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Will the possibility of War with Iran rear it's ugly head once again?


Add together Prince’s secret mission, these appointments and the recent intervention in Yemen, and you have the possibility that Trump may be embarked – whether consistently or wittingly – on a serious conflict, perhaps even a war, with Iran that will embroil the United States even more deeply in the Middle East. It’s not a happy prospect.

One concept that sticks...

originally developed by Strauss at the University of Chicago, is the concept of the power of the Great Deception. This concept operates at all levels of humanity and the result, at the low end, is survival of the fittest. At the high end of society, the result is maintenance of the status quo. In a world competing for resources, this philosophy helps to ensure that those at the top remain at the top, and only those at the bottom most suitable for aiding those at the top are allowed to climb the ladder, but usually only up to a point.

The end result is social stratification and this actually runs counter to the goals of a truly free market, which should be much more dynamic, tumultuous, and dare I say revolutionary.

A Plea to Singularities and the 1% of the Universe

Oh great singularities, are you the true demigods of the universe? Transcending time and space, your birth is announced through a gamma blast of shock and awe, but your machinations are anti-light and mysterious. 99% (rhetorically) of the lit galactic population will orbit around you, shepherded by your great forces and turbulence, forming a productive community that grows complex, yet dependent upon your ever-present gravitas. If I dare to approach you, I am stretched thin and pulled into my own component parts. The closer I get, all I see is blackness, but my own complexity is exposed for all to see, frozen forever in time.

What is time? What is space? These are but playthings to you, where the laws by which the rest of us must live no longer apply, for you are all-powerful and abide by your own rules and regulations.

You are contained, but ultimately most will be sucked in by your ever growing, greedy appetite. What happens next, when all universal light flickers out and all is dark ... when you have consumed all that is left of your galactic shell? You will ultimately die, and be spread thin, yourself, in the darkness you so love. The greater, universal law determines your destiny.

May those of us on the fringe survive.

(It's a good thing this post is only about astronomy.)
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