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Member since: Sun Oct 30, 2016, 12:40 PM
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Two paths the DNC can go forward to defeat Trump.

1) Double down on Clinton's neo-liberalism/corporatist establishment Democrats and develop a 50-State plan with a full time DNC chair and use more donors money to help fund the party. And use the money to help fund more state races. And just pray the corporate Democrat has less political baggage and can handle the RNC/Trump hate. And hope people will turn out for Democrats even though the numbers have been on a steady decline since Obama 2008.


2) Become a real Democrat Party fighting AGAINST the rich and wealthy and fighting FOR the common people. Become more activist and grassroots focused. Team up with more local and relevant progressive organizations, labor unions and unite them all under the Democrat Party.

And back an individual with a populist message who's savvy on social media to the point that they can out troll Donald Trump. And have the ability to connect to the people with real relevant issues like: creating more jobs, social justice reform, free public college, national health care, less taxes for middle-class and working-class Americans (like Bernie Sanders for an example). It doesn't matter if those issues sound unrealistic. The only thing that matter is if you can actually motivate people to the polls for your issues. And not sound like an average politician reading from the teleprompter reading boring establishment approved talking points that motivates only the donors to give you more money.

If the Democrats don't do either of the two and stick to the current path. They will lose even more seats as Democrats don't show up for midterm elections. And another real issue Democrats seem to ignore is how unpopular the current Democratic party is. Hillary Clinton popular votes were #NeverTrump votes.

If Hillary didn't have to face one of the most unpopular Presidential candidates of all time. She would've got embarrassed by young Marco Rubio and the rejuvenated fully-funded Republican party as turnouts for the Dems would've been at an all-time low. (Although losing to Trump is pretty embarrassing considering she had hundreds of millions of dollars and big data meanwhile he relied strictly on social media and rural grassroots campaigns and was smart enough to manipulate the dumb dying main stream media by forcing them to cover his campaign for free.)

Looks like my original theory on James Comey is true.

James Comey was simply trying to cover his behind. He had to go public because it looks like the original GOP plan was for rogue FBI NY agents to leak this information to the public and say this is proof that Comey was hiding information for Hillary.

Some good positives about this is Hillary and Obama didn't take the bait. Had either of them reacted it would've made everything worst. I'm glad all of this is over now. But the damage is already done.
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