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Bernardo de La Paz

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Member since: Fri Jul 16, 2004, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 37,503

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Canadian who lived for many years in Northern California and left a bit of my heart there.

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Good catch. Yes, running on poverty is like eating your seed corn. And another:

When you make people small (poor), you find that with small people you can't accomplish great things. Pay people the decent wages they are due and they will raise families that include engineers, nurses, teachers, and yes, even MBAs. Which will greatly benefit the employers' children and grandchildren.

Running economy on poverty is a short run win, long term loss.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Wed Jun 16, 2021, 06:35 PM (0 replies)

The plan was, as discussed in RW circles beforehand, such as FreakRepublic for there

The plan was for there to be a violent clash between tRump's goon army and "Antifa" on Jan 6 so that tRump could invoke martial law and block or annul the election under the guise of preserving public safety and order.

"Antifa" wisely figured it out and stayed away. One of the greatest and best cases of "the dog that didn't bark" (not an exact analogy to the Sherlock Holmes story, of course).

"O.K., so how is this different than endless “Tick-Tock Moments” from Sean Hannity"
Trump wants Patriots to show up in Washington on the 6th at 11 am. And it isn’t to all sing Kumbaya. That’s why it’s different.
38 posted on 1/1/2021, 2:28:25 PM by bramps (It's the Islam, stupid!)

we have an illegitimate Congress as well. POTUS can invoke the Insurrection Act and attempt to address that issue by refusing to recognize the Congress and use the military to conduct clean elections in places affected. The Insurrection Act is perfectly constitutional. Suspending habeas corpus is also something Lincoln did during the Civil War, and most consider that to have been constitutional.
168 posted on 1/1/2021, 6:10:00 PM by Dr. Franklin ("A republic, if you can keep it."

There is going to be violence. Antifa and BLM will see to it that is true. And, the media will blame it all on the Proud Boys and Trump supporters.
12 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:22:03 PM by Kazan

They media won't blame anybody if they are the first ones on the list.
20 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:26:57 PM by The Duke (President Trump = America's Last, Best Chance)

They will be the biggest target.
31 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:34:13 PM by cowboyusa (America Cowboy up!)

POTUS has been itching to invoke the Insurrection Act on these punks. He hasn't done it for political reasons, but after Jan. 6th, he won't be restrained. For events in D.C., he has clear authority to act, take control of the local police, etc.
35 posted on 1/3/2021, 3:18:27 PM by Dr. Franklin

The only difference is, we shouldn’t burn down our own neighborhoods, and grocery stores. Go after the big cities instead.
13 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:22:09 PM by EvilCapitalist (We must FIGHT, I repeat it sir, we must FIGHT! -Patrick Henry)

Target woke companies.
19 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:26:27 PM by Wilderness Conservative (Nature is the ultimate conservative)

Add news rooms and Big Tech and their fake fact checkers working for them.
39 posted on 1/3/2021, 3:34:09 PM by Betty Jane

Seriously, some politicians and media morons need to lose their lives before they start taking patriots seriously. Otherwise, they’ll laugh their asses off.
26 posted on 1/3/2021, 2:32:53 PM by Old Yeller (Joe McCarthy was right.)

{posted pic of noose around a hooded man's neck}
25 posted on 1/3/2021, 7:28:18 PM by BigEdLB

If it is going to start it will be Wednesday.
15 posted on 1/4/2021, 5:04:21 PM by hadaclueonce ( This time I am Deplorable )

19 posted on 1/4/2021, 5:07:49 PM by Lazamataz (America is a carcass, to be plundered.)
"Even as lawful 2nd supporters we have to follow the local laws."
20 posted on 1/4/2021, 5:09:16 PM by Lazamataz
I agree, apparently the “law” has been suspended and its the law of the jungle. Do whatever it takes to win and survive!
46 posted on 1/4/2021, 6:13:04 PM by myerson (The coup is fully out in the open)

Ignore anyone in authority, your country is being stolen from you.
26 posted on 1/4/2021, 5:17:19 PM by RBW in PA

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Wed Jun 16, 2021, 07:12 AM (2 replies)

The real world makers (Biden, Garland) don't talk much about what they are doing while doing it

tRump was a world-shaker, not maker. He was full of talk and tweets and bluster as he was rampaging around wrecking things.

