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I've been helping deliver supplies to one of the evacuation centers in Napa.

I stopped this morning on the way in and took a few shots from a hill south of the city. For those of you who know the area, it was the hill with the Grape Crusher statue down by the Southern Crossing.

Nothing dramatic or particularly good, but I wanted to give some idea about the smoke we're dealing with:

Woke up the other morning to this (not something you want to start your day with). This is looking from Cordelia toward the Atlas Fire complex. There are several more fires like this burning in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake counties. This, and the Tubbs Fire complex are two of the largest:

This was coming into Napa from the south this morning:

There are mountains about 1/2 mile in front of me but you would never know it:

The ridge behind Artesa winery. I included this because I have some really nice before photos of this area. When they open the road to the winery again, I'll go up and post some before and after images:

Yesterday was pretty clear in Napa, with winds driving the smoke out into the Central Valley and the Bay Area. This is looking from a frontage road on I-80 out toward the Suisun Marsh, which is about 14 miles from Napa:

As I said, nothing dramatic. I didn't try to get close to any of the active fire areas because I didn't want to get in the way; just wanted to share some of what we're going through with you all.

One of our friends lost everything last night in the Atlas fire by Napa.

Lots of fires burning in Napa, Lake, and Sonoma counties. High winds last night gusted to 60+mph. At least some of the fires started by blown down power lines.

Thoughts and prayers as always, but now off to use my truck to assist in some of the evacuations.

Stay safe out there.

This fits in the Non-fiction group, but I wanted to give it exposure here.

White Rage: The extreme right and American politics. by Martin Durham (2013)

I just finished this today, and I recommend it highly to anyone interested in this topic. At 180 pages it isn't long, but it is very well structured, and tightly argued.

The primary focus of the work is "the development of the American extreme right in the aftermath of Brown (vs. Board of Education)."

Durham spends one chapter on the pre-Brown history of the Klan, etc., which gives a good overview of the major players, and their origins.

The following chapters focus on post-Brown developments.

Topics covered:

1. Before Brown

2. American Reich

3 Out of the Southland

4. Not all Patriots

5. Race and Religion

6. Fighting for Women

7. A call to Arms

8. Race and the Right

9. Out of the 1950's

This work makes a good adjunct to Blood in the Face by James Ridgeway. Another very good treatment, though much longer and more detailed, is Zeskind's Blood and Politics.
Rage is also more current (2013) than the others.

What we are witnessing in our current politics jumps straight out of the pages of this book. The final three chapters alone are worth your time.

Mojave evening

Outside of Borrego Springs

Got my eye on you...

...both eyes.

Disney World
Posted by Adsos Letter | Sun Sep 3, 2017, 02:16 AM (0 replies)

KGO am just reported that it is 91* in San Francisco...

91* in San Francisco at 10:45 am. And supposed to hit 96* this afternoon.

San Francisco...91* before noon...

Any DUer's feeling the heat in The City today?

I'm in Fairfield; it is currently 93*, and projected to hit 112* by late afternoon.


We drove up to my in-laws in Sheridan, Oregon (10 hours up I-5) for the eclipse. We had totality for a little over a minute. Being the well prepared guy that I am I neglected to bring a filter for my camera, and I missed shots as the moon moved across the sun. My longest lens was a 50-100mm Sigma, so I had to rely on cropping to get the larger images.


A quick shot as the eclipse approached totality (not that you could tell without a filter) and the sky began to darken:

My in-laws have yellowjackets (lots of fruit trees) and as the sky began to darken these guys began to set down:

Got a couple of shots at totality:

Also got a shot of the Diamond Effect as the period of totality began to pass:

I took the tripod, but didn't use it; it was a balance between trying to get some images, while also enjoying the overall experience. We could see some of the brighter stars, and the temperature dropped several degrees during totality. All in all, a very cool experience.

Has Trump actually signed the Russia sanctions bill?

All this smoke from Putin about Russian retaliation, but has Trump actually signed the legislation?

My understanding is that Trump has 10 days (excluding Sundays) to return either a signed bill or a veto; if he takes no action, the legislation becomes law automatically.
This seems to be the way it works if Congress is in session; however, while the Senate is still in session, the House is out for summer break.

What happens in this situation?

Pardon my lack of understanding of how this all works. I did look at Wikipedia for info on the process, but didn't see this particular scenario addressed (I admit I only skimmed the article). Does the Senate call the House back into session if a vote is required to override a possible veto?

So much confusion on my part on what is probably a pretty straightforward process...

A few images from Battery Chamberlin

A few images from Battery Chamberlin

One color, one B&W.


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