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DU3 Epic thread. "Restaurant Pet Peeves"

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NYC_SKP Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-14-14 03:43 PM
Original message
DU3 Epic thread. "Restaurant Pet Peeves"

Springs1 (23 posts)

Restaurant Pet Peeves
What are some things that annoy you when you are getting service in a dine-in non-fast food restaurant? Servers, why do you do some of these things and why do you think they will help your tip? Why do you think you aren't at fault if something you can easily tell IS your fault? What ones you agree with, what ones you don't and WHY? If you don't agree with it, WHY? If you do agree with it, tell me why.

Some of mine are as follows:

1. When you ask your server for your check, they ask you if you want dessert as if you didn't just answer their question already. I think that's irritating personally. I know they have to upsell, but if the customer has told their server they want their check, then asking them about dessert makes no sense since they are already stating they are full and/or they want to leave by requesting the bill. It's just wasting time and we have taken off the tip some for it just because they didn't LISTEN to what we said. It's just simple common courtesy that if you ask for something, don't 2nd guess the customer unless it's something you are unsure of such as a specific order that let's say they normally order such-n-such, but say something different, maybe then may want to make sure or if they aren't specific when ordering even if they have been there the first time or something or if you are confused I can understand asking, but how is "Can we get our check please" somehow "confusing", huh? It's just something that irritates me.

2. When your server leaves BEFORE you get a CHANCE to ask for everything you want and/or only ask ONE person, not EVERYONE if they need something? I am so TIRED of servers doing this. I am trying so HARD not to run my server, but most of them seem to lazy to get out their pad and pen, but then complain "they ran me" on the internet about it, it's like gee, if you would have been ready to take down a list of things I could have told you all in ONE trip and could have gotten everything or mostly everything in one trip. Also, it slows the customer down lots when servers do this, because now I have to wait until you are basically cutting now attending to another customer before I can ask for what I ORIGINALLY wanted wayyyyy before it was that customer's turn and then have to wait AGAIN after you getting what those customers need before I can get what I originally wanted in the first place, so at times it can take 5 minutes or more purely wasted for no reason, which is not counting the extra time spent with the unnecessary trips they made. Especially, if it's taking 4 people's food orders that the people are asking questions and modifying things that you could be there 10 minutes waiting to get a bag or a box, seriously. Who wants to do that?

3. When your server doesn't do as you asked. You ask for a box, they bring you a bag. You ask for a to-go coke, they bring you an empty cup to pour your coke into. Basically, not LISTENING to you, similar in a way to #1. I don't understand why they don't do as you ask? Don't they want you to be satisfied, so you can satisfy them with a nice big tip? Why the CONTROL that they feel they have to get what THEY want or what they THINK you want?

4. Servers that decide everything for you without *ASKING YOUR PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE DOING THE THINGS*. Things such as the check without asking first not even offering you dessert at times even, refills without asking first, water without asking, etc. Why can't *WE* decide what *WE* want for *OUR TIP MONEY*, huh? You control freak servers, please explain why we have to have things YOUR WAY when you want *****OUR MONEY*******, huh? Wouldn't it make sense that everything should be to please US since you want ****OUR MONEY***, huh? I have even ordered a bar drink AFTER a dessert even because at the time I ordered dessert I was still drinking the bar drink I had and wasn't ready to order another one at the time. We were given the check that time and I had to give it back to the waiter. HOW IRRITATING, I mean WHY the CONTROL? WHY NOT JUST SIMPLY FREAKING "((((((((((ASK)))))))))))))))))", really how HARD IS THIS, HUH? I have even ordered things to-go before at the end of our meal. You have no idea if the customers are ready for their check or not. We have even decided to not get anything else because of servers that want to rush you out by giving you the check without your personal permission to do so. It's OUR MONEY, OUR DECISION of how we want the service ran.

5. Servers pour new iced tea into old iced tea that's watered down. If I wanted a glass of watery tea, I'd be home. It's not iced tea anymore if it's mostly water, is it?

