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Blue State Bandit

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Member since: Tue Jun 21, 2005, 12:12 AM
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"I had a Sarah Palin button on backpack" Who is BLMS's Marissa "Johnson" Jenae?

It's said that if you decide to act above reproach, you had better be above reproach. It seems that Marissa "Johnson" Jenae did not heed this warning. A photo posted by Jenae to her FB page (Linked) in which she stated "This woman has known me since high school, back when I had a Sarah Palin button on backpack....we been thru a lot."

Alone, we can surmise that she may have made a few questionable choices in her youth. OK, she was young, but Palin was a candidate for VP running against the first black president. But when I read down a little further, my benefit of the doubt limit had been reached.

"GOP shoulda groomed me right then...now they gotta see me on the other side *shrugs*"

For real? It's like that? This wasn't 8 years, or even 4 years ago. She posted that last month. So my question is, what kinda grooming would it have taken?

If you're going to accuse white liberals of racism, and target the only presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders with a 40 year track record of standing up for #BlackLivesMatter you might not want people to know that "I had a Sarah Palin button on my backpack" or admit that the GOP could have "groomed you more". Because now you look disingenuous at best, and an agent provocateur at worse.#FeelTheBern #BlackLivesMatter2Bernie #SarahPalinButtonReally #BLMjoinBernie #NativeAmericanLivesMatter #Ismellcointelpro

Linked collage will not embed, so you can cop&paste this to access it.



Wow, very humbling. I've been here 10 years and this is the first time I have ever made to top of the trending page. I just wish it was for something a little more lighthearted.
Thank you all.
Posted by Blue State Bandit | Sun Aug 9, 2015, 03:51 PM (411 replies)

TSoDS#7: Production of Water by High Energy H+ Ions interaction w/ IPD Silicates proven in lab.

Since the dawn of our history, widely held assumptions of our physical world -when face with empirical evidence to the contrary- did not always fall from grace... well, gracefully. We can look to the trials and eventual vindication of Galileo, the continuing controversy surrounding the recently departed Dr. Halton Arp, or just ask retired NASA Climatologist Dr. James Hanson.

But eventually, inevitably, -through the sacrifice of careers, reputations, and even lives- solid observation and rigorous experimentation, scientific truth finds the light. And this one is a duzzy.

From the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science:


The solar wind (SW), composed of predominantly ∼1-keV H+ ions, produces amorphous rims up to ∼150 nm thick on the surfaces of minerals exposed in space. Silicates with amorphous rims are observed on interplanetary dust particles and on lunar and asteroid soil regolith grains. Implanted H+ may react with oxygen in the minerals to form trace amounts of hydroxyl (−OH) and/or water (H2O). Previous studies have detected hydroxyl in lunar soils, but its chemical state, physical location in the soils, and source(s) are debated. If −OH or H2O is generated in rims on silicate grains, there are important implications for the origins of water in the solar system and other astrophysical environments. By exploiting the high spatial resolution of transmission electron microscopy and valence electron energy-loss spectroscopy, we detect water sealed in vesicles within amorphous rims produced by SW irradiation of silicate mineral grains on the exterior surfaces of interplanetary dust particles. Our findings establish that water is a byproduct of SW space weathering. We conclude, on the basis of the pervasiveness of the SW and silicate materials, that the production of radiolytic SW water on airless bodies is a ubiquitous process throughout the solar system.

If anyone is wondering where I'm going with this, I will attempt to anonymously quote one of my local detractors that should be pretty self-explanatory.

You're using electrical terms in a meaningless word salad. Which is par for the course for someone taken in by the 'electric universe' nonsense. 'Anode' and 'cathode' only make sense in terms of a constructed circuit. This thread is a waste of time; I will presume all your other threads starting 'TSODS' will be too.

To date, it has been proven via observation by the STEREO mission that H+ Ions recede from the Sun in collimated "Solar Flux Tubes" that connect the Sun (EU posits electrically) to multiple planetary objects in a fashion not dissimilar to a particle accelerator. On many occasions, H+ particles exhibit acceleration beyond the influence of the Sun presuming SM (Standard Model) theorems. This is indicative of an electrical current that any under-grad electrical engineering student can identify.

