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Member since: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 08:31 PM
Number of posts: 60

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Does any other country have a physical wall? n/t

J6 was not ONLY about the 2020 election

It was also about establishing the mechanisms to steal ALL FUTURE elections too. Which is why so many other Rís supported it. They knew it was the only way they could win in the future.

There aught to be a law - against false caller ID

Isnít that some kind of wire fraud?

Remember when Republicans objected to being called the Stupid Party?

Then came the election. They can never object again. Never ever.

Voting without a mask?

Can/should people be allowed to vote without a mask?
Asking for a friend in PA

PA adds gun shops to list of life sustaining business

Source: Lancaster Online

Second Amendment now more sacred than public health.

Read more: https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/local-gun-stores-plan-to-operate-sell-curb-side-amid/article_1f9a89a0-6e1c-11ea-a9c1-1bb25366bb8c.html

Foreign interference for Dems?

Would we get election security if a foreign power started supporting a Democratic candidate?

If Trump seriously wants his wall...

... he should be willing to reverse his tax cut to pay for it.

Letís see if heís serious.

Re: SmartNews

Reporters can report both sides but a journalist looks to see which is correct and then reports that one.

If one side says itís raining and another says itís dry, a journalist looks out the window.

Lawrence O'Donnell

Why is Lawrence working so hard to help the White House find the author of the article?
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