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A Little History... Sound Familiar ??? - 'Running Against Social Secruity' - DailyKos

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WillyT Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Apr-24-11 01:50 PM
Original message
A Little History... Sound Familiar ??? - 'Running Against Social Secruity' - DailyKos
by KAMuston - DailyKos
SUN APR 24, 2011 AT 03:00 AM PDT


I would say that Bertrand Snell is a shinning example of the Peter Principle. Bertrand (above, with his ideological opponent, FDR) started out life as a bookkeeper. Then he successfully ran a cheese factory and then a lumber company in upstate New York. He was well qualified to fill all of those positions. For awhile he was the president of a small college. This success led, in 1915, to Bertrand being elected to congress. In 1931 he became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. That led, in 1932, to his being elected Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. And that made him one of the primary architects of the disaster that befell the Republican Party the first time they ran against the New Deal in 1936. In short, it was Bertrand Snells fault. Of course, he had some help.

Herbert Hoover had not only lost the 1932 Presidential Election, he lost it by almost 18 percentage points. His ineffectualness at dealing with the Great Depression (the stock market crash had occurred just 6 months after he first took office) was so obvious that Herbert won only 6 states Pennsylvania, Delaware, R.I., Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. And yet Herbert still had hopes he could engineer a come back. Yes, FDRs New Deal had already created six million jobs, and had doubled industrial production and sent corporate profits from a $2 billion loss under Hoover to a $5 billion profit under Roosevelt. But there were still 8 million Americans unemployed, and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was charging that the new Social Security Administration was part of a facist/communist take over of the federal government. Does any of this sound familar? But, back to our story...

On June the ninth, 1936, Herbert addressed the Republican National Convention in the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio, and did his very best to rally the faithful to his cause. As Time Magazine detailed, After 15 minutes (of) yelling, shrieking (and) hooting, (Hoover) was allowed to begin.
He warmed up quickly. Acording to Time, Hoover told the faithful, "Fundamental American liberties are at stake. Is the Republican Party readyto cast your all upon the issue?" "Yes!" roared the crowd.".. have you determined to enter in a holy crusade for freedom which shall determine the future and the perpetuity of a nation of free men?" "Yes!" roared the crowd in ecstasy. The faithful went on chanting Hoo-ver, Hoo-ver, Hoo-ver, long after Herbert had left the stage.
Noted Time; The demonstration could not be stopped for half an hour, even when Speaker Snell tried to introduce a little old lady, surprisingly pert for her 77 years, the widow of President Benjamin Harrison. Finally Bertrand banged his big gavel and informed the crowd that Herbert had already boarded a train for New York. Stunned, the floor demonstrators paused for a breath, and in vague confusion the demonstrations petered out.
Except, Herbert had not left the building. He was in fact, just off stage, waiting to be recalled by the carefully prepared demonstrations, and proclaimed the nominee by acclamation. That was the plan, anyway. But Bertrand had already determined that the party nomine would not be Hoover. It woould be Governor Alf Landon, known affectionately to the faithful as The Kansas Coolidge. The party chairman had cut the ground out from under Hoover.



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