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Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,122

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

My first patient up for the morning: the schedule says 'Swallon Leg'.

I don't know what that is, but it sounds pretty serious...

Funny thing happened at work today.

A member of my staff went on maternity leave a month ago, and gave birth a week later to a beautiful baby girl.

She came in today for a visit and to introduce us to her new daughter.

I was in a room with a patient when she arrived at the clinic, so I didn't know she was here. I finished with the patient and went to the staff office. She was in there talking with my other assistant and breast-feeding her baby.

"Whoops! Sorry!" I said, turning away.

She laughed and said it was okay.

Without thinking, I said: "When you're done, I'd like to take a look..."

I thought frantically for a second, then added:

"...at the BABY!"

Everyone busted out laughing. I thought my scheduler was going to burst at the seams...

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Man, the day I have had!

Never a dull moment in community health care...

The police just broke up a knife fight in our parking lot.

One of the combatants had warrants out for his arrest.

And his "girlfriend" is a registered missing person.

The other combatant found out he was going to the pokey again, and got a nasty case of incarceritis; a pseudo-seizure that would have won an Oscar if it had been in the movies.

Comng up on the weekend...

Update on my overly-friendly, handsy pharmaceutical rep.

She's moving to California to be with her family.

I will no longer have to duck and cover when she shows up to the clinic.

She did some good things in her time. She got our clinical Hepatitis C program up and running. She gave us all the info we need to make sure our Hep C patients have the treatment they need.

But her undivided attention was always a little unnerving...

She touched my arm a couple of times during our final visit an hour ago. Then she jumped up, and said "Give me a hug!"

I did. I managed to keep it to 'one-Mississippi'. Then she made her goodbyes.

She was nice. But I wish her well...

It seems like all talk of a projected HBO mini-series about the Eighth Air Force in WWII has ceased.

For a while, I could see articles about "The Mighty Eighth", a projected HBO mini-series like "Band Of Brothers" and "The Pacific", everywhere.

It was scheduled to air sometime in 2019. It was mentioned on the wikipedia pages for both Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the executive producers of both prior series.

Now I don't see notifications anywhere. They disappeared from the aforementioned wikipedia pages. It is as if, like a bomber mission itself, the series has been scrubbed.

Anyone know anything about it?

Now I've seen everything! A patient stuck rolled-up newspaper in his ear and set it on fire.

A patient came in complaining of ear pain. I asked the usual questions. Any discharge from your ear? Any prolonged exposure to loud noises? Did you stick anything in there?

"Yes. My ear was really itchy, so I tried a home remedy that's supposed to ease the itching. I stuck a piece of rolled-up newspaper in my ear and set it on fire. The pain got worse after that."

I took a look in his ear. No effusion, discharge, or other sign of infection. The ear canal was red and irritated-looking, but otherwise fine.

I gave him some information which could prevent such an occurrence in the future; namely: don't stick something in your ear and light it on fire!

Rx for ibuprofen for the pain.

Have a nice day...

I want to live on a smarter planet...

I'll take my small victories anywhere I can get them. I rescued an anti-vaxxer yesterday.

Had a new patient come in for a visit yesterday. Had a very pleasant encounter with him as I got his past medical history and his list of chronic conditions. We made plans to manage them with lab tests and medication refills. While he was in the lab, I started writing up the chart note. My MA put at the bottom of his chart that he had refused her offer of a flu shot. She is required to put that in the chart.

I went to the lab and had a talk with him, encouraging him to get his flu shot. He said: "That's just not something I'm in to. I don't want to do it right now."

I asked what his objections were to immunization, and he was a little vague, not stating any of the usual anti-vaxxer talking points. I guessed he just was confused by all of the misinformation out there. He said: "Isn't there still some debate as to the effectiveness of the flu shot?"

I replied: "In the media, which thrives on controversy, yes. In the scientific community, no. 100 years ago, anywhere from 50-100 million people died from the Spanish Flu. That doesn't happen anymore because of the vaccine."

He has a brand-new baby daughter. I admit to shamelessly invoking her in my argument. "By getting your flu shot, not only are you protecting yourself, you are protecting your daughter, and anyone else who, for whatever reason, is unable to get the vaccine."

"Okay. Thank you. I'll get my flu shot, then."

I went up to the MA's desk and muttered: "Quick; give him his flu shot before he changes his mind."

Science wins again!

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

And the last of the vodka...

I love you all...

Any chance Kavanaugh could get charged with perjury?

I'd like to see his entire tenure on the bench taken up with investigations, depositions, a trial, and, ideally, conviction and imprisonment.

So we can't impeach the bastard. Let's charge him in criminal court instead, and grind him down...
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