6. Making comments about what you have ordered or how much you have ordered. I just recently had a waitress comment about because I ordered something to-go about "I was going to say, you can eat", because I ordered something before I had a chance to say to-go. It hurt my feelings and she got a lowered tip because of it. You don't tell your customers about portion sizes. No one wants to hear they ate too much or ordering too much. Also, to-go orders are sometimes for other people as well. Two servers have said "Are you taste testing" just because I switched margaritas from one that was orange flavored to a regular one. That's just nosy and mean. WHY would a server ask such a thing? I just don't get it? If I were to "taste test" I would have not drank my first one and sent it back, would have I? I mean really, that's just mean. WHY are you servers that do this WHY you think that's nice? Do you think that will improve your tip or hurt your tip by commenting about someone's orders? I had a waiter once said "You must really like the pulled pork don't ya" just because I ordered pulled pork nachos, then for my entre, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. It's like while he might have been trying to make friendly conversation, it hurt my feelings that he was commenting on my ordering. Like what's it to this STRANGER to act like it's strange. Pointing out odd things IS making fun of people. That's what making fun of people is, pointing out the odd things they do that most people don't do. So in my eyes, he was in a way, making fun of me, to point out something *ODD* that doesn't happen often. He got a slight decrease in his tip because he decided to comment on my ordering. I don't understand WHY you servers do this? If you don't know the customer, you really shouldn't comment about people's ordering, whether they order certain items or certain items certain ways, etc. What does it matter if I order both food the same item? I mean really, to me, he was a jerk to say that. I wouldn't dare point out something odd to someone that I wanted money from. No way, because to me, that's a form of making fun of the customer in a way.

7. Servers that blame someone or something else for their mistake. Many times my husband and I have had servers blame the kitchen staff or have had servers blame objects(the menu or computer) for wrong prices) when they can read too, not just us. I am just SICK of the servers not being honest. Do you servers out there think your tip will improve to LIE when it's OBVIOUS WHO is at fault such as bringing me the completely wrong food when you took my order doesn't have anything to do with the kitchen once you brought me the wrong item. YOU brought me the wrong item, *YOU* are at fault for that part. While yes, you may have put in the order correctly, you still have to "SERVE" it as correctly as you can notice with your EYES without touching the food by comparing the written order with the food. If you didn't write down my order, you can't complain when you get a bad tip you didn't put in my order correctly or you didn't have a way to verify the food because the order was put in wrong.

8. Servers that don't write orders down. You come back to the table have to ask me again what I already told you, then do you think you will get a good tip for being lazy? Also, by not writing it down, you have NO WAY of verifying what I originally told you if you end up putting the order in wrong into the computer. We had a waiter that admitted "I PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON" when he brought me quesadillas instead of bbq chicken nachos. He wrote the order down, but "pressed the wrong button." He did 2 mistakes by not putting in the order correctly and not serving it obviously correct.

9. Servers not doing things in the order in which they came in. So you ask your server for your check waiting patiently to pay and leave. Your server goes to 3 other tables, even gets their stuff such as refills for example, you are STILL waiting to get your check even. By doing things out of order, you are basically making that first person wait WAYYY LONGER and hurting YOURSELF as the server. Smart servers want to "turn and burn" tables to make more money, so this makes no sense, yet servers will do this at times. Once, we waited 17 minutes to pay, needless to say we left nothing. I mean really, when you keep serving everyone else, ignore one of your tables, what do you expect? You should expect to get what you did to us. Cutting is morally wrong, so is not tipping for good service, but when it's bad service, you should get the tip as to how they treated you.

