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Dumb Mailbag
September 21, 2001

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If you're wondering whether we've received any hate mail lately, the answer is - oh boy, have we received some hate mail lately. But we don't really feel putting it up right now, because frankly it's disgraceful. So rather than running a new edition of the Hate Mailbag, we've compiled a Dumb Mailbag, to share with you some of the more foolish offerings we've received recently. As usual, we have NOT edited these in ANY way, except to remove full names and email addresses where appropriate.

The Top Ten Must Be More Popular Than We Thought...
"michael franks" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 18:30:36 +0000
Subject: Top 10 list

I see that I am on your top 10 list as #3. First of all, lighten up a little. Second, anyone who read the comments of my testimony knew it was meant in jest to make a point. Even the Dallas Morning News article put at the end of the exact same quote "....said jokingly...".

Any normal person reading it knew that I was not advocating the literal burning of books as you make it seem, but knew I meant that the books were junk and should be reworked or not used at all. What you fail to research is that the books outside any environmental biased, do contain many factual errors, grammatical errors and many omissions regardless of any "political agenda" from either side. One book also at the end each chapter does not have a test of the chapters curriculum, but rather has a study test for the Texas based assessment test, known as the TAAS test. So the book only teaches for the test and not for the curriculum. THIS IS WHAT YOUR LIBERALS ACTUALLY COMPLAINED ABOUT BUSH FOR!!! That in Texas he only wanted kids to learn for the TAAS test. So there is much more to these books than just an "environmentalist" bent. What many were complaining about was that the books only give one point of view on several subjects which doesn't invoke critical thinking for jr. high level students.

Some of the information is not even based on scientific fact, WHICH AGAIN IS WHAT YOU LIBERALS ARE FOR....scientific proof, it just gives some of the scientist "opinions". So again, lighten up a little and take a joke as it was intended, and don't make my comments to be something they weren't, especially referring me to HITLER of all things. I am a libertarian minded republican and as you know we are the furthest thing AWAY from fascism as you can get so the reference to Hitler is actually so inverse of my own political beliefs it is almost comical in itself.

Michael Franks
State Republican Executive Committee
Senate District 18
Former Campaign Chairman Congressman Ron Paul

DU RESPONDS: Sorry Michael. It's just that this article didn't say you were joking. About burning books. Still, it must be rough to be misconstrued so horribly on the Internet. Perhaps I should get in touch with the guy that invented it and find out what he thinks?

Way To Try And Make A Point About Censorship
From: (inthemiddle)
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 07:20:48 -0500
Subject: A Question for Auntie Pinko

Please pass this on to the editors of DU & reflect on the words from your own perspective. In hours after the tradegies in NY and DC, at a time that the nation should be pulling together in spirit and prayer, many posters on DU used the event as an opportunity to spew vile words to somehow place the blame on the current administration. Views of this nature are at best "radical" and at worst "sick." No administration of any party could allow such events to happen. To believe so, and to coninue to post such thoughts, says something of the mental stability of such posters.

DU should take the responsible action on limiting such posts. I know what you must be thinking,"That would be censorship, and we at DU must allow free and open conversation of ideas among our membership. Al besides that's not the Democratic way."

All at DU know that that's baloney! I was a former member of DU who was banned not for foul language, not for being a jerk, not for posting radical ideas, but I was censored for encouraging civil exchange of differing ideas. Please feel free to check your files for my eight or ten posts and I would welcome an email explaining your position to your censorship of my posts. I will assume that the absence of any response from you is an acceptance of my view that DU censors opposing opinions. Your comments, or the absence thereof, together with copies of my original postings might be of interest to your advertisers.

I will await your reply.

Mark -----

DU RESPONDS: You know, every so often we get an email from some clever dick who really thinks he's got us pinned down. Congratulations Mark, your cunning plan almost worked, except for one, tiny flaw... IT SAYS IN BIG LETTERS RIGHT ON OUR REGISTRATION PAGE AND IN OUR RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT WE CENSOR OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS. By the way, you can contact our advertisers if you like but I don't think they'll give much of two shits what you think, to be honest. Good luck. Oh and since you challenged us to post a link, here's one of you doing a good Rush Limbaugh impression. Buh-bye.

