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Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2008, 08:49 PM
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Trump's team announced yesterday a witness in impeachment proceedings

Alan Dershowitz went on TV and said his role is very limited, he has no control over strategy or tactics. All he will do is argue constitutional matters.

He described the role of an expert witness.

This could be used by House Managers to open the flood gates.

A second track to conviction in the Senate

Maybe there are a few Republicans that would vote for removal. Maybe.

Perhaps some could be convinced to come down with the flu on voting day.

The constitution says removal requires 2/3 of those Senators present.

Combining the two approaches could make conviction possible where one or theother would not.

Graham introduces resolution condemning House impeachment process

Source: CNN

The resolution, co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calls on the House to hold a vote to initiate the inquiry, so House Republicans can participate in proceedings and President Trump can call witnesses, Graham tweeted.

“I have introduced a resolution today with Senator McConnell and the purpose of the resolution is to let the House know that the process you’re engaging in regarding the attempted impeachment of President Trump is out of bounds, is inconsistent with due process as we know it …. and is a substantial deviation from what the House has done in the past regarding impeachment of other presidents.” Graham said at a press conference today on Capitol Hill. 

CNN’s Lauren Fox pressed Graham on whether he is confident that the Hill and the White House are on the same page when it comes to impeachment messaging and whether the Hill is leading the messaging strategy.

Graham responded, “I talked to chief of staff Mulvaney, I think they’re working on getting a messaging team together.”

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/impeachment-inquiry-10-24-2019/index.html

Love seeing Republicans resorting to ineffectual Senate resolutions. This after yesterday's tantrum in the House. They are looking defeated.

Is there any left on NPR's "Left, Right and Center?"

Today's program included ten minutes on whether Elizabeth Warren is a liar because she hadn't previously been heard fully explaining her feelings of losing a job as a result of being pregnant.

No discussion about her policies, only "Bernie's heart attack will help her" horse race bs.

Now they're discussing "negotiating" with China to stop it from forcing our companies to just shut their damn pie holes.

My opinion?

Nobody asked the "right" guy whether it bothers him that Trump outright lies about much more leadership-relevant matters probably several times a day. And if China is going to keep up with the concentration camps, face recognition and other Black Mirror shit, maybe we should just get out. Over time, get out.

Trump needs to be impeached ASAP

There is already enough there to know he is a clear and immediate danger to the United States of America.

I suspect the only thing holding this back is there isn't enough there (yet) to get Pence too. And we need him outta there so Trump won't be pardoned.

Uh oh, just saw on Fox News

The whistleblower account is unraveling as we speak.

Might as well forget about the whole thing.

California can win the war Trump just started

Heard EPA head Scott Pruitt on NPR last night saying California never had good cause to impose higher mileage standards or regulate CO2.

He also conceded California can regulate pollution, just not COO.

So here's my idea - listen up Senators and Assembly Members and Governor Newsome - ban the internal combustion engine in California. Install charging stations everywhere and let all new cars be electric, or hydrogen powered.

Fossil fuel pushers are always crying that people love their I.C.E. cars. I, for one, don't. Electric cars are faster, cleaner, and simpler to maintain. I'd love one if only I had a place to charge it.

And those Toyota Murai hydrogen fuel cell (i.e., electric) cars are fast, too. And fillable at a station - very little wait.

These things are already here. All we need is a little infrastructure investment.

Pompeo just indicted the U.S. in the ongoing slaughter in Yemen

"In his own comments to the press before landing in Jeddah, Pompeo claimed there was solid proof that Iran had carried out the attack.

'This was an Iranian attack. It’s not the case that you can subcontract out the devastation of 5% of the world’s global energy supply and think that you can absolve yourself of responsibilities,' he said."

(Reported in the Guardian)

Context: The United States has been supplying munitions that Saudi Arabia had been using against civilians and civilian targets to create a years-long humanitarian crisis in Yemen, using American-supplied jets being refueled in midair by USAF tankers.

The Pompeo statement also contradicts the story the drones lifted off from Iran: if they were "subcontracted out," it sure sounds like they came from somewhere else.

Can democrats in red districts lessen red state power by declining to respond to the Census?

With Gerrymandering now constitutionally approved to lock in whoever's in power in state and national government, what if we could reduce the political power of red districts locally and/or nationally. With political power determined in part by Census counts, what if democrats in red districts simply refused to respond to the Census? If enough did refuse, would those districts lose political power in relation to districts where a greater proportion of people responded?

The punishment for failing to respond to the Census is $100 ($500 for providing false information). Personally I'd have no problem facing such a potential fine if it could make a difference in turning my red state blue.

This could also be a counter-attack against the inclusion of the citizenship question.

Yes, it would possibly lead to short-term consequences, but could provide long-term benefits to everyone.
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