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Confederate memorials being removed at Wisconsin cemetery

(AP) The mayor in traditionally liberal Madison, Wisconsin, has ordered the removal of a cemetery's monuments to Confederate soldiers, saying the Civil War was "a defense of the deplorable practice of slavery" and "an act of insurrection and treason."

One of them, a plaque called "Confederate Rest" that lauds the Confederate soldiers buried at the Forest Hill Cemetery as "valiant," was taken down Wednesday. The other, a large stone monument that lists the names of the soldiers, will require heavy machinery to be removed, Mayor Paul Soglin told The Associated Press on Thursday.


WikiLeaks Turned Down Leaks on Russian Government During U.S. Presidential Campaign

(Foreign Policy) In the summer of 2016, as WikiLeaks was publishing documents from Democratic operatives allegedly obtained by Kremlin-directed hackers, Julian Assange turned down a large cache of documents related to the Russian government, according to chat messages and a source who provided the records.

WikiLeaks declined to publish a wide-ranging trove of documents — at least 68 gigabytes of data — that came from inside the Russian Interior Ministry, according to partial chat logs reviewed by Foreign Policy. The logs, which were provided to FP, only included WikiLeaks’s side of the conversation.


Larry Wilmore on Confederate symbols and the airbrushing of history

“Confederate statues and Confederate imagery, these are not symbols and images to remind Southern whites of their vaulted history or that type of thing. These are images to remind black people that they are n*****s. OK? That’s what it was put there for. ‘Black people, you are n*****s, and this is the symbol to remind you of that.’”

“Most of this shit started in the 1920s when the Klan was at their peak. That’s when most of these statues were put in place. And a black person living in this area knows that that’s what those symbols are there to remind them of — their place. Their place in society. ‘These symbols are to remind us that we are above you, and you are a n****r.’ That’s what those symbols are. That’s what they represent, and that’s why they need to get away.”

“Can you imagine, if you’re a Jew living in Germany, and there’s all these images of the Nazi past that you’re just supposed to accept as somebody celebrating their culture? ‘So how do I get to the store?’ ‘Just go down Goebbels Lane and it’s right by Mengele Parkway. Just go down there and it’s next to the Hitler Auditorium. You know where that is, right?’ Could you imagine having to live with that shit every day just thrown in your fucking face? That’s what Confederate symbolism is for blacks living in the South. That’s what it feels like, you have to understand that.”


Line of residents in Durham, NC attempting to turn themselves in

for 'crime' of removing Confederate Monuments


Fox News debate on Confederate monuments blows up in their faces.

Abby Huntsman (center) hosts what she intends as a balanced debate about Confederate monuments, but finds to her dismay that Wendy Osefo (left) and Gianno Caldwell (right) are on the same side and the issue on their minds is not statues.


Booker will introduce bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

(GMA) Senator Cory Booker on Wednesday said he would introduce legislation to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol building.

Booker, D-New Jersey, announced his plans on Twitter, but he did not layout a timeline for the proposal.

"I will be introducing a bill to remove Confederate statues from the US Capitol building," he tweeted. "This is just one step. We have much work to do."


Dept of Agriculture censors use of "climate change"

(Guardian) Staff at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have been told to avoid using the term climate change in their work, with the officials instructed to reference “weather extremes” instead.

A series of emails obtained by the Guardian between staff at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), a USDA unit that oversees farmers’ land conservation, show that the incoming Trump administration has had a stark impact on the language used by some federal employees around climate change.

A missive from Bianca Moebius-Clune, director of soil health, lists terms that should be avoided by staff and those that should replace them. “Climate change” is in the “avoid” category, to be replaced by “weather extremes”. Instead of “climate change adaption”, staff are asked to use “resilience to weather extremes”.


President Obama Just Got His Very Own Holiday

(Washington Journal) Trump supporters in Illinois must be either simply fuming or else be planning moves to another state as their Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner, signed a bill on Friday declaring August 4th a new state holiday, Barack Obama Day.

Senate Bill 55, designating the birthday of the former president a state holiday, was passed by both houses of the Illinois legislature without a single dissenting vote. The new holiday is “set apart to honor the 44th President of the United States of America who began his career serving the People of Illinois in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate, and dedicated his life to protecting the rights of Americans and building bridges across communities.”

