accident/medical accident/medical
anti-choice anti-choice
anti-environment anti-environment
arrest arrest
batshit crazy batshit crazy
bear bear
boat boat
booze booze
car car
cheese cheese
chickenhawk chickenhawk
circular firing squad circular firing squad
covering your ass covering your ass
cowardice cowardice
cronyism cronyism
crook crook
crybaby crybaby
cyborg cyborg
drugs drugs
dumb dumb
election stealing election stealing
excessive spin excessive spin
extreme extreme
fat cat fat cat
F-bomb F-bomb
fearmongering fearmongering
fiscal irresponsibility fiscal irresponsibility
flip-flopping flip-flopping
golf golf
greed greed
gun nut gun nut
helping the terrorists helping the terrorists
homophobia homophobia
hypocrisy hypocrisy
indicted indicted
just plain evil just plain evil
lame lame
lazy lazy
loser loser
lying lying
massive ego massive ego
misogyny misogyny
nepotism nepotism
nuke nuke
Obama hating Obama hating
obstructionist obstructionist
oscar winner oscar winner
palm-greasing palm-greasing
pandering pandering
partisanship partisanship
photo-opping photo-opping
pig pig
plagiarism plagiarism
pretzel pretzel
prison prison/jail
quid pro quo quid pro quo
racism racism
religious nut religious nut
rug rug
screwing the poor screwing the poor
sex sex
shocked, shocked I tell ya shocked, shocked I tell ya
snooping snooping
swift boating swift boating
unconstitutional unconstitutional
warmongering warmongering

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