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Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Member since: Fri Jun 8, 2012, 11:01 AM
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Civil Engineer & Surveyor

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If I were a foreign leader....

Hell bent on bringing down the United States of America, I would launch an attack on the military. Not head on because the US military already spends considerably more money than the next dozen countries or so combined.

No, the US gets its young military members from small towns and disadvantaged communities across the country.

So, I attack the small towns and inner cities and here's how.

Step one: Demonstrate to people that trying to protect the water supply is illegal and will be punished (as a precursor I will poison one community's water supply to show that a large population of Americans don't care if you poison a group of people even if they are made aware of the problem).

Step two: Eliminate or severely restrict organizations that monitor the water and health of communities. The EPA and CDC for example.

Step three: Reduce the restrictions on coal mining so it will pollute more water. Ignore natural disasters and clean up operations going on throughout the country. Encourage more new pipelines (even though maintaining existing pipelines would create as many jobs or more). Also, I insist that my pipes will be used in future projects, especially under existing contracts. Later I will insist that my pipe be used in municipal water projects.

Step four: Pollute, pollute, pollute and make sure that the agencies that monitor this kind of thing in foreign countries has no institutional memory. Gut the state department.

Step five: Make certain that these communities that will be providing us with our future soldiers cannot get medical care, eliminate Obamacare, particularly Medicaid expansion.

Step six: Let American industry pollute its small towns through its agricultural methods, but put money into the defense department weapons systems and after polluting small communities and inner city youth for a generation, these people won't have the will to fight for a country that has done nothing for them.

Step seven: Hope that nobody notices that the orange haired shitgibbon that I got elected hasn't returned to these small towns that brought him to Washington while they are being poisoned.


We need to restore the funding of the EPA, CDC State Department and other agencies that protect our health as a matter of national security. Obamacare isn't 'collapsing under its own weight' (as republicans claim) but it will when whole communities need cancer treatment as a result of environmental conditions.
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