The new holiday is strictly commemorative, meaning that banks will remain open, and no one will get any mandatory paid time-off from work, but instead it will be treated as a “day of acknowledgment and celebration.”

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Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Elevation of Cyber Command

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Pingree, King: States should reconsider Confederate statues in the U.S. Capitol

49 min ago - Two members of Maine’s congressional delegation said this week that southern states should consider replacing statues of Confederate figures in the U.S. Capitol following last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The weekend’s events sta ... (Bangor Daily News)

Centrist Dems push back on Warren

1 hr ago - BY AMIE PARNES - 08/18/17 06:04 AM EDT Moderate Democrats are pushing back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) view that progressives have taken control of the party. “We can't win the House back with progressives running in swing states,” sai ... (The Hill)

Gingrich: Trump presidency at risk without 'serious changes'

1 hr ago - BY ROBIN EBERHARDT - 08/18/17 11:21 AM EDT Former Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Trump needs to make “serious changes” if he wants to have a stable presidency. The Trump ally said in a Fox News interview with Bill Hemmer Friday that Trump ... (The Hill)

'Your message isn't wanted here': Boston mayor threatens white nationalists planning Saturday rally

1 hr ago - DAVID FERGUSON 18 AUG 2017 AT 09:46 ET Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh said on Thursday that right-wing free speech activists planning a rally in his city on Saturday have as much right to speak their mind as anyone else, but that the city will have a z ... (RawStory)

Spanish probe points to wider network in attacks; American among dead

1 hr ago - By James McAuley, Michael Birnbaum and William Booth August 18 at 10:47 AM BARCELONA — Spanish police expanded their hunt Friday for a man who swerved his van onto Barcelona’s Las Ramblas promenade, as evidence of a wider web of plotters took sh ... (The Washington Post)

Several People Stabbed in Finland

2 hrs ago - (CNN) — Police in Finland have shot and arrested a suspect after several people were stabbed in the city of Turku. The suspect was shot in the leg after the stabbings, said police. The public has been asked to move away from the city center, Turku ... (CNN)

Mitt Romney Calls on Trump to Apologize to Stem an 'Unraveling of our National Fabric'

2 hrs ago - by Aidan McLaughlin | 9:29 am, August 18th, 2017 Mitt Romney condemned President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville terror attack in a moving Facebook post in which he warned of the “unraveling of our national fabric” and asked the pr ... (Mediaite)

Fears grow that Trump could ignore Congress on spending

2 hrs ago - Lawmakers and activists see warning signs that Trump officials could cut budgets by leaving federal money unspent. By NAHAL TOOSI 08/18/2017 05:24 AM EDT Lawmakers and activists are preparing for the possibility that President Donald Trump's adm ... (Politico)

Members of White House presidential arts commission resign to protest Trumps comments

2 hrs ago - The remaining members of a presidential arts and humanities panel are resigning on Friday in yet another sign of growing national protest of President Trump’s recent comments on the violence in Charlottesville. Members of the President’s Committee a ... (Washington Post)

CIA Warned Barcelona Police About Threat: Report

2 hrs ago - BY JACK MOORE ON 8/18/17 AT 3:30 AM The CIA warned Barcelona authorities in May that the famous Las Ramblas street in the northern Spanish city could be a target for an extremist attack, according to reports in the Spanish media. On Thursday a v ... (Newsweek)

Trump attacks Dems on national security

3 hrs ago - BY JULIA MANCHESTER - 08/18/17 09:31 AM EDT President Trump lashed out at Democrats on Friday and blamed them for delays in security measures for the U.S. in the wake of the terror attack in Barcelona on Thursday. "The Obstructionist Democ ... (The Hill)

Trump tweets in wake of Barcelona attack: 'Our borders are far tougher than ever before'

3 hrs ago - BY JULIA MANCHESTER - 08/18/17 08:52 AM EDT President Trump touted U.S. border security Friday in the wake of the terror attacks in Spain that left at least 14 people civilians dead. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/898522732672933890 ... (The Hill)

