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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 07:24 PM
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What is the actual issue in reversing Roe v Wade? Is it murder? Help me out here.

In trying to do some research, the key phrase I come up with in articles about is "According to the opinion, abortion is ďfundamentally differentĒ because it destroys fetal life."
So, do they mean it's murder? Manslaughter? What would the actual crime be called?
The reason I ask is that there appears to be no statute of limitations on murder, and varying amounts of years for manslaughter, so can they go after women years after the "crime"? If they can, it's gonna be chaos, especially as people hopefully turn in all the fundamentalist females who had abortions. (I'm not saying that vindictively, I'm saying fair is fair.)
I really don't know any of the answers here, I've lived the last 50 years of my life not even ever having to wonder about it.
My heart goes out to all who will be affected by this.

Sorry if this is a repost. Seriously WTF? We have replaced actual bare knuckles politics with snarky

tweets and can't figure out why things are slipping into darkness?!!?!?
Bring back the likes of Tip O'Neill or for cripes sake LBJ and let's get things DONE.
My governor Gavin Newsom just weighed in with pretty much the same thoughts.
Personally, I feel that EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF OUR LEGISLATIVE ENERGY has to go to voting rights, voting rights and voting rights.
THEN and only then can we begin to work on other things, but when everyone can vote, sooooooooo many things are going to begin getting fixed just by that alone.

Anyone familiar with "WION" and "Gravitas plus"?

I pretty much only watch YouTube anymore on TV.
Mainly because Iím way more interested in scale model building, painting miniatures, creating dioramas,etc, than I am in any scripted programs. I like to make things in my spare time.
So, YouTube constantly also sends all kinds of various other shows on my Home Screen or whatever their term is, and lately Iíve been watching something new called WION (not sure what that stands for) and something that seems to be related called Gravitas or Gravitas plus. They seem to be sort of like CNN, but I think based in India.
Iím wondering if they are known for any disinformation or slanted stories. Iím a fairly well read and educated individual, traveled the world and generally can sniff out BS, but curious about them. They seem to be, in my so far limited viewing, pretty much no nonsense and generally not pulling any punches reporting world news. Almost like CNN on truth serum.😊
Of course I might be way off. Any knowledgeable info would be appreciated.

BAM! The rich and powerful pervs are GOING DOWN! Wait...whut?


BUT...BUT..."The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing"....


Killer relationship! So jealous.


This is what we're up against. And millions of 'Muricans will absolutely love this.


Bill Gates doing the COVID Rope-a-Dope


Got my COVID shot. Totally blind luck!

With my small business 90% shut down for a YEAR now, due to COVID, I had to find other ways to make money, one of them being a "Shipt shopper" an app like Instacart. I qualified for prescription deliveries, which is mostly what I do, way easier than buying bananas and beer and Pampers for people.
On Wednesday, I picked up at a CVS pharmacy in Arcadia, California, and on the way out I saw the manager putting together a sign, part of which I could see, that said "COVID VACCINATIONS HERE".
I asked if they were giving the shots, he said he had only found out that morning and got his parents set up at 4 in the morning. He told me to go straight home, use a computer, not a phone, because it could take hours to get through..so I stopped working went home, logged on and WAITED...for 2 hours it just kept saying i was "in the waiting room". I was gonna give up. I went and made a sandwich, got ready to go back out to work, then sat at computer to eat sandwich and VOILA!, suddenly I got through, made an appointment for yesterday at 10:30am.
Got there early and had to wait a bit, the pharmacist had come in late and needed time to extract the serum or something, no problem, I've waited a year, I can wait some more, and by 11:30 I was done and my next shot automatically scheduled for 4 weeks from now.
No side effects, I worked all day after the shot, just my arm is sore as expected. I slept better than I have in a year, at least one HUGE worry is halfway over with and will be gone entirely in a month!
I can't remember the web site but i just put "CVS covid shot" in a search engine and found the right page.

USA must invade!

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