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Member since: Thu May 31, 2007, 01:14 PM
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How is the oath of office enforced?

Why have we not tried bringing ALL THOSE who voted not to certify the election into court to assert that they have failed to uphold their oath of office and need to be sent home? ALL OF THEM. The "reasonable person" standard says there was no evidence of fraud. Surely there is SOME enforcement mechanism for the oath, and surely voting not to certify given no evidence is a violation of it. Why have we not tried this simple solution to the problem? Seems to me if it works we get a lot of control over congress for a few months at least. And MAYBE we can discourage future such behavior. We are not doing that now. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Why?

A question of constitutional law

Is it possible to permit free speech regarding matters of opinion and judgment - such as how a given law might play out in future or who deserves what - while constraining speech that verifiably gets facts wrong?

A concerning chain of logic

Talking with friends, the huge likely impact of Covid 19 is coming clear: economy crash, hospitality industry crash, health care system overwhelm, supply shortages, travel restrictions, gatherings restricted and canceled... it seems likely that the US govt will declare emergency, which I believe grants them martial law powers.

1-what are the odds that this crew will relinquish those powers once they have them?
2-what are the odds that the election proceeds unimpeded?

Getting really scared here.
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