Dems launch full assault on Trump over Charlottesville

3 hrs ago - BY MIKE LILLIS AND SCOTT WONG - 08/18/17 06:02 AM EDT Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at President Trump to protest his ongoing equivocation about a white nationalist rally and put increasing pressure on Republican leaders to denounce the ... (The Hill)


3 hrs ago - Aug 17, 10:08 AM EDT BY MARTHA MENDOZA AP NATIONAL WRITER The Bangkok billionaire family that co-founded Red Bull, the world's leading energy drink, uses offshore companies to cloak purchases of jets and luxury properties, including the posh Londo ... (Associated Press)

NASA atmospheric flight to get unprecedented look at solar eclipse

4 hrs ago - August 18, 2017, 7:48 AM NASA atmospheric flight to get unprecedented look at solar eclipse It's go time for NASA's stratospheric airborne science team. On Monday, a total solar eclipse will travel coast-to-coast in the U.S. for the first time in ... (CBS News)

Al Gore's Advice to President Trump: Resign

4 hrs ago - Former Democratic Vice President Al Gore’s best advice to President Donald Trump is for the real-estate mogul to abandon his post, he said in an interview with LADbible. “Resign,” urged Gore. The environmentalist is on a promotional tour for his ne ... (The Daily Beast)

Civil Liberties Body ACLU Will No Longer Defend Gun-Carrying Protest Groups

4 hrs ago - Since its founding during a period of anti-communist paranoia in 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has served as a reliable line of defense for those who find their constitutional freedoms under threat. Sometimes, that means fighting f ... (Newsweek)


4 hrs ago - Aug 18, 8:12 AM EDT CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- The mother of a woman who was killed while protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, says she won't talk to President Donald Trump because of comments he made after her daught ... (Associated Press)

Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon says no military solution to threat posed by North Kore

4 hrs ago - Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon says no military solution to threat posed by North Korea Darlene Superville 17 August, 2017 19:00 DONALD Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has said there is no military solution to the threat posed b ... (Irish News)

Pence compares Trump to Roosevelt

4 hrs ago - NEWSWEEK 18 AUG 2017 AT 07:24 ET August 17, 2017 Harriet Sinclair Posted with permission from Newsweek Vice President Mike Pence compared President Donald Trump to former President Teddy Roosevelt, who believed white people were the forward race ... (Newsweek)

Donald Trump ghostwriter predicts his resignation by the end of the year

5 hrs ago - ELEANOR ROSE 20 minutes ago The ghostwriter of Donald Trump's book The Art of the Deal has predicted the US president's resignation by the end of the year. Tony Schwartz wrote on Twitter: “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going t ... (Standard)

Arkansas has new supply of lethal drug; execution to be set

5 hrs ago - Andrew Demillo, Associated Press Updated 11:36 pm, Thursday, August 17, 2017 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas has a new supply of a controversial lethal injection drug months after the state put four men to death over an eight-day period, offici ... (Associated Press)

Russia: Navalny trains spotlight on lifestyle of Putin spokesman's son

7 hrs ago - Friday 18 August 2017 04.00 BST In 2010, Nikolay Choles was a troubled British youth, jailed for assaulting a man outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Milton Keynes. By 2017, according to the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Choles had b ... (The Guardian)

Crew prepares to remove Roger Taney statue from Maryland State House grounds

11 hrs ago - Under the cover of night, a crew prepared to remove the statue of former Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney from the grounds of the State House early Friday morning. The Department of General Services will remove the bronze likeness of Taney from ... (Baltimore Sun)

Trump Set to Roll Back Obama-Era Contraception Rule

12 hrs ago - WASHINGTON—The Trump administration is poised to issue a rule unwinding an Obama -era requirement that employee health benefits include contraception, which will spark a fresh round of litigation over an issue that has been before courts for six year ... (Wall Street Journal)

Longtime Trump business partner told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison: report

12 hrs ago - Felix Sater, one of Donald Trumps shadiest former business partners, is reportedly preparing for prison time and he says the president will be joining him behind bars. Sources told The Spectators Paul Wood that Special Counsel Robert Muellers deep ... (Raw Story)