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Gender: Male
Hometown: Denver Colo.
Home country: United States
Current location: Louisville Ky
Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 07:00 PM
Number of posts: 267

Journal Archives

I really needed to see this right about now ........

For the last hour or so I've been glued to reports about Florida/Irma. The suffering and fear were/are bad enough to see but then I went to the Twitter Irma thread and was sickened by the Trumpists/nutjobs posting racist things. By the pictures/videos of the abandoned pets. By the self serving politicians posting their crocodile tears. I was just about done in with sadness and disgust with the human race, I HAD to get away! ...... Then...... well then my first page after leaving all that horridness I saw this :


....and my faith in humanity was restored, at least to a certain extent. If we as a species can produce little girls like this then maybe, just MAYBE we do have some redeeming values. You GO little Amiah ! You'll never know but you helped more than your classmate(s) with your selfless actions. You helped an old cynical man smile and feel good about humanity again. At least for awhile. Thank you

How can I stop ....

... the drop down box that shows up when I start typing in the thread title box? Its "saved" every one I've replied to and its getting mighty long. (and annoying!) You know.... like the "suggestions" in a browser as you start typing in a search. Thank you in advance!

See a Pattern here.....?

Richard Nixon - Colluding to sabotage the 1968 peace talks

Ronald Reagan - Iran Contra (need I say more?)

Donald Trump - Russia

If anyone need's more evidence that the "Party of Lincoln" cares more about money and power than about us and the constitution then their head is in the sand. (or up their a$$'s).

All these "great American's" decided that their own (and their parties ) interests were more important than following the law OR love of Country. There's a word for that you know and penalties. Lets just hope that our fuhrer in a teapot doesn't get away scot free as his predecessor's did.

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