10. Servers not returning all of your change(coin change). Now my husband and I don't pay with cash very often, but once we paid with (2) $20 gift certificates, only got a $5 bill back on $34.69, rather than $5.31. While I understand servers don't have a register(they have a change bank or go to the bar), shorting the customer even a penny is STEALING. He could have given over the amount if he was too lazy to bring change on him or go to the bar such as 2 quarters or even gave $6(which means he would have forfeited his own 69 cents by doing so, but wouldn't have stolen by doing that). By not returning 31 cents, that was done on purpose. It wasn't like it was an accident, this was 100% ON PURPOSE, because there's NO WAY it's possible to miss THREE coins on a party of 2 check when 99.9% of the time checks aren't exact dollar amounts with no coin change and most of the time customers don't pay exactly the amount they owe either with they pay with cash or in my case gift certificates. If it was an accident is one thing, but this was his laziness and feeling so ENTITLED is what this was as well as VERY SELFISH too. He cared about his 69 cents to not give us $6 in change back, so why our 31 cents wasn't JUST AS IMPORTANT as his CENTS? Servers think we have to BOW DOWN to their money like it's holier than thou. What I did was I went up to him to get the 31 cents asked where the rest of the change was. He did say he was "sorry", not a "so sorry" and he made sure he only gave 31 cents rather than if I would have done that(I wouldn't have EVER), I would have at least given the person 50 cents for their extra time and trouble, to only forfeit himself 19 cents, but he decided to be a SELFISH person, so he got NOTHING at all and a REPORT to a manager for STEALING. This is ILLEGAL SERVERS. If you want to give over YOUR OWN MONEY(not the business's money), that's you, which if he would have given $6 in change, he would have had a much bigger tip just because he would have given us no coins to deal with and giving us more than what we owed, but to take it from us to TIP HIMSELF is ILLEGAL. You servers can't LEGALLY TIP YOURSELVES. You have to wait until the customer says to keep it or they leave it for you. You don't get to just take it. I made 100% sure he didn't get ONE PENNY of tip. He stole, we stole his tip, but the difference is what we did was VERY 100% LEGAL, what he did WAS NOT LEGAL. What we did was really not stealing. We did what he did to us. Also, instead of just going to get the coins when I told him, he was such a jerk that he went to serve a side salad first which was CUTTING IN FRONT OF *OUR TURN* since originally our turn was a long time ago when we got the change. He was such a jerk. I can't believe servers are this entitled and selfish these days they are willing to STEAL(tip themselves) and be so lazy. Bring some rolls of coins on you or bring a bag or purse with coins that you can lock up or something if you don't want to go to the bar. OR as I said, give OVER the amount. Most of the time, customers will much more appreciate that to give you much more than if you act so selfish about CENTS. Risking not getting 69 cents was it worth getting stiffed and a report to the manager for doing something ILLEGAL. If you want to steal, you should go to jail. I can't go take a penny out of a register at a store or take a penny out of someone's purse, why should you servers be able to do this and think you can get away with it, huh?

11. Servers that don't know the menu. If I know more about the menu than my server does, I have a huge problem with that. Don't look dingy. Study some at home. The way I for example learned how to type wasn't in class. I had to practice at home hours and hours to learn it. Anything in life takes EFFORT. I know servers may not know everything but you can learn by when someone does order something, the order comes out, you can compare the menu description to what's on the plate and the written order so that way you will learn the menu by repetition.

12. Servers that take your glass when you are in the middle of eating rather than getting you a new refill. Servers out there, think about when you are eating how you feel if someone just RIPS your glass away and then think about how you get called over at other tables how long this table you just took away their glasses how long they are waiting or even let's say you have to change the syrup or make new iced tea, etc. Let the customer at least keep the little bit that's left or ice until you get them their new glass of drink.

13. Servers that bring out obvious mistakes when they don't compare their written orders or tickets to the food. No EFFORT is the issue here. You don't even "CARE" about what you doing, then why should I care about your tip as much? Fries aren't onion rings but yet our own server at Denny's brought me this in only a party of 2. I mean really, I saw it was wrong on the TRAY even. This was no mistake when they have many onion rings on the plate. She didn't care and was too lazy to verify her written order with the food BEFORE she left the kitchen.

14. Servers that put in their opinions into your order when all you want to do is place your order. If I know what I want exactly, don't try to convince me you know what I want. I already had 2 servers tell me "You know it's not a big salad" when I ordered 4 sides of ranch for a side salad. What happened was, I also was ordering other items that I wanted to dip the ranch in as well, so I just decided to order all the ranch at once not to make it confusing. The servers shouldn't have put THEIR OPINIONS into MY ORDER. JUST TAKE THE DAMN ORDER AND GO WITH IT UNLESS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE SAID!! I found both salads to be pretty big side salads if you ask me.

15. Servers that don't write down parts of orders, only some, but not all. If you expect a good tip, you need *ALL* the details. Lots of times when servers are deciding not to write down the condiments part, they forget them.

16. Not bringing the amount that was asked for. While I understand managers may not let you fill the containers, ordering more than what the customer asked for in the computer to ADD UP to the amount even if you have to add it to someone else's order on the side should be done. Meaning, I am so sick of servers that are bringing me less than half a container of mayo when I ordered 2. At times I barely have an entire side. If the customer ordered 2 or more, they obviously want A LOT. Not getting the customer's order correct is not going to get you a good tip since this is OBVIOUS if a container is not filled or not and even if someone else brings out the food, the original server can always bring condiments out before the food is ready since it needs no cooking or prepare time other than to pour it into ramekins and some give you already poured ones that are used for to-go orders. If I were a server, I'd ring in 4 mayos for the customers 2 mayos to make sure I gave them the amount they truly ordered. Even if I'd have to put it under another customer, I would do so to get the customer's order correct.

