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Member since: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 750

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How much do you reckon Trump's PAYOFF to Whitaker amount$ to?

It’s gotta be “YUGE”. Enough for the wife and kids to live in a ritzy gated community, private school and college tuitions, cars, vacations, and a comfy bank account for them while he does his inevitable prison time. Then a YUGE nest egg hidden away for him when he gets out, and there has to be a guaranteed high dollar job waiting for him too.
I don’t even know how much it would have to be for Whitaker to walk the plank...$20 million?

SERIOUS QUESTION: are the pollsters factoring in Russian election interference?

They had a superb ROOKIE SEASON in 2016, and now, totally unfettered by any efforts at stopping them by the trump administration, they have had TWO FULL YEARS to further up their game and hone their techniques.
I have absolutely NO reason to think they won't be at it again, with potentially more devastating results. And although everyone likes to portray Rethuglicans as being in panic mode right now, I'm just leery enough to think that they are actually WAY too calm right now about the upcoming results.

Do any of you think there will be "meddling" (such a cute, archaic, "white rurals" word) this time??

And if so, do you think there are any *heroes* out there in the government who have taken it upon themselves to fight back against Putin's hackers?

Keeping my fingers crossed, as well as my legs and my eyes and frequently making the sign of the cross every time I think about it!

HEY NEWT! This election is about KAVANOPE and the HEALTH CARE-AVAN!

We gotta learn to fight fire with fire with the Reich Wing, 40% of Americans just need SOMEONE to put SOMETHING into their empty heads, these are the same people who you hear shouting "DILLY DILLY" for hours on Saturday nights and for years gave us non-stop "GIT ER DUN!", we really really need to weaponize Progressive thought into catchy sound bites, it's crucial.



What if Kavanaugh ultimately has to register as a sex offender at his new address?

The Supreme Court
One First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

BREAKING: Trump orders US Air Force to drop one million

Rolls of paper towels over coastal Carolinas in incredibly brave move to negate hurricane's destruction.

Why doesn't Trump waterboard his "12 suspects"?

Or hustle them off in an unmarked jet to an undisclosed location for some "enhanced interrogation"?
Trump believes in torture, here's his chance to step up into the Dictator's Hall of Fame. Maybe some artist can do a huge oil painting, Trump and the 12, in the manner of "The Last Supper".
He can be pointing out his personal Judas.

What's all the furor over a tape with tRump using the N word?

If he DID, and there's a tape, his base will have multiple orgasms for a week.
It will only make them worship him more.

If he DID, and there's a tape, people like us will be tut-tutting and rending our garments for weeks, and absolutely nothing will change.

I will walk, with my cane, 3000 miles from California, to attend President Avenatti's inauguration!

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