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The Inside Story: Laura Bush
November 21, 2001
by Our Man on the Inside (appearing courtesy of OutcastRadio)

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Immediately following First Lady Laura Bush's address to the nation on Saturday, she granted a brief interview to The Insider. The following is a transcript of that conversation with Mrs. Bush. As you will see, our First Lady has plenty to say, and she doesn't pull any punches. Be prepared to hear the real truth behind her crusade.

Our Man on the Inside - Good morning, Mrs. Bush

Laura Bush - Good Morning

OMOTI: Can you tell us a why you granted this interview with me today?

LB: All of us have an obligation to speak out. We may come from different backgrounds and faiths - but parents the world over love their children.

OMOTI: I agree. I'd like to first ask you about your husband's record as Governor of Texas.

LB: It is a matter of deliberate human cruelty, carried out by those who seek to intimidate and control.

OMOTI: We are all aware of the President's stance on the death penalty, but that's not what I was referring to. Tell us about health care in Texas as a result of all your husband's policies.

LB: One in every four children won't live past the age of five because health care is not available.

OMOTI: Wow. One in four will die before their fifth birthday? Has this been a goal of your husband for a long time?

LB: Long before the current war began….allies were making the lives of children and women miserable.

OMOTI: That much is obvious. Would you care to tell us who your allies are who are carrying out this plan

LB: Silence

OMOTI: OK, we'll move on then. Can you explain WHY these policies were enacted in Texas?

LB: The severe repression and brutality against women is a matter of legitimate religious practice.

OMOTI: Some have said that lobbyists from big drug companies have lined Mr. Bush's pockets to keep him from allowing health care to millions who need it. Many of us want to know why and would you…

LG: (interrupts) - we would like to impose on the rest of us.

OMOTI: And you obviously don't care at all what happens to those who are affected adversely by these policies.

LB: The brutal oppression of women is a central goal

OMOTI: Are you aware that revolutions have occurred as a result of policies like this? Do you have plans to prevent people from uniting against you?

LB: their mothers face beatings for laughing out loud, women are imprisoned in their homes, And they must be stopped

OMOTI: Mrs. Bush, I am truly outraged that you could take such a stance and allow this to happen.

LB: Have a wonderful holiday, and thank you for listening.