17. Servers that don't take "NO" for an answer trying to convince you to get a dessert for example. That's aggravating. We had a waitress once that was like "Aw come on" it's like how irritating.

18. Servers bring you the next closest thing instead of asking you when they are out of something, basically called ORDERING FOR YOU WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT just because they are out of something. Once, we had a waitress that assumed that because they were out of raspberry topping for a cheesecake slice when we had ordered dessert that shed bring us strawberry. Turns out, she knew when she put in the order that the computer had it the manager told us. So she did it on PURPOSE to be so lazy and uncaring as to not come to ask if we wanted the next closest thing. We didnt, we sent it back, so she had MORE WORK. Also, she didnt even think about what if someone is allergic to strawberries. I just honestly cant believe someone would do that. If they are out of something, common sense would be to come to see if the next closest thing is ok. Not everyone wants the next closest thing. So it wasnt like it was just getting the order wrong by accident or by not verifying the written order with what she was bringing or putting in the order wrong by accident, this was on PURPOSE to be LAZY and to ASSUME. I didnt know at first that she did that. I thought at first she just was that stupid(or truly just messed up(highly doubt it)) to bring us strawberries on top of a cheesecake when we ordered raspberries. Have some COMMON DECENCY to act like we are human that we may not like the item or don't want that item or could even be allergic. Don't place an order for us. It's not your right to do so.

19. Servers that you don't know start trying to make a conversation with you BEFORE you get to place your order. Common sense would be WE ARE HUNGRY AND THIRSTY, please LET US ORDER!! Sometimes people are on their lunch break, have just waited an HOUR for a table, are just really hungry, etc. Act like this is YOU if you haven't eaten all day. Here's a good example: Once, we had a waiter that we didnt know after waiting 15 mins. for a table on Mardi Gras day ask us BEFORE we ORDERED ANYTHING Hows yalls Mardi Gras Go to any parades? See, I dont mind chit chat with a stranger, but be considerate to do it AFTER we have our orders into the computer so you dont take up our time. It's just a little of being CONSIDERATE. Servers want to blame the kitchen staff, but if you don't LET US ORDER, HOW is it NOT YOUR FAULT we are waiting longer for our food and drinks if you do this type of thing, huh?" Asking how are you doing is one thing, that's a one answer question, but not all of that.

20. Servers that ask you to remind them when you have modifications like adding some condiments. If you are too lazy to do the job, DON'T BE A SERVER THEN. If I have to remind you, do you HONESTLY THINK you will or even deserve a good tip if you aren't willing to **********TRY****************** at least? Asking this is not willing to try. I have had some servers do this. Once, at Applebee's, I only ordered a side of mexi ranch and a side of pico de gallo. The waitress was like "You might have to remind me." I went off on her telling her "This is not McDonald's that you are getting a tip that you compare your written order with the food BEFORE you bring it out" and "You can bring it out ahead of time if you'd like. This is RIDICULOUS. If you aren't willing to *****WORK******* for your money, WTH are you at this type of job, huh? I mean 2 condiment type of items and you can't get only 2 right without your customer's help which they aren't supposed to have to do, WTH???? I told her off and reported her to a manager. You don't DARE make your customer do work when you want someone to pay you voluntarily. The customer isn't supposed to have to do work. Reminding you is a pain that no one wants to have to do and only wants to have to if the server really truly TRIED their best, but she wasn't WILLING to try is what truly pisses me off about this. I mean really. 2 containers of stuff and it was too much for her, WOW how lazy is all I have to say.

21. Other servers/food runners that don't work as a team that deliver food to your table. You ask the person that runs the food that isn't your server for a refill or something that is wrong with your food, they say "Your server will get that", not even tell your server or if they do, they don't fix the issue that they could have to work as a team member. We have had our fair share of jerk lazy servers like that such as a waitress that said "Your server will get it" when I asked for a refill. She NEVER told our waiter. Our waiter got 12% because of it. WHY? She was part of my service that was poor. If she would have gotten the tip shared(which the waiter SHOULD be willing to pay that person that is running our food to us), then maybe they would have had some INCENTIVE to get the refill. By getting no extra payment that isn't automatic like a tip out, then you have no incentive to give this other server to care about your tip. That co-worker waitress didn't care about that waiter's tip. I don't blame her per say since he wasn't probably sharing his tip with her. You expect teamwork, you have to share the tip with your helpers.

