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The Second Psychedelic Revolution (Part One) The End Of Acid

he first of a 5-part series examining the state of contemporary psychedelic culture through the contributions of its principal architects: Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin, Terence McKenna, and Alex Grey.

In November of 2000, a DEA sting dubbed ‘Operation White Rabbit’ arrested William Leonard Pickard and Clyde Apperson while they were moving an alleged LSD production laboratory from a renovated Atlas-E missile-silo in Wamego Kansas to an undisclosed location. Many questions remain regarding the case and the involvement of the DEA’s informant Todd Skinner[1], and the DEA now claims that no LSD was ever produced at this silo. But both statistical analysis and anecdotal street-evidence agree with the DEA’s claim that this one ‘bust’ resulted in a 95% drop in the world’s LSD supply at that time, making it seem possible that there might actually be ‘An End to Acid’.

A year later almost to the day (Nov 10th, 2001) LSD’s original Merry Prankster, Ken Kesey, died. With Timothy Leary’s ashes already orbiting in outer space and the Grateful Dead disbanded for more than six years following Jerry Garcia’s death, one could have been tempted to believe that the Psychedelic Revolution that had begun somewhere in the mid-1960’s – with the widespread societal introduction of LSD – had finally come to an end. The world had been changed in many ways thanks to the rediscovery of psychedelics. But like most revolutions, its dreams were never fully met, and its heroes were passing into legend[2].

Ironically, as disrupted and antiquated as the ‘Psychedelic Movement’ may have appeared to be at that moment, the seeds of ‘the Second Psychedelic Revolution’ were already planted more than a decade earlier. These seeds bloomed in the desert of that LSD drought.

This was a profound example of how ineffective prohibition can be at extinguishing interest in a potent substance. The possibility of a world without acid inspired a younger generation to seek out a plethora of alternative psychedelics — some old, some new. In the process, they rediscovered and reclaimed the original entheogenic experience — the mystical taste of the Other, the FLASH outside of space and time — that LSD had provided for the 1960’s pioneers[3].

MOAR!: http://realitysandwich.com/216613/the-second-psychedelic-revolution-part-one-the-end-of-acid/

Well my SI Swimsuit issue finally came today.....

SI usually comes on Thursday or Friday every week but not this issue. Wonder why?

Smells good let me tell ya.

Today's musings from a batshit crazy musician (?)..... (no Nuge content)

Barack Obama is Using Miley Cyrus to Destroy and Distract America According to Korn Frontman

Posted Thursday, February 20th 2014 @ 10am

Remember when the Miley Cyrus twerk incident that everybody would not shut up about back in the summer of 2013?

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis thinks that is just one example of how President Barack Obama is using Cyrus, and other celebrities, to become a dictator.

Davis explained the meaning behind the band's new song and video, Spike in my Veins, to TMZ. The singer says:

"I think that our government uses those people to distract from what's really going on...the thing with Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, when that went down, I think Barack Obama passed a law that he is basically a dictator, he can imprison whoever he wants, he doesn't have to charge them, he can hold them as long as he wants."

It sounds like Davis is referring to the National Defense Authorization Act. The president signed that bill into a law back in January of 2012.

Read more: http://www.dc101.com/articles/music-news-477342/barack-obama-is-using-miley-cyrus-12085809/#ixzz2tyXEIFJu

In Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis

cript. Pro-democracy campaigners are battling an authoritarian government. The demonstrators are demanding the right to be part of the European Union. But Russia's president Vladimir Putin has vetoed their chance of freedom and prosperity.

It's a story we've heard in one form or another again and again – not least in Ukraine's western-backed Orange revolution a decade ago. But it bears only the sketchiest relationship to reality. EU membership has never been – and very likely never will be – on offer to Ukraine. As in Egypt last year, the president that the protesters want to force out was elected in a poll judged fair by international observers. And many of those on the streets aren't very keen on democracy at all.

