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Bill Maher 11/2 - We haven't been here before

Mike Pence appeared with a fake "Christian rabbi" the day after the Pittsburgh massacre

I just saw this story, maybe many are already aware of it, but the blatant fraudulence of EVERYTHING these people touch is incredible. At least they're consistent.

On Sunday, the day after the Pittsburgh shootings, Pence appeared at a Michigan campaign stop with a fake "Christian rabbi" who gave opening prayers that referenced "Jesus the Messiah" and petitioned God to grant Republican victories in the midterms.


If Kkkavanaugh is withdrawn/denied confirmation how long until the next appointee?

This falls under counting chickens before they're hatched, but if Ford's testimony damages Kavanaugh enough that he loses Collins/Murkowski/Flake support and he is not confirmed, it would probably be until after the midterms until a replacement appointee could come to the floor for a vote, right?

What would be great about that is that the red state Senators facing re-election would no longer have any pressure to confirm because they'd either be lame ducks or re-elected to new 6 year terms. And, if Mueller is holding his haymakers until after the mid-terms so that he isn't accused of trying to influence the election, Trump could be in a weakened state with his new appointment.

Then, it's not far from Christmas break and if it could somehow remain unfilled until January, if there is a Democratic Senate, it could be Merrick Garland payback time.

Am I being way too optimistic to even think this?

When will the Arizona U.S. Senate special election happen?

I mean no disrespect to John McCain by mentioning this so soon. I always did respect him (except when he selected Sarah Palin) and crossed over to vote for him in the 2000 Presidential primary.

But, given the situation with the current President and that Arizona is rapidly trending more blue, this will be a pretty huge special election. How does this work in Arizona - is it a special election vote or a governor's appointment for the remainder of the term?

Ted Kennedy also died on August 25th and if I remember correctly, Deval Patrick made an interim appointment who was a friend of the Kennedy family and then Scott Brown got elected in early January. Is that a likely time frame for the special election for McCain's seat?

R.I.P. and truly best regards for McCain, who was an honorable man, but this could be what the Senate majority rests on.

Fahrenheit 11/9 Trailer

Sacha Baron Cohen destroys gun rights activists

This is jedi level comic genius. The only bad thing is that by airing these episodes, many high level gullible assholes might get their guard up for more of this.

Trump supporters explain Space Force...

Evil is the absence of empathy

In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trails 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. Its the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy.

Quotation: Captain G. M. Gilbert, the Army psychologist assigned to watching the defendants at the Nuremberg trials


Democratic Senate Majority Could Finish Trump

It seems pretty unlikely that the Democrats can get to 51 Senate votes, with all the red state seats they're defending this year and limited potential pickups (NV, AZ), but I think that taking the Senate majority could be what's necessary to finish Trump.

People always comment that impeachment isn't relevant because there would never be enough Republicans to get to the 67 votes needed to convict. But, I think it's actually 51 votes that matters, not 67.

If the Democrats can take control of the House, the House could vote to impeach. But, that doesn't really matter unless there are 51 Senators who then vote to hold an impeachment trial, that would be presided over by John Roberts. Both Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson had the House vote to impeach them, but both times the majority of the Senate voted NOT to hold a trial and it ended there.

If the Democrats had 51 votes in the Senate, Trump and the Republicans couldn't stop the trial from proceeding. They wouldn't be able to suppress evidence. The Democratic majority on the committees could bring everything forward in public hearings, unless the presiding judge (Roberts) ruled for some reason that lines of inquiry were inappropriate. The Republicans would be powerless to stop it. Trump would surely be called to testify.

After proceedings that could be wide ranging, at the Democrats' discretion, they would need to get 67 votes to remove Trump from office. But, if there were truly wide ranging public hearings, Trump could be so damaged that enough Republicans did vote to convict, or if not, their party could be shattered for the 2020 elections, for the type of wave that could really undo gerrymandering after the census.

Getting to a Senate majority in 2018 seems unlikely, but its consequences could be massive.

Fox News Trump/Korea Hypocrisy

This wouldn't be possible if their viewers had memory/cognitive functions greater than house plants

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