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Member since: Sat Oct 6, 2018, 06:48 PM
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Got called a racist today...

Let me start with a little back ground. I always had pet peeves with people who wait for someone to pull out of a parking space to pull into that space. I feel it is rude and you are holding up the traffic behind you. Now I will admit (perhaps hypocritical) If I am going down an Aisle and someone begins to pull out I will let them go and pull in. What really pisses me off are the people that are blocking the lane waiting while people are still putting stuff into the car. about 10 years ago during the holidays a friend of mine had been shopping in a mall and was going to her car. she was followed by a car looking for a space a car come up the aisle spotted her as well. She had bags and wasn't going to rush for either car and put the bags in the trunk and ignore the beeping horn. Slid into the drivers seat and decided to take a call coming in from her cell phone. Long story short she was rammed from behind by the 2 cars that crashed into each other and into her back end sending her car forward into a park car. She became paralyze.

So Walmart or the people that own the shopping center are getting the parking lot repaved and instead of paying the crew extra to do it at night they are doing it during the day when Walmart has the most traffic. half the aisles are blocked off and everyone is trying to get the spots closet to Walmart. And before I go forward this complex has other stores than Walmart but it is the section in front of Walmart getting paved. So I am trying to turn down an aisle trying to get to a different section but this woman in a SUV is at an angle blocking the majority opening of this aisle waiting for a person to unload his bag into the car so she could get the parking space. She is blocking the aisle so badly the person trying to get up the aisle had to go around her and up the down side of the aisle to get out. I am beeping at the horn trying to get the white SUV to move not realizing what she was waiting for. I then see and pull beside her. She thinks I am beeping at the person trying to get out and she's like "I'd report him to the cops if I were you." I tell her. She is the issue. She is blocking traffic. And she is getting offended I am saying this saying "I'm not doing anything wrong. I am waiting for the parking space. I tell her that NO, it is people like her doing bullshit stuff like this that cause accidents. She starts laughing at me like I am insane and says I'm just racists against her because I want the spot.

I rolled my eyes and I continued to go down the aisle LUCKY I am able to get passed down the aisle because her SUV is parked the way it was.

BUT because she is a minority I am the racist because I am calling her out on a bullshit stunt I yell at my own white sister for doing.

Fine! Point has been made I am a racist who shouldn't be driving.

The Saudi journalist story

I have been at work today and haven't had much time to check the news but I got snippets.

Am I understanding that our intelligent community picked up on the Saudi's plans for the journalist and our government had a duty to inform him but we did not?

Honeymooners shaming

I believe in the Me Too movement. I also believe Senator Al Franken got railroaded.

Today I lost a online friendship because of the TV show the Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason's show. More importantly if Ralph was abusive to Alice.

The person's view point was Ralph was yelling "bang! zoom! to the moon!" Showed signs of abuse .

Me. Maybe it was the Italian family I grew up in you yell, swore, threaten, vented then 5minutes later your making food like nothing was wrong. So I told her I didn't see it that way. I saw it as Ralph having to admit he was wrong. If she watch the show again she'd see Alice went for to toe with Ralph in the yelling matches. That she actually was the one who "wore the pants" in the sense she basically fixed Ralph's screw up and often times the Bang! Zoom! To the moon was his hitch that Alice called him on his bullshit and she was right and he had to swallow his ego to admit it.

She blocked me as a friend after telling me I come from a family of abusers.

My question is should we be judging old TV/movies to our standard of today? Is this the new form of book banning?

Please note I am on my tablet and autocorrect is like overdrive on this thing.

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow?

Already out of the gate Matt Whitaker (spelling?) Pundint in talks with White House to take Sessions place. This guy is often on cable shows gripping about the Muel!er investigation.

Question about a cat

My friend adopted 2 cats (litter brothers) from a rescue center basically 2 years ago. The rescue center claimed they had the cats when they had been 10 weeks old. They were feral. The rescue center had them for 1 year and yet these 2 cats were afraid of human touch.

My friend has work 2 years to gain the cats' trust. The one boy is finally acting like a cat has even become a lap cat. His brother only allows My friend to pet him when she sits on the couch. He will wait for her to sit on the couch and come over to get Pet.

Now here is the question: What does it mean when the cat's tail is only raise (in the happy confident up curve.) when he comes to her and is getting pet by her. as soon as he walks away the tail lowers. What else can she do to build his confidence?

The cat is finally comfortable to be in the living room and look out the French doors but she can't pick him up they can't get them in the carrier to a vet yet (his brother has been and chipped. ) When she got him from the rescue center they had him and his brother in the carrier already.

She does want to get him to a vet check but the last time they tried her husband got scratch. (rescue center did get him fix and first set of shots.)

She is convinced those they were abused at the center. They wouldn't allow the cat anything to hide in.

Just saw clips of Trump's Rally last night;He is throwing out Dog whistles.

What really made me worry was the phrase about Democrats "They are too dangerous to rule" calling Democrats "unhinged" and calling democrats "The Dims"

I live in a "Red" area/very conservative. Those who had been rational Republicans has become quiet and I at my work place hear Trumps words being used a lot more around work and those they know are democrats they seem to feel they are "incompetent" to do the job. Thankfully Supervisors have not gotten involved but it does make me nervous.

Has anyone have been having nightmares in the last few months?

okay to show you how crazy I am -- I am having nightmares lately of the Trump and Republicans trying to call off the Mid-term elections.

The more I hear people say "New Normal" I cringe.

I'm tired of waking up and checking Trump's twitter account to make sure Trump hasn't declare Martial Law.

My husband use to laugh at me and say I am being over-dramatic when Trump first took office but now he seems to want to have extra food in the house--just in case. That is something we only did during winter months before Trump.

I don't know how much more we can descend in madness. America is basically responsible for the kidnapping of 500 to 1000 children "detained" at the border. What country can justify placing 6 year olds, 3 year olds and even 18 months babies in criminal hearing for being brought to this country.

Racism is becoming acceptable it seems or at the very least more bold.

I just needed to get this off my chest.
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