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Member since: Fri Sep 11, 2020, 11:02 AM
Number of posts: 555

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Some access for video for those who don't have cable

Missiles supposedly fired by Russia into Poland - unconfirmed. but scary.

Many of these sites are freely accessible. Most others require you use a VPN.

As of now MSNBC and CNN should be viewable from basic internet.



Red, Red Wave!

Why MAGAts believe trump won

Dear Pennsylvania Independent voter,

A simple, but important question for you.

Would you give up you current Doctor, PCP Provider, Heart Surgeon or Cardiologist and switch to (Dr.) Mehmet Oz now or after November 8, 2022 knowing he pushed fraudulent cures from being overweight to serious sicknesses?

Would you want any loved one being treated by him? Seriously?

Just asking whether youíre considering voting for him if you're really concerned for your health or anyone elseís he might affect just because heís a Republican.

Not sure who the collector is...

looks familiar like some new politician but can't quite id her as my sight seems a little impaired today.
But it looks as though she does work for the republicans or retalibans ( i get them mixed since they seem to espouse the same ideals)
Maybe someone has better eyes?

It's ours to lose if we don't vote!

Every little girl in America needs to ask their parents...

"Mom, Dad, Can I make my own decisions about my life when I grow up or will some man or religious group tell me what I can do or how to live?"

Snake Oil Salesman Documentary

A bit more than dated, 1966, but right up there today with a New Jersey Quack and how Retaliban marks are duped.
All we need now is a superimposed face (Oz?) of a movie snakeoil salesman standing on the back of a 1800s wagon selling his stuff.


OK Boys and Girls, Let's Get those Cards and Letters going!

You may have heard tfg is in a bit of a purple funk. Must be a bummer.

What easier, cheaper and more direct way to show our feelings to that former guy than for ALL OF US to simply send a card or letter of condolences to tfg?

Címon, Man. Even a Post Card with just a little note expressing your feelings for all heís done and is trying to do! And donít forget to remind him to thank DeJoy for helping make this possible since we are using the USPS.

Wouldnít it be really swell if he got a few million (or more?) personal notes from all of us? Imagine how that'd make him feel and even all his helpers?

Keep your condolences tidy and to the point. Donít let language deter you from expressing your written feelings. Try to use good old English or if you canít, for whatever reason, I heard he has no objections to Russian, Arabic, Korean or Chinese. And you may not even need a return address. I have it on good authority he has a number of people working for him who know exactly who we all are! But if the mood Grabs Ya, feel free to add any info you choose.

Take a couple minutes from your busy day of trying to make ends meet to let him know we're all thinking about him!

If you feel the need, Iím sure a small image could be printed on the card or included with the letter! Again, donít worry about the image you may choose to include. If you have a difficult time selecting one, just simply Grab One (or Two) in your hand. Heíll understand.

Here are the supposed address listings for Mar- a - Lago, Bedminster, the Tower in NYC, and even one in Moscow!

While some may be a bit out of date, Iím sure some great fan(s) can update them for us here on this site!

Donald Trump c/o Mar-a-Lago Club 1100 S. Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach, FL 33480.

900 Lamington Rd, Bedminster Township, NJ 07921

725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022

c/o влад, уль. Воздвиженка д.1. Москва 121019. Россия

Remember, itís a troubling time for him and a gesture to him from all of us giving back at least a little after all heís given us Iím sure would be noted!

Mine's in the mail, along with my wife's! Be nice if we could get them there by election day, just to see De Joy on his orange face!

P.S. Say Hi to Melania, too. I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing from us!

Hawley Supporters - Never to early to support Josh

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