22. I HATE when servers assume you don't want the condiment the food comes with when you order an extra condiment with the food, basically not knowing the menu good enough, just ASSUMING everyone wants the same things in this world. If I order bbq sauce with chicken tenders that ON THE MENU state the chicken tenders come with honey mustard, I am ALREADY ORDERING AND PAYING for that honey mustard in the price of the item, so unless I substitute bbq sauce for the honey mustard or say I don't want the honey mustard, there's NEVER a reason to assume I don't want the condiment the item comes with. So a customer can't like many condiments or that one person at the table may like one sauce, the other person likes another? It's an addition if the customer doesn't state they are substituting or they don't want it. Also, a lot of restaurants don't even charge for extra condiments, so does it matter if you give the person the bbq sauce and the honey mustard when they are paying for the honey mustard in the price of the item, which the bbq sauce is free if the restaurant doesn't charge for extra condiments. If the restaurant does require to charge for extra, that's ONLY when you'd ask "Did you want both sauces since they may mean they want to substitute and just don't know how to order or didn't read the menu description all the way or just plain don't know how to order?" You would also tell the customer you are required to charge for extra condiments if you are required to so they won't be mad when bill time comes.

23. Auctioning off drinks and/or food when YOUR server is the one that took the order. (such as "WHO HAD THE COKE, WHO HAD THE SPRITE, etc.") The servers should be going down the line from a starting point and make sure the food goes in front of the correct person. The only way the server has a good excuse to mess up on this is if the customers switched spots, because then I could see not knowing, but most servers are TOO LAZY today to compare their written orders to what is in their hands, the plates of food or glasses of drinks. Once, I had a waitress in a party of 4 auction off drinks. I was like, how stupid and lazy can she be? FOUR drinks, when she WROTE them down even as to how lazy she was to make us state who had what drink. That's not our job, that's our server's job. An example: Top 2 people from left to right had first person had a coke, 2nd person had a dr. pepper, 3rd person bottom row first person in that row had a water with lemon, 4th person had an iced tea with extra lemon. It's not that difficult to not make your customers do work for you. If you took the order, you should KNOW 100% what they ordered UNLESS they switch seats. You should be WRITING the orders down so you can know what they had and who had what WITHOUT asking them to do your job for you by repeating the orders. You asked them, making them repeat it is lazy, LAZY, LAZY, LAZY, LAZY, LAZY!!

24. I HATE when servers assume just because you ordered a margarita the first time, that automatically means you want the same thing again. 2 times this has happened. Once, my husband had told a server I wanted another drink since she was handing us the check before I could say something and she assumed I wanted the same drink, which I wanted a white russian instead of a long island iced tea. Stop going by majority. You should go to each table acting like everyone is different, because everyone IS different. Not everyone wants the same things in their service. Some people want to be left alone while others want to chit chat with their server for example. Some people want their check right away, others don't feel rushed. The thing with the check though is that to me if you want your check right away, just ask when ordering your food to get it before your food comes even. I mean really, that avoids being offered a dessert if you are in a hurry. Don't make everyone else rushed because you are in a rush. With wanting your check faster than normal is a customer responsibility issue, not a server issue.

25. NEVER "ASSUME" ANYTHING, EVER! For example: My husband and I ordered 2 appetizers as well as 2 entres at a restaurant. I didn't want what he wanted and he didn't want what I wanted, so that's why we ordered 2. We figured we could take the food home if we had too much. The waiter ASSUMED I wanted the appetizer with my meal. For starters, I NEVER ONCE said that. Also, I should assume that since the menu states it's an appetizer, that I would get it as an appetizer unless I state otherwise. We were waiting quite a while when the waiter came around and we asked where my chili cheese fries were. Our waiter replied "I thought you wanted it with your meal." I told him "I never said that." I was SOME PISSED that he "ASSUMED" we were going to "share" the first appetizer. Anyway, I received it 2 minutes literally before our entres came out. Go by the *MENU* that if something is labeled "appetizer", unless otherwise stated, that's how the customer wants it. If they wanted it with their meal, THEN that's when you would serve it that way. NEVER go by majority EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER!

