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BlueKota's Journal
BlueKota's Journal
December 9, 2023

What was the weirdest gift you ever asked for

for any holiday or birthday.

I was 7 and asked for a pet Lion after falling in love with Elsa in the movie Born Free. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I realized I was missing the entire point of the movie that Lions should never become a pet and deserve to be free in their natural environment.

It's funny because I have always loved felines of all types. I recently found out a Scottish Clan that some of my Dad's family descended from has on their crest a lion fighting with a sword that has a saying inscribed that translates to "Don't touch a cat!" 🤣

December 8, 2023

Is anyone else already having anxiety attacks

about next November, if Orange Stalin wins? People keep telling me live in the moment don't always think the future will be catastrophic. Also that I can't do anything about it anyway.

Maybe it's easier for them because they didn't sit in a college classroom watching documentary after documentary about the death and concentration camps in Hitler's Germany. Or watching another documentary about infant girls being murdered by their families in China because of the government's one child per family policy. I did. I don't want to be a witness to those types of horror first hand.

How the hell am I supposed to just stuff it down and pretend that there is no chance of it happening here. I a damn historian and I know the odds of it happening are never zero?

I am not okay with just trying to pretend it's all going to be f ..King be okay because there is no guarantee it will be.

I keep thinking if I had a plan about what to do, if Orange Stalin does win next November, I'd be better able to cope, but I can only think of one way, and I don't really want to be contemplating that route as the only way out, if he wins. Not at risk now, but if he wins, I might be then. A part of me hopes maybe I could apply for Irish citizenship because my a couple of my Dad's grandparents were Irish citizens, but how the heck I'd find their birth certificates, I have no clue, or how I'd get myself and my dog there as I wouldn't have the money. Plus I don't think anywhere will remain safe.

Is anyone else feeling this way and how are you dealing with it? Because I need suggestions. I have already limited my news intake and have tried to keep busy doing other things but the underlying feeling of dread is still there.

December 7, 2023

My Response to AARP for posting Trump

audio of what he'd supposedly do to benefit seniors:

How do I cancel my membership to AARP? I am highly disgusted by your interviewing the man who tried to have our democracy overthrown, the man under multiple indictments for alleged criminal behavior. A man who threatens not only members of the judiciary but even decorated members of the armed forces. A man who admits he wants to be a dictator.

This is beyond disgusting. Let the Republicans nominate him, if they will, but no reputable organization should be giving him any semblance of legitimacy whatsoever.

I am a historian and have studied dictatorships and what dictators do to their citizens are beyond horrific.

Again please tell me how to cancel any association with your organization, as I want nothing whatsoever to do with any organization willing to help promote such a man.

November 28, 2023

I saw a meme of Trump dressed as an angel

with people surrounding him in reverence. I found it utterly revolting. To me it is blasphemous. To me any one who believes God sent him is breaking the 1st commandment. Does this upset anyone else?

I think if he was sent by anyone it's 👹

November 17, 2023

A17 year old that Homeland Security Warned NY Law Enforcement About

was shot and killed by a NY State Trooper after charging the Trooper with a knife. Haven't heard any specifics about what teen's motivations were but apparently Homeland Security was advised he was posting that he was going to start killing people.

Things get scarier and sadder almost every day.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the shooting in conjunction with New York State Police. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/2023/11/16/ny-state-police-trooper-shoots-kills-teen-ontario-county-ny/71602582007/
November 14, 2023

A little whimsy at the Farm Supply Store

So I have a cat who used to live in the barn that was on our property, (it used to be my grandfather's farm), but the structure was no longer sound so we had it torn down. We had a shed constructed and put kitty doors in it so kitty can come and go. Every year in the fall, I freshen up the straw so she stays warm in the winter following the advice of a friend who runs a feral cat charity.

So my sister and I go in to look around the farm store we buy it from because they also have pet toys, and Christmas decorations etc. We hear one of the stock men say to the cashier, "I think I am going to train for a new career." She asked what and why. He replied, "I am going to train to be a chimney sweep, because my wife and I just had one clean our chimney, he was only there for a half hour, and charged us $300. And he didn’t even sing Chim, Chimney, Chim, Chim, Charoo, for us. I was very disappointed."

It just made me smile. Nice to see some people still keeping a bit of a sense of humor, in difficult times.

November 7, 2023

Going to Vote Today in Local Election

Usually unless there is a state or national election I don't bother to vote. The reason is because in the town I live in there is a very long history of Republicans running unopposed even in the primaries, and I refuse to participate in their sham. Today however we do have Democrats running for County Clerk and a seat on the Town Council. My guess is they probably won't win because of all the rednecks in this area,but I want to show my support, so someday there might be a change.

November 1, 2023

Happy Halloween

Watched two episodes of the Monkees on DVD. One where they stayed in a supposedly haunted house, and the other where they were hired by a Dr. Frankenstein like character who wanted them to teach his monster to play music. I had a dark chocolate Milkyway, and now I am going to bed. That was my thrilling 👻 Halloween 🎃 ! Hope you all enjoyed yours!

October 26, 2023

It's a small thing in comparison to all of the horrible things in the world right now

But I am feeling sad. In 2015 I got viral meningitis and it did damage to the part of the brain that deals with judging distance between two objects. The doctors termed it spacial memory loss. It was determined I best not drive anymore. So my generous older sister paid to have a companion service send someone once a week to take me to appointments, get groceries, and just get out of the house for awhile.

I have had a few different ones over the years, but the one I had since 2019, actually became a friend. She gets me laughing a lot, tells me stories about her husband and kids, let's me vent when I need to, etc.
Well she told me yesterday the assisted senior living community where she also works part time has offered her full time because they are short staffed and she has accepted it. So she has to resign from the companion service. I am happy for her, but I am going to miss seeing her.

She's coming two more times, and has asked the agency to find a replacement for me, but they are based in another county and don't have a lot of employees in the one where I live. It's also going to take me awhile to adjust to someone new even if they do find someone else. My sister retired recently so she said she can take me to some places too, but I don't want to become a huger burden on her either. Also not lot of public transportation options where I live either. I know it will work out somehow but I really am going to miss her.

October 23, 2023

Any Suggestions for Non-Horror Halloween Movies or Shows?

I like to watch seasonal stuff but am not a gore or horror fan. Also tried watching Hocous Pocous but I couldn't get into it. I am watching the Halloween themed contests on the Food Network.

Even old sitcoms episodes would be good as long as they are available to stream.

I am okay with haunted house stories too as long as there is no horror.

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