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Member since: Sun Mar 26, 2017, 09:13 PM
Number of posts: 147

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As horrific as the Baltimore comments are

They easily served the purpose of distraction once again. #I am Baltimore is trending instead of the impeachment inquiry...shiny object, mission accomplished (and my son lives in Baltimore in an awesome, tight-knit, diverse neighborhood- love, love that city)
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sun Jul 28, 2019, 07:04 AM (3 replies)

Today's NY Post cover...

I know, I know, but this is what my parents are reading this morning: "Trump Clean!" in the biggest font possible...also on every newsstand in NYC for low-information voters to see..sickening!
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Fri Apr 19, 2019, 06:51 AM (8 replies)

I know it won't happen but Mueller needs to make a statement

I'm going back and forth between extreme anger and defeat..fueled of course by my parents and brother gloating right now. I'm one that did believe in Mueller's character with his years of service, etc..bill we were sold. If he truly is that upstanding public servant then he needs to put out some kind of statement immediately. He cannot be happy with this mischaracterization of his work (or maybe he is in which case we are truly screwed).

Someone with some knowledge of the report needs to either leak it or make a statement TONIGHT.
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sun Mar 24, 2019, 03:45 PM (3 replies)

Possible silly question here...

With today’s Manafort flipping/plea deal, is it an automatic given that his family goes into the witness protection program? Former asst US attorney on msnbc just mentioned the probability of a much- reduced sentence (less than 10 yrs.) Just thinking his family needs to be protected before he testifies as well as himself when and if he gets out?
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Fri Sep 14, 2018, 04:15 PM (4 replies)

So this happened today...

I was in the checkout line at Wegman’s grocery store. In the line next to me there was a middle aged couple. Due to the display in between us I couldn’t see them at first. I just heard the man say to the woman in a quiet menacing voice “I will kick your a** when we get home..You are dead when we get home”. I popped out of line and saw the woman’s face white as a ghost and saw the man (wearing a MAGAott) hat. She did not look at me and he had turned around to load the groceries on the belt. Less than ten feet away was the front end manager. I went over to him and told him what I overheard and he said he would call security. This all happened within 30 seconds. I did not want to engage this man so I walked around the perimeter of the store while security went up to him as he was checking out. I left about 25 min later and I saw the woman waiting with a female employee while he was still sitting in the security office.

Not sure if I did the right thing as it may have made her situation worse once they got home but I couldn’t not alert someone to what I overheard. Scary and unnerving times- that he felt emboldened to threaten his wife outloud - gave me chills, again not sure I did the right thing or should have done more.
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sat Jul 7, 2018, 08:36 PM (58 replies)

Glimmer of hope! I was just polled by NJ Rethugs....

A young man was conducting the survey and at first I wasn't sure was which candidate he was affiliated with. It became clear he was polling for the Rethug candidate. I unleashed my feelings about T.rump saying his candidate would be tied to his stain and stank just because he had an R next to his name. The pollster actually tried to bring up Menendez's rebuke by the ethics committee and whether or not that would impact my vote. I spoke to him for ten solid minutes without stopping about all of the illegalities this faux administration. When I brought up the separation of the children he sighed and said he's been hearing a lot of that from almost everyone polled tonight and he sounded defeated. He pressed me on the issues and I told him even though I can easily speak to any issue, nothing matters except for that R next to his candidate's name. Told him that R equates to T. rump and he is a criminal. Again, he said this was a frequent response tonight.
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sun Jun 24, 2018, 09:15 PM (12 replies)

Decided I will check out of the news cycle for the next 3 days

I'm out...just cannot face legitimizing this farce of a "summit". All news networks covering his landing like it's the second coming. The news media will be playing up what a success it is- reality television at its worst. Time for some Netflix, HGTV, and of course reading books (to spite his orange ass and his spawn who haven't read a book in ages I'm sure).

For the record, I've checked out of the news cycle a few times before and each time something huge and positive broke while I was away - here's hoping it happens again!
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sun Jun 10, 2018, 07:31 AM (5 replies)

So I was at a party yesterday...

A mixture of people...mostly friendly democrats that hate T. rump as much as I do and want to see him gone yesterday. They do not particularly follow Mueller's every move and are not up on the details of the investigation as we are on this board.
A few deplorables mixed in that still support him (and also had some racist things to say about the royal wedding- shocker).

The thing that surprised me was how dejected and defeated everyone was. They believe nothing will come of the investigation and when I tried to tell them how quickly Mueller is actually moving, etc. they said I have been saying that for over a year now. They seem to think T.rump will finish his term, possibly win another thanks to arigged process and it is what it is. I'm trying to be a downer here but I was surprised at how little these people at paying attention. These are middle aged, well- educated people in northern NJ. Only one kindred soul was as outraged and alarmed as I am and both of us waiting for more shoes to drop but seems as if no one else is. Very frustrating!!
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Sun May 20, 2018, 07:38 PM (12 replies)

Does anyone think Schneiderman leaked the Cohen news?

Sorry if it's been theorized in an earlier thread...I thought it was interesting the night he resigned that it wasn't effective immediately, next week, or the end of the month, but at the end of the next business day. At the time, I thought it was because he was going to drop something the next day. Nothing to lose, but so much to leak.
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Wed May 9, 2018, 04:12 PM (4 replies)

Unlike everyone else in this dumpster fire, Zuckerberg looks

...guilty as hell. He is pale, swallowing hard and looks like a small boy who just got caught shoplifting and is being brought to the police station.
Posted by Books_Tea_Alone | Tue Apr 10, 2018, 02:16 PM (58 replies)
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