26. Not delivering non-bar drinks when the server has time to BEFORE bar drinks. WHY should I have to wait 10 minutes to get a coke or water or iced tea because someone at my table orders a pina colada? You can ask them if they would like a water with it, that way if they do, you can serve the same drinks at the same time AND come to get our appetizer order or entre order if we are ready quicker. It's not fun when I am sitting there waiting 10 minutes because the keg had to get switched for my dr. pepper because my husband ordered a beer and having to wait longer to even order any food. The faster you get our order if we are ready, the more customers you have to make more money, so it's in your favor to at least bring out what you can. If it appears we need more time like you can tell by body language, then just bring us drinks, that way we have something to sip on while we are deciding. Servers out there don't you realize the LONGER we are waiting to order, the LESS MONEY you make since we are at that table LONGER? I mean really. Some people may not want to order, but you don't know until you go to their table that they may want to order something or not.

27. Not having common sense such as places where they give you free bread or chips n' salsa not when greeted like after you give them your drink orders that they bring the bread or chips n' salsa out BEFORE what you DID order. I would like my drink. First off, COMMON SENSE salsa is spicy most of the time, so DUH, I want SOMETHING to wash it down with. Two, bread is thick and would be nice to have something to wash it down with. Three, I want what I order before what I don't order. I mean if you greet with it that's different, but not after you took my order. A good example, a waiter at On the Border took our drink orders, decided to bring the chips n' salsa out BEFORE our soft drinks. WHY? WHY not bring it out altogether or bring the drinks first out? I want my drink first, I am thirsty. Eating food without any water or anything can make someone choke. That's not a good thing. It's also in my eyes the waiter was STUPID. I mean, WHY would you serve me food without anything to drink? He was a MORON DINGY IDIOT in my opinion. I mean I know they do it when you get greeted, but if you get to order your drinks, WHY would you want to have food first before something you asked for your drinks? If you do want food first, then as the customer *YOU* should SPEAK UP and ask "Can you bring out the chips n' salsa" first out for example. Most servers would and probably do bring out both at the same time to make one trip.

28. Not being OBSERVANT such as serving you food without utensils and not asking if you want a refill when your drink is near empty. LOTS of times dumb dingy servers don't act like the customer like serving you food with no way to eat it or not asking you if you want any more drink when you have an empty glass or giving you a cold container of bbq sauce when you know that should be served warm when you can feel the container it's cold as the refrigerator.

29. Not apologizing for their mistakes. You want the customer to give you more, be nice enough to apologize. You can't expect as much forgiveness or maybe any forgiveness if you are not apologetic and are mean about the issue if it's 100% OBVIOUS *YOU* are at fault.

30. Overcharges in restaurants. Servers just seem to not care these days about if they are charging you correctly. I don't mean mistakes, I mean such as we have had wrong prices on the check where we saw the servers not checking the menu prices against the check they made us do it or times where the server has all the time in the world to doodle on the check drawing stupid smiley faces, writing "thank you" to get a higher tip(meaning ONLY BEING CONCERNED ONLY ABOUT THEIR money ONLY), but no time to check over the check. That happened at Outback where the waitress wrote all of that crap wrote her name, "thank you", etc., but charged us for a $3.25 shot for a table in the back of us. She thought spending time doodling(just caring about HER MONEY ONLY) was more important than not overcharging her customers. Needless to say she didn't get a tip. WHY? It's not mistake when you have LOTS of time to play around like that and shows how SELFISH the server is only caring about their money, because they are doing it for tip points. If you think that's more important than charging the customer correctly, then I hope someone overcharges you and not care see how *YOU* feel then. Not only is it more money the business makes, but it also makes the server's tip go up by adding more money to the tip by the higher check amount so the server is winning in an overcharge situation as well when a customer doesn't notice this and it makes more time at the table for the customer which for both the server and the customer is not good. We have had MANY overcharges over the years. Some we have tipped, some we haven't. It depends on HOW they handled the situations. The waitress at Outback wasn't good otherwise as well like every time we asked for something, she'd make us wait for her to get her 2 other table's orders before we got our items we asked for(refills, things like that, that she could get).
30. The server brings out VERY OBVIOUS mistakes to the table such as a wrong side dish or a missing side of ranch that's not there. I know we ALL make mistakes, but I feel 99.9% of the times it's because they didn't compare the written order to the plate of food BEFORE they brought the food out. If another server is bringing out my food, my server could have brought the ranch I asked for ahead of time and not waited for someone that isn't going to get tipped by me that doesn't care and won't read the ticket to actually get the order right to me the first time around.