Blah Blah Blah Censorship Blah Blah
"Jow ----" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:39:51 -0500
Subject: Cesorship...a DEMOCRATIC value.

Your hypocricy is overly obvious. You proclaim freedom of speach and anti-censorship, but in reality it only applies to you and your movement. I broke no forum rules, and have been removed. Not once, but twice. It's no surprise why this country elected the conservatives that they did. With people like you claiming to be "Democratic" you don't stand a chance. Keep up the good work. The vast majority of Americans (80% by the latest polls) would LOVE 4 more years.

-Conservative Avenger

DU RESPONDS: Sigh. I don't know where people keep getting these funny ideas that DU proclaims itself to be a bastion of free speech on the web. In case anyone hasn't noticed, this website is run privately, not by the government, so we can pretty much decide what the hell we want about who we let into our message boards. Sorry about that. If you don't like it then perhaps we should come round to your house next year, plant Democratic campaign signs all over your front lawn, and then whine about how you're taking away our freedom of speech when you pull them all out and throw them in the trash. Yes?

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To...
james ------- <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 15:13:03 -0500
Subject: you can't take it

What is wrong with your site.Ijust signed up an hour ago,and all ready i can,t sign on maybe because im replician.

DU RESPONDS: SSSSSHHHH!!!! Or you'll have Harrison Ford chasing you across a futuristic cyberpunk cityscape before you can say "Do you like our owl?"

Aww, Wait, We Didn't Mean It...
From: (jim)
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 15:56:39 -0500
Subject: your a bunch of foneys

can,t log on and my message was torn down.well i will e-mail rush and let him see how you people operate.don,t bother to e-mail me i will delite your message your people can,t handle it.

DU RESPONDS: Sorry about the Blade Runner joke. Please don't tell Rush on us. He might come round and crush us with his girth.

No Personal Attacks... Sucker!
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 22:24:45 EDT
Subject: 'Splain to me please...

From the humorously hypocritical files....I note that rule #1 in your list for participants says "Do not post personal attacks", yet on your home page is a picture of the first decent and moral occupant of the White House in 8 years with the caption "Top ten conservative idiots". Typical of a Democrat site to break it's own rules. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the Dem. party is a pitiful collection of riff-raff that's getting smaller every day. Banning conservative's?!? How cowardly! As the movie quote goes...."YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH". amongst yourselves....just don't expect anything intelligent.

Rt is Rt

DU RESPONDS: Yes, it's true, the rules on our message board say "Do not post personal attacks." Although if you take a look around, you'll notice that this isn't the message board. So bearing that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I declare you to be a first-class idiot. You're welcome!

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear
Just Did It <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 00:10:31 -0400
Subject: whatsup with my username?

Trying to login with username: Clintonsux.

Error message (Incorrect username).

What's up?

DU RESPONDS: .......... *sounds of muffled spluttering and hands slapping foreheads*

A Saga Of Utter Ineptitude

From: "mtnpilotdiver" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 19:59:25 -0000
To: <>
Subject: Logging out......

How does one log out?

DU RESPONDS: Sorry dude, there's nobody in the office to answer your question at this time of night...

From: "mtnpilotdiver" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 22:49:00 -0000
To: <>
Subject: Log on / Log off

I cannot log on.

Also, how does one log off?

Doug R

DU RESPONDS: Nope, still nobody here...

"mtnpilotdiver" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:24:14 -0000
To: <>
Subject: Re: Democratic Underground Password

I still cannot log into the web site???

Also, how would one log off??

It says, "Wrong user name."

Same situation with the original password. I somebody keeping me off that site?

DU RESPONDS: Think I'll just have a glass of milk before bed...

"mtnpilotdiver" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 01:17:03 -0000
To: <>
Subject: Your web site.....

I have been told that your web site unofficially bans anyone who "doesn't preach to the choir." I made one entry, and have been challenged to back-up what I had to say. I now cannot log-in. What is the problem?? Is that unofficial ban in progress with me? If I cannot get back to your site, I will pass on what has occurred to me to every web site or chat room I visit, regardless of political persuasion. I other words, I will make your web site look as bad as I think that it really is. Either allow me back in, or I will bad mouth the web site to the extreme.

Doug R
950 af

DU RESPONDS: ZZZzzzzzz.......

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