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About our Moderators About our Moderators
Updated September 1, 2011

All of the moderators on this discussion board are volunteers. They provide their time and their good judgment to this website free of charge, and the administrators of this website are grateful for their help.

Moderators have the following duties:

  1. They answer questions from, and provide guidance to website visitors.
  2. They move, lock, or archive discussion threads for various reasons.
  3. They deal with copyright violations by website visitors.
  4. They delete disruptive and offensive posts.
  5. They shut off conservative disruptors.
  6. They alert administrators of any issues they need to know about.

When moderators are performing these duties, they are acting on behalf of Democratic Underground. Their judgment should be respected. They are human, and they occasionally make mistakes. But in most cases, they do the right thing. Moderators are allowed to participate in political and social discussions, just like other visitors to our board. When they do so, they are speaking for themselves only. They do not represent any official position or "party line" of Democratic Underground.

However, when moderators participate in discussions that are unrelated to their official duties, they are expected to do so in a manner that respects differing points of view, and promotes left-wing solidarity rather than division. Even when they are not performing their official moderator duties, moderators are required to hold themselves to a higher standard than other members of this discussion board. With this in mind, moderators are expected to observe the following guidelines:

  1. They are expected to behave themselves at all times in a way that reflects positively on Democratic Underground, and complies with all the Rules and Regulations of this website.
  2. They are expected to share and help promote Democratic Underground's mission of left-wing unity and solidarity.
  3. They may not engage in personal attacks against other members of this board.
  4. They may not engage in attacks against other political, social, or minority groups, such as the Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Democratic Leadership Council, environmentalists, union members, gays and lesbians, Christians, etc. They are expected to avoid attacks against respected public figures in the Democratic Party or the political left.
  5. They may not use their powers as a moderator to enforce a particular party line. It is not appropriate for moderators to threaten to ban someone with whom they do not agree.
  6. They are expected to be fair and evenhanded at all times, especially to those with whom they disagree.
  7. They are forbidden from discussing moderator business anywhere except in the moderators-only discussion forum. If it becomes apparent that a moderator has broken this rule, he/she will be relieved of moderator duties immediately, and may be banned from the discussion board as well.

If you feel a moderator has acted inappropriately, please contact a site administrator (Skinner, EarlG, or elad). The site administrators will decide what response is appropriate, if any.

Moderators have access to a private moderators-only discussion forum, where they discuss issues relevant to this discussion board.

Meet the Moderators


Skinner - Owner and co-founder of Democratic Underground.
EarlG - Co-founder of Democratic Underground.
elad - Programming genius and all-around good guy.


Danger Mouse
Grateful for Hope
proud patriot
Renew Deal
The empressof all
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