31. Gets your dirty dishes first BEFORE going to get something you asked for such as your check when you want your check. Common sense I want to leave, so get what I do want before worrying about clean up work. There's no "hands full in, hands full out" rule to follow since you aren't going to the kitchen if you don't have to go into the kitchen to get me my check that's on the computer in the dining area for example.

32. Ask if you have been there before?(Especially if you have, it's irritating and a time waster). Similar to #19, basically spending time you don't REALLY NEED to do. WHO CARES if I have been there or not? The times we have been there the first time, I ask questions and have told servers before. Don't punish the regular's time to have to sit through wasting TIME for them by having to answer this question, especially if they are on their lunch break or need to be somewhere quickly, or just plain hungry, I mean really it's just VERY INCONSIDERATE of people's hunger, thirst, and time.

33. Servers that assume things such as bringing a ketchup bottle when you didn't ask for one that everyone likes ketchup when they could have just simply asked you. If the ketchup is not on the table, you should ask. WHY put more things on the table that I don't need or want? Same thing with water. If I truly wanted water, I would have just simply ORDERED a water like a GROWN RESPONSIBLE ADULT would.

34. Servers that don't write down request of any kind, then forget something. I am so sick of servers not writing down the things that aren't food request and then FORGETTING them. A good example, I asked for a to-go box, a bag, a coke to-go, and the check. That's only 4 things, but a waitress actually forgot the bag. She didn't take any EFFORT to remember it. If you write it down, most of the time, you won't forget. Another time, I asked our waiter for a refill, some more bread, and extra napkins. He forgets the extra napkins and of course didn't bother to WRITE those request down. That's just a couple of examples of MANY over the years. If you expect to remember something, you need to WRITE IT DOWN and be willing to REREAD the list.
35. I HATE when servers assume when you ask for a box, that automatically means CHECK TIME. This one goes with a couple of other ones #4 and $25. LOTS of times we asked for a box to MAKE ROOM for dessert and save the leftovers for the next day. To not even offer us dessert is just stupid on their part, because the more they sell to increase the check, the higher the tip can be. It's to their advantage to at least OFFER the dessert as long as I didn't ask for the check of course. WHY ASSUME is the question? Asking for a box doesn't always mean you are full. I could order an afterdinner drink or a to-go order or a dessert, etc. DON'T ASSUME!

36. Servers that when let's say you say you want your check, instead of getting the check, they get all the dirty dishes. While that's good and all, when I want to leave I appreciate that extra time I am watching the server stack the dirty dishes and having to wait for them to go to the kitchen to drop them off I could have been READING my bill during that time, NOT watching them wasting my time. It's just about being CONSIDERATE. If someone asks for something, I would do that and then COME BACK to grab the dishes as they are reading their check. I'd hand them their check to their hands if the dirty dishes are taking up their entire table if I were a server. It's just like if I want a refill, a dessert, and my check. While I do want my dirty dishes taken, I sure do want my dessert, refill, and my check as quickly as possible. There's no reason to delay me to clean up. Just go put the order in, get my refill, and get my check. THEN pick up the dirty dishes. Saves time for the customer, makes you the server have more money since I will be leaving that much quicker since you put my order in that much quicker. It's a WIN-WIN for BOTH of us.

37. Servers that just don't know how to take an order. Such as you say you only want cheddar cheese, lettuce, and onions only on a chicken sandwich that comes with on the menu lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mixed cheese, but they actually ring it in as extra cheese(adding cheese) when you were just substituting cheese, not saying you wanted extra cheese, which means they put in the order wrong as well as overcharged you. You have to go by the CUSTOMER & THE MENU DESCRIPTION. This goes along with #22. If the menu has it comes with something, then you should already know that. If in doubt, ASK. Don't assume.

38. Servers that when you ask for your check and a dessert, they wait until you are in the MIDDLE of eating your dessert to finally bring the check when they could have BEFORE the dessert arrived. If you have asked for something, WHY NOT get what you can? That doesn't mean they have to pay because they got their check, does it? Seriously, why waste the customer's time like that on PURPOSE and make them either interrupt their eating their dessert or make them wait until after eating their dessert to be able to read their check? WHY do that? If the customer orders a dessert, that's when you ask if that will be all, because the customer may want to order something else like an afterdinner drink or something else even.

39. Servers that ask the faster eater "Do you want dessert" when the other people or person at the table are still eating their entres. Usually customers eat courses together and usually(not all the time) customers share desserts, therefore, WHY rush the slower eater that is still eating their entre? How does that person that is the slower eater going to know yet if they are going to want a dessert if they are still eating their entre? This is just IRRITATING and it's making the customer feel SO RUSHED. WHY would you want to do that?