The genesis of renewed interest into EU investigations began with the predictions of Wallace Thornhill regarding the Deep Impact Mission and the electrical nature of comets, including the prediction that electro-chemical reactions are the source of water seen in the coma of comets. In wake of the numerous "surprises" that confounded the mission scientists, Thornhill and the EU community in general have been dismissed out of hand by many of the same head scratchers who scrambled to explain the lack of surface water, escape vents, or even an impact creator following the massive event triggered by the Deep Impact lander.

In light of the mounting evidence, I propose a challenge to EU's detractors. Follow the Rosetta Mission with an open mind...

and an electrical engineer.

Posted by Blue State Bandit | Wed Jan 22, 2014, 03:39 PM (0 replies)

TSoDS: Com-asteroid-rex Sprouts Six Tails, Befuddles Scientists... and itself? #2

So, is it an asteroid, a comet, or a sign of the arma-pox-oclyps?

Confused Asteroid Sprouts Tails… Six of Them!

I find the "fix" for this one a bit too clever by half. It is claimed to be some combination of what could be described as a Coriolis effect that is imparted by radiated IR photons that is throwing off material from it's equator. One problem. The pictures provided taken 13 days apart, lack the tell tail cork screw of a spinning body moving along a specific trajectory, and throwing material from it's axial equator. As a matter of fact, the angular nature remains relatively constant, only changing in in ray intensity.

Will it have to blow a coma like Chiron to get everyone on the same page here?

Posted by Blue State Bandit | Sat Nov 23, 2013, 08:00 PM (0 replies)

Photos of this morning's Eclipse. (More pics)

Taken from Absecon Bay NJ looking out towards Brigantine.

On edit: Added a few more shots from this morning.

Posted by Blue State Bandit | Sun Nov 3, 2013, 09:53 AM (11 replies)

Florida Early Vote Totals Drastically Changed, Raises Questions

Source: Addicting Info

“There could be a very simple explanation. I have no idea,” said David Brown, a political consultant who is working for three Broward candidates, and who downloaded the Sunday early vote totals Sunday morning, only to be asked later by a colleague for the numbers, which he retrieved from his phone. When he looked at the revised totals, the Pat Larkins number stood out. “Almost every one of the precincts changed,” Brown said. “Some by two or three, one by about 100. But the Pat Larkins Center, that’s more than a thousand votes. I’m curious why.”

Brown said that when he inquired about the numbers, he was told by the elections office that the changes had resulted from a “computer glitch.”

Computer glitch? If so, they should release the exact details of such a glitch along with testimony from several computer experts, because votes aren’t something that you play around with. If there is a glitch, it needs to be fixed, and immediately. They also said that there were a couple transposing errors that were fixed, but there is no excuse for any of this.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/10/30/florida-early-vote-totals-drastically-changed-raises-questions/

The theft of 2012 has begun in earnest.
Posted by Blue State Bandit | Thu Nov 1, 2012, 08:42 AM (22 replies)

All Dems w/ NRA cards should call for the removal of NRA leadership...

...for facilitating the sale of weapons to, interfering in the prosecution of, and providing aide and comfort to foreign organizations posing a clear and present threat to national security (Mexican Drug Cartels, S.A. gangs such as MS13 and alike). If necessary, they should propose a counter organization to promote a more responsible advocacy of 2nd Amendment rights.

Supporting the right to bare arms does not mean that you should bare that arm to the head of the nation for political gain. This is our best response to this attack. And only after being given a choice, should we take action to remove pro-gun Dems buckling to the NRA.

And to my anti-gun brothers and sisters, when you can no longer stop the flood waters, it's time to build a levee.
Posted by Blue State Bandit | Thu Jun 28, 2012, 11:07 AM (3 replies)

Love this product.

I have already spec'd a job out with this product. Can't wait to build one. They make a good carport (ground mounted) solution as well. They are made in the Mid-West US which is another plus.
Posted by Blue State Bandit | Tue Feb 28, 2012, 11:24 AM (0 replies)
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