entire US Military and intelligence services.

Last week he hosted an envoy of Japanese dignitaries and entertained them in a private conference room at the White House and refused to allow access to the American press. The Japanese envoys however took multiple pictures that were immediately duplicated and dropped from planes on the people being beaten and raped in Nanking. Franklin dismissed this as littering and famously said “You think we're good guys?” He also asserted that there was no way to know if Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan or Korea or China or just some skinny laundromat owners with pilot licenses. “I think it would be great if we got along with Japan,” he said in one of his rambling sometimes incoherent fireside chats.

“He has also repeatedly been claiming there is “no way to tell whose flying in those little biddy planes way up in the sky” adding “Anybody could paint a red circle on a plane wing.” Since then it has been discovered that most of Roosevelt's family and cabinet have been engaged in lucrative private business arrangements with Japanese businessmen with close ties to the Emperor and that Roosevelt himself was on the hook for millions of dollars from Japanese bankers. Roosevelt denied it all as a “Tempest in a teapot” a coincidence and a hoax. “The Republicans are just trying to distract the America people from their failed economic policies and the beat down I gave them in my third election.”

Today in a move that outraged most of the military he placed Admiral Kimmel, the Commander at Pearl Harbor in charge of the entire Pacific theater and fired Admiral Halsey and Admiral Nimetz who he described as hot shot showboaters without a lick of sense. He also announced he had no intention of not greatly expanding his family fortune and that he was sick of all the lazy white people who were not contributing to the economy and promised to ship them off to Scotland and Ireland as soon as he could make them build the boats to do it. He also announced plans to deregulate business and dismantle unions to permit wealthy friends to plunder and degrade the country like there is no tomorrow. “There is no tomorrow,” he announced merrily.

Democrats in the Senate and House refused to condemn the President or interrupt his reign of villainy and terror even though many of them described him privately as unhinged, immoral, deranged, corrupt, stupid and venal. “We have to stick together even if he destroys the country and drags us all to hell” they said.

Trump BIOS updated

I see they've updated the Trump BIOS. The Boldly Ignorant Ostentatious Showoff firmware was good for simpleton primaries but wholly inadequate with having actual political power. This was especially true because Trump insisted he didn't need any operating system and could install any program he wanted. You were starting to see the Blue Screen of Death in his eyes and hard shutdowns occurring more and more often. Today though you could see that even without an operating system or functional programs the Blowing It Out Shithole firmware is a much better fit for him.

Smoke vs Fire

I have a question. Do you think I have something to worry about? My house has been filling up with smoke the last few weeks but I can't seem to find a fire. My wife is sure there is one, but for the life of me I can't find it. I keep telling her to quit worrying but she keeps saying there has got to be something burning and I keep saying "Well, go find it, Miss Smartypants!"

She can't find it either but she sure is getting hot and bothered by all this smoke and heat. I admit that I can't see the TV anymore and I can barely see the screen right now to type this. And I am coughing pretty hard and feeling light headed but if there was a fire I think I'd know it. To be honest the floor feels pretty hot too but like I said, no fire so no big deal. I hooked up a big fan and opened a window and I think it is already getting better. I pointed another fan at me and stripped to my skivvies and it really isn't so bad anymore...mostly.

Hold on a second....my wife just crawled out of here and is yelling at me from outside. Christ! Something about the asphalt shingles melting or some such bullshit. But I need some proof and from what I keep hearing from Fox is you don't have to worry until you see fire. I hope I can stay up for Hannity but I am getting pretty sleepy....

They do get livid

Until they get a particularly virulent disease or cancer, lose their job, can't get insured, have a handicapped child or spouse etcetera. Then they lose some of that lividness.

And those healthy young people don't stay that way forever. The last few years and particularly the last few weeks of life are the most expensive part of National Health Care. That's why there's been a big push have everyone have living wills. And I've been amazed to see how many people who trash Medicaid as a big waste suddenly lawyer up with estate attorneys when their wealthy parents need to go into a nursing home. Funny that.

And let's just put it this way.... there's a lot of unhealthy people in Trump country who don't have any problem with showing up in an emergency room for their free emergency gummint Healthcare.

Medicare is nuts too.

There's no reason to have four parts to Medicare. Part A just covers hospitalization. Why did we decide to prioritize only hospital payment with our payroll deduction? Why isn't major medical and pharmaceutical costs part of our Medicare deduction during our working years? I'm sure there's a very good reason that doesn't involve lobbying by hospitals, big pharma and insurance companies. Or blood sucking parasitic vermin. But I repeat myself.

Because just about everything they "know" is a lie, half truth or irrelevancy.

We don't even recognize how ridiculously inadequate Medicare is. We need to have part A, B, C, D? Plus your choice of 50 supplements to fill in the holes? Like seniors need to approach choosing healthcare like it was part lottery and part Chinese food menu? And that doesn't even touch end of life custodial care needs. If your misfortune is to need close supervision and assistance with basic physical care because you have an incurable debilitating condition we can't consider that health care. Sorry.

Republican Vivisectionists and the AHCA

Bless PBO for trying with the ACA but he was attempting vivisection and it is a testament to his skill that the thing is still alive. He actually grafted together a semi viable universal healthcare program by taking parts from free market howler monkeys, common congressional lap lizards, domesticated blue dog collaborators and attached them to progressives who actually wanted to make it happen.

Like most movies about vivisection the results have been less than pretty and there is usually a fatal flaw or weakness that causes the hybrid to die. But In the case of the ACA, the Republicans also tried to starve it to death and hunt it to extinction. Watching them fail miserably at that that and then head to the garage over a couple of weekends to make one of their own with chainsaws and blowtorches has been fun to watch.

Tax reform oughta be a real hoot.

Awwwww, isn't that sweet?

Underneath that big blustering bully persona is really a big whiny crybaby making excuses for his failures, abject stupidity and laziness. That's ever so much better.


PRESS:  "The entire intelligence community says that there is zero evidence that Obama had anyone do any surveillance on you.  Why do you keep saying he did?"

TRUMP: (Reaches into Depends and flings content on press)
"I saw the word 'wiretap' in one article and 'Obama' in another and knew Obama was wiretapping me."

PRESS:  (Wiping faces) 
"But how could that possible mean that....."

TRUMP:  (Unbuckles pants)
"Jimmy Kalecka of Aberdeen, Michigan said the same thing on his website.  But I didn't say it. They said it." 
(Drops trou and shoots moon )

PRESS: ((Recoiling in disgust)
"OH MY GOD! You just SAID IT!"

TRUMP: (Still bent over, farts loudly)  
"I didn't mean actual wiretapping. Could be other things."

PRESS:  (coughing, gagging and covering  mouths and noses with handkerchiefs)
"Dear God, Like , like what?"

TRUMP: (Jams finger up nose and begins to root)
"I am not going to say. I have a lot of evidence. I may say it tomorrow or wait a week or maybe never.
(Displays large green goober)
or NOW!"
(Flicks it towards press)

PRESS:  (Crying and scattering)  
"What evidence and why are you waiting?"

TRUMP: (Opens mouth as host of locusts fly out)
"The evidence that Obama made the British do it."

PRESS:  (screaming, shoving to get out of room). 
"You know that we can check that out, right?"

TRUMP:  "Go ahead. But someone said it on FOX, I am just saying what he said. You should ask him not me."
(Grabs live chicken and bites the head off.)    
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