40. Server delivers water with the lemon inside the water or tea instead of on the edge of the rim of the glass. Common sense no one wants seeds in their glass, do they? Servers should not even serve water with lemon or iced tea with lemon unless they ASK first.

41. Server tries to change your entire order instead of LISTENING to what you have said. So one day I asked this waitress for a certain margarita that was an orange flavored margarita, she tells me "We have our top shelf margarita for $7", which is not the same it's a regular margarita that is usually served frozen even, not on the rocks. So she got a lowered tip for doing that. If you want to upsell, DO IT **BEFORE*** I order like other servers have done when they greet you they may say "Can I start you all off with a top shelf margarita or some southwestern eggrolls?" You can upsell BEFORE I place my order, don't have to after.

42. Servers that make too much conversation about what they recommend personally instead of just letting you place your order. I don't give a care what my server likes if I already know what I do like. If I want their opinion, that's when I ask. Otherwise, it's wasting lots of time for all the server's customers, not just my party. Especially if you have ordered this item a zillion times. It's like WHO CARES if you think it's YOUR favorite? I don't give a care. SO WHAT? Thats wasting time that I could be getting my order. You servers talk about how it's the kitchen staff's fault for long waits; this is similar to #19. The longer you take to get my order, the longer I sit.

43. #42's point is part of this one that if you don't come to get my order, I can't get my order in a timely manner. Here's an example: Once, we had a waitress that greeted us which we ordered an appetizer as well as our drinks when greeted. I saw she tucking in chairs at empty tables and pretty much doing everything but coming back to get our entre order. Well, I found out what happened. She brought out our appetizer and when I asked she said that she wanted to wait to put in our entre orders. The thing is, that delayed us more by not at least coming to GET our orders. That way, when the appetizer was ready, we wouldnt have gotten delayed eating our appetizer since we then had to give our entre orders when we could have given our entre orders WELL BEFORE THAT and we would have gotten our entres faster due to that she could have just left to put our entre orders into the computer after delivering our appetizer instead of taking time to order when our appetizer was sitting in front of us. The point is, SHE delayed our entres as well as to be able to start eating our appetizer because she could have at least TAKEN our entre orders and then when our appetizer would have been brought out, could have immediately gone to the computer to put our entre orders in. What she did was make us wait while our hot appetizer was sitting in front of us, we couldnt touch it, because we had to order our entres and could have done that wayyy before that. She also delayed our entres because we had to spend extra time AFTER our appetizer arrived to give her our entre orders when we could have done that wayyyy before that. If you want to make the most money, you have to let us order so we can get our food faster, DUHHHH! If you do like that waitress did, *YOU* are causing our entre orders to get delayed, not the kitchen staff.

44. Servers that put their pen and pad away BEFORE you are finished ordering assuming that's all. WHY do that instead of just saying "Is that all" or letting the customer finish ordering? That's just like #2.

45. I HATE when servers assume when you want your side salad or cup of soup when you also order an appetizer. Once, I had a waiter assume I wanted my side salad AFTER the appetizer, which I would have wanted it before or at least with the appetizer, because my husband was eating 98% of the appetizer, I wasn't. This was at Outback. He could have ASKED which one I wanted first. I automatically thought since I had salads very quickly there before and the side salads need NO COOKING, that mine would be out first. Especially since, I have been to a restaurant after that(Macaroni Grill) and had my side salad right away without the waiter asking or me telling him when I wanted my side salad when my husband ordered an appetizer as well. In the Outback situation, the other server that ran my food told me I would have had to tell my server when I wanted it. I was like "WHAT, that makes no sense?" I feel it's the SERVER'S RESPONSIBILITY to find out WHEN someone wants what, because it was a natural assumption when at another restaurant I got my side salad before the appetizer and most importantly, that side salads need NO COOKING TIME, which my husband ordered the Bloomin' Onion which DOES require cooking at Outback. Anyway, I don't think I was wrong in thinking that I'd get my side salad first WITHOUT having to tell him. I think it should be common sense people want their food as SOON as they can have it and if they want it later, THAT'S when the customer should speak up when they want their food. I don't feel it was MY responsibility to tell my server when I wanted it. I don't get WHY 2 different restaurants, same scenario, different outcomes? I was at another restaurant once, the side salads came AFTER the appetizer. It understand why they do that