Now Biden and Garland are repairing, quietly, steadily. Rebuilding better.

I think this is time for some patience. Everyone in the Biden administration have tons of work to do and we are all impatient because of the extremeness of tRump's corruption and ignorance.

Don't forget Garland and the Biden administration have the very important issue of voting rights on their desk too, which Garland has announced a big effort to deal with nationwide. It's a big nation.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sun Jun 13, 2021, 05:50 AM (0 replies)

Fundamental divide is symptomatic of Zero-Sum Game thinking. "Me versus Everyone Else"

Progressives are all about Positive-Sum Game thinking. Raise the tide and all boats rise. High quality education for all means the workforce can accomplish so much more. Childcare raises healthy happy people who can together lift society. Universal healthcare keeps people productive. Basic income means less funding needed for police, a net win.

If a bright med student heading toward research has to drop out to go to work to pay for healthcare for a parent, society loses -- big time.

Conservatives, especially RepliQons, want to keep society warped so they can build massive helicopters to raise their boats and only their boats.

What they do is try to hoard slices of the pie and in the scramble the pie gets damaged, so it becomes a NEGATIVE-SUM game and a race to the bottom.

This is the fundamental divide: working together versus working competitively for your family ONLY.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Mon May 24, 2021, 07:09 AM (0 replies)

The point about courage is muddied by the people insisting on balls or ovaries

Yes, we can't read thoughts. So use language carefully, as if people only have the language they hear or read and as if they can't read thoughts. Believe it.

Supporting LGBTQ+ means really thinking things through and dropping sexist language.

It is sexist to use sexual metaphors in non-sexual situations. It has no place.

Casual language has consequences! Apply progressive thinking to everything. Make it a habit. Purge sexist language from one's own thoughts.

Be the change you want to have happen. In things big and small.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:49 AM (0 replies)

They are defending an erroneous set of factoids, not the Constitution

If you truly thought that tRump or Biden had stolen the election, you better base that on verifiable true facts that can pass detailed scrutiny, not some convoluted chain of conspiracies. Not some shaky video of people moving boxes with a voice-over interpreting it as evil.

Not a set of factoids so bogus they don't dare present them in court because the few times they tried they got laughed out and shut down.

And yes, the educational system has not equipped many people with the skills to detect and deflect propaganda; the skills of critical reasoning; the skill of avoiding confirmation bias and seeking counter-facts to test the strength of the hypothesis.

It has not equipped many people to recognize or even to avoid anti-democratic authoritarianism.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Thu Feb 11, 2021, 03:36 PM (1 replies)

Greed Over People party is now the Greedy Qooky Party. GQP. . . . nt

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Thu Feb 4, 2021, 08:12 AM (0 replies)

Bipartisanship starts with "Biden is President. He won an accurate count. The Steal was a lie."

Let them say that if they are serious about working with Democrats.

And they also have to start respecting Democrats by calling the party it's proper name, the Democratic Party.

This is really basic stuff.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Tue Feb 2, 2021, 06:47 AM (1 replies)

Your acronym inspired me to create another one

GQP = Grand Qook Party

Greedy Qooky People

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Mon Feb 1, 2021, 12:30 PM (4 replies)

Absolutely thinkable. But all in good time. Let FBI work up the chain. Might find very overt actions

Let the Senate trial proceed. There is now a significant chance he might get convicted there. mcCONnell would like to see him dry up and disappear, or at least purged from the party. Even if not convicted, tRump is likely to get more than a couple of Republicons vote against him.

That's what we call "a good start".

We know the rioters had inside help and outside help. Handle it like an organized crime investigation. Work your way up. It is a deep conspiracy and the upper layers have tried to handle it all by a wink and a nod, but fundamentally the tRump Gang are amateurs so there will be evidence.

Blocking the National Guards was enabled by installation of civilian minions at Defense Department, which was enabled by firing Esper Nov 9, who had stood up to tRump in June.

We know that Caldwell coordinated with someone inside the Capitol with knowledge of movements. He texted "Inside" and then got a message telling him lawmakers were in the tunnels and gave him explicit directions.

Work it.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sun Jan 24, 2021, 08:46 AM (1 replies)
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