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Response to GOP family members who are unconsolable....

I have family members who are die-hard conservative, GOP/Tea Party members. I am truly shocked that they are shocked by the election results. I love them dearly, but they were unconsolable...., certain that America, as they know it, is gone. I have a counseling background, I have extensive experience of helping people deal with death and dying. I still cannot fathom why GOPers and t-baggers are so depressed?

The following is my response to four e-mails decrying the end of America (sorry for some of the awkward sentence structure and run on sentences, I was writing fast lest I forgot what I wanted to say):

Hey, guys:

Sorry, I am technically challenged. I composed on my tablet a response to the few e-mails you guys shared from last night and this morning. However, I am unsure as to whether it was sent. I cannot find anywhere on my tablet or computer a confirmation that the e-mail response was sent or is just floating out somewhere in the ether. So, this maybe repetitive and if it is I apologize.

At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, but seriously, how has the result of the election been such a surprise to you? Put aside the "low information" voters, the permanent dependent class, and the various others who voted because they were bribed - is it a surprise to you that many competent, professional, highly educated people, ordinary blue color workers, people who proudly profess a love for America with the same fealty and passion as you possess; voted differently than you? Really?

IMHO - 51% of the American voting public rejected the GOP and it's waffling candidate's vision for the future (at least the next 4 years). And as a result, you are prepared to write the Country's obituary? Please understand, the GOP blew what was essentially a six inch putt. The POTUS was vulnerable (if not outright incompetent); the economy was in a tailspin, unemployment was until recently - stuck at more than 8%.... With everything going the GOP's direction, the GOP failed. In the vernacular of the free market, you are shocked that GOP "product" was decided by a majority of the market's consumers as inferior? The GOP was selling crap. Isn't the GOP the ones cussing about the Chevy Volt? An inferior, useless product? Why is the judgment of the market place such a surprise to you? All kidding aside, the Country needs a vital, passionate, thriving GOP. Just as the Country needs a vital, passionate, thriving Democratic Party. That together, is what makes this grand experiment work. Jeezus, take some time away from Fox News and "talk radio" and read a history book. Integration of the military was supposed to be the end of the American-way of life. School integration; lack of prayer in the classroom; civil-rights of 1964 and 1965; and many more harbingers of doom signaling the end of the "American Way" and liberty....wtf?! Your panic and disappointment comes dangerously close to a lack of appreciation for American history and sinfully shallow understanding (or appreciation) for your fellow countrymen/women. Quit your bitching... the Country needs you now and especially in two years. Start with some self reflection and figure out why fellow countrymen and patriots decided to not accept your invitation into the "big tent." And yes, they actually care very deeply about their country, so much so, that they stood in line to vote - in Florida - for over 9 hours; or stood in the cold in Cleveland for six hours! And you would impugn their motives and devalue their fealty to the same flag that you salute? I did not realize only GOP members truly know what Judeo/Christian values are and its importance to the American culture....pulleeeeze. As you begin to ponder the utter failure of the GOP, you might want to begin by looking up the word, "hubris." I love you guys, but for the sake of Christ, be a force in the GOP and help to get it's shit together. The Country needs you.

I do love you all,

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