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Question submitted by Alameda

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U.S. troops are on the ground in Yemen for offensive against al-Qaeda militants

Source: Wasington Post

Famine...cholera...and now this....so much for Arabia Felix


Edited per LBN Host request

Read more: Link to source

Bank of America Unemployment debit card?

I was laid off in June, and am eligible for Unemployment Insurance. The last time I got UI was in 2009 when my company went under due to "the crisis". At the end of my term of eligibility, the last month EDD switched to Bank of America debit card. I only had a couple of weeks of that. There was some money left in the account that I never took out. Not a lot, something like $8.
Now, being again eligible for UI, I applied and this time encountered different and amazingly Byzantine process.
After hours of filling out online forms, being kicked off the site for who knows what, I finally sent it off. Had to wait 5 business days for my confirmation number code that I could then put in...more Byzantine process. Got an email saying I had been paid....what...I didn't see it? went online to go through a maze of processes and links...Found the money was deposited in a Bank of America Visa Debit card....but I don't have it.
Got an email from BOA saying click here to get to my card....clicked and went to a place that asked me for my card #....I don't have the $#%@^ card....!!!
Called UI and got a robot...after jumping through the press here's I finally got a human...(maybe not) He said I was rude because I asked a question....??? and he refused to talk with me. I got hold of someone else, to be told to call BOA. Called BOA...more robots, finally got a human who said they would issue a new card and put the funds on it, but I have to wait until 8/1/17.
I know about "bank float"...what is going on? I now have to borrow money to cover my expenses..grrrrr
Just venting...

Facebook down for many

for a few days Facebook has been unreliable. Last night I couldn't read my news feed or get to my profile.
It gotten worse...seems there is a problem.
Facebook outage map:

trying to help/deal with, my almost 99 YO father...

I am frustrated and angry. He is in pretty good health, but he is taking care of his Parkinson's and demented wife and it's wearing him out. He's hurt his back lifting her.
I have researched resources, like getting respite care and he gets annoyed and refuses. He'd like me to help, but she is much too large for me to even attempt to lend an arm. I did once and she just about pulled me over. Not to mention, I am not qualified for such a task.
The exhaustion is wearing him out. He fell himself the other day. He fell on his face and needed stitches on his nose and forehead. He drove himself to the hospital, which I don't think was a wise choice to do. He was bleeding and he could have had an accident, fortunately, he didn't.
The other day he asked me to sit with his wife while he shopped for groceries. I drove up to his place, not a long drive, but an 18 mile round trip in hills and winding roads. After waiting around I asked him when he was going shopping, when he then decided he wanted to take his wife, which means getting a woman who can't walk, down a flight of stairs and into a car. I refused to go with him on that trip, which would have been a 3 hour ordeal in addition to my then added trip to my home.
He complained about how tired he is and I told him (again)he didn't have to do it he could get respite care. He then threw some things across the room and told me to get out.....I did. Actually, I was afraid of him because he was very abusive me as a child and he used to beat and he had "that look" in his eyes. He still is abusive verbally and emotionally. He tells the neighbors how proud he is of me and how much he loves me. To me it seems quite different.

I am looking for options, considering Adult Protective Services, which was advised to me by a senior facility.

His wife has children, but only one female, who is sick herself and not able to be a lot of help. The males are not much help at all.
I think he is also in some stage of dementia, and since his fall, it's accelerated. Neighbors think he's a great guy, but, of course, they don't see the side I see. He prides himself for being a "Superman". Advice is welcome.

I am a petite 74 year old female in pretty good health, but in no way capable of dealing with their physical needs.

can one patent of copyright their DNA?

Reading about the greed and exploitation of Big Box ventures, and knowing how parts of humans have been kept alive and experimented on for generations, I'm curious, can one patent or copyright their own DNA?

I'm not sure how many know or realize how valuable our bodies are to Tissue Banks.....


Where is the best place to stream the debate tomorrow?

I got rid of my TV...but would like to see the debate in real time.


OIC condemns Israeli desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Source: Arab News

JEDDAH: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Sunday urged the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, to take action against “repeated and dangerous Israeli violations of holy sites.”
In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the 56-nation group made the call after violence erupted on Sunday as Israeli security forces attacked Palestinians protesting access by Jews into the compound on an annual day of Jewish mourning.
OIC Secretary-General Iyad bin Ameen Madani denounced the “incursion into and desecration of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque by groups of extremist settlers under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces” as “an act of provocation and blatant violation of relevant international resolutions and instruments.”
He said the settlers blocked access to the mosque and “savagely attacked” the worshippers in the mosque's compound.


wrong link, corrected
also on http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33667453

Read more: Link to source

Like in all religions

At it's most basic, anyone who to witnesses or "to testifies to the belief in the oneness of God and acceptance of Muhammad as God's prophet. is a Muslim.

As in all religions, there are many different interpretations. It would take a very long time to explain all of them. To simplify, think of the vast disparity in Christianity, such as: snake charmers, Christian Zionists, Unitarians, Trinitarians and all the various versions therein. Look at the Roman Catholic church and all the orders therein.

As I see it the main division in Christianity are between Protestant and Catholic, but it's more than that. It gets to the concept of the Trinity or Unity.

In Islam you have Sunni and Shi'a....which really only has become an issue recently. I know many Muslims who are both, and we didn't care or even question it, until the Iraq war started.

As for the idea that Sufism is a separate order or branch, I would not agree with that, it is an integral part of Islam. Rather that idea is an Orientalist concept that indicates that Islam does not have inner dimensions in itself. Even at that, people think of the Mevlevis as the Sufis, but there there are many different interpretations as well. At it's most basic, the word Sufi comes from the word Tasawwuf, which comes from the word purity. Thus those who seek purity are followers of tasawwuf....which became Sufi in the west.

We have seen the spread of the Salafist doctrines from Saudi Arabia growing and spreading in the last 40 years, primarily due to their oil wealth. The Salafis are like Christian "Fundamentalists".

You have Sunni & Shia, in that you have in the Sunni the Hanafis, Malekis, Shayfis, Hanbalis, and in each of these are different schools of jurisprudence, and in them things drill down even more.

In Shia leadership goes through hereditary lineage. It gets complicated....and I don't feel qualified to write a lot about it, but I hope this helps somewhat.

any advice regarding the best birth control methods?

Maybe this has been already discussed over and over, but a search didn't bring anything up.

I don't have to worry about this now, boy am I glad for that. I have a young friend who asked me for advice on birth control methods. I really should know the latest and best methods so I can offer information and advice to my younger friends.

In my time, I've gone through pills, IUD, diaphragm....all had problems and issues. The diaphragm didn't work. the IUD caused horrible problems, and the birth control pills had their own problems.

What do ladies do now? Are there any new wonderful methods?
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