You'd never know from most of the reporting that far-right nationalists and fascists have been at the heart of the protests and attacks on government buildings. One of the three main opposition parties heading the campaign is the hard-right antisemitic Svoboda, whose leader Oleh Tyahnybok claims that a "Moscow-Jewish mafia" controls Ukraine. But US senator John McCain was happy to share a platform with him in Kiev last month. The party, now running the city of Lviv, led a 15,000-strong torchlit march earlier this month in memory of the Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera, whose forces fought with the Nazis in the second world war and took part in massacres of Jews.

So in the week that the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army was commemorated as Holocaust Memorial Day, supporters of those who helped carry out the genocide are hailed by western politicians on the streets of Ukraine. But Svoboda has now been outflanked in the protests by even more extreme groups, such as "Right Sector", who demand a "national revolution" and threaten "prolonged guerrilla warfare".


I Am A Ukrainian, This Needs To Go Viral

I am not a Ukrainian. But, the creator of this video is and it should make us all feel like we are. Watch it. Share it. Send it to your representatives. It’s not your problem. True. But all of our collective voices might be part of the solution.
Related Thought
Has To Be Seen To Be Believed: Ukrainian Government Snipers Fire On Protesters Hours After Truce
Ukraine's truce lasted only a few hours. At this point, several dozen on both sides have been reported killed with well over 300 injured. Fear of civil war among European leaders is on the rise.

If our shows of support as Europeans and Americans are weaker than Russia’s desire for control, the political ramifications of that will be felt. This simple, but powerful message has not gone viral the way videos of cats and laughing babies do — and it probably won’t



Does this look a bit too well made? Seems like there are a lot of "Truths" over Ukraine right now.

Music industry comfortably numb to Roger Waters’ bigotry

As a life-long fan of music, especially rock, it pains me that I’ve stopped listening to Pink Floyd. But the misguided geopolitical musings of Roger Waters on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and his stubborn insistence that all artists join him in a cultural boycott of Israel, don’t leave me much choice.

I’ve always vehemently disagreed with Waters’ boycott approach and his views on Israel, but didn’t feel that should stop me from enjoying the works of a band that’s meant so much to rock history.

But he’s taken it to new extremes. His recent interview with Frank Barat of Counterpunch makes it clear that Roger Waters isn’t just wrong on Israeli-Palestinian issues, he’s trading in classic anti-Semitic stereotypes.



There's a National Clown Shortage (No congress content)

EXCLUSIVE: National clown shortage may be approaching, trade organizations fear
As the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus returns to Brooklyn Thursday, membership at the country's largest clown organizations has plunged over the past decade amid declining interest, old age and higher standards for the jokesters.
By Natalie Musumeci / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS


142 cities in Brazil rationing water in drought

More than 100 cities in Brazil are rationing water amid the worst drought to hit the country in decades.

The Folha de S Paulo newspaper reports water is being rationed for close to six million people living in 142 cities in 11 states.

The newspaper quoted water supply companies saying reservoirs, rivers and streams are the driest they’ve been in 20 years.

Some districts in the city of Itu in Sao Paulo state only receive water for 13 hours, once every three days.

Water consumption normally grows by up to 20% during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. But this year, consumption has risen to 30% due to a prolonged heat wave affecting several states.

http://www.breakingnews.ie/world/gbcwcwqlgbmh/ (Funny but the first page of google contains no US sources)

Spain officials: Man went into coma after pot cake

MADRID (AP) — A university student in Spain's capital went into a comatose state early Sunday after he ate a birthday cake baked with marijuana, while nine others were also hospitalized, officials said.

The comatose man wasn't responding to stimulus when admitted to a Madrid hospital, but he later recovered, city emergency services spokesman Javier Chivite said. The man is still hospitalized.

It wasn't immediately clear if the pot cake directly led to the man's comatose state, or if he had ingested other substances or had underlying medical problems.

An official at Puerta de Hierro de Majadahonda hospital confirmed the man went into a comatose state, but declined to reveal further details, citing privacy issues. The hospital official spoke on condition of anonymity because she wasn't authorized to be identified by name.


not sure what to think about this myself. Seems like an overdose and had they been able to buy something instead o making it themselves, this probably would not have happened. Amateurs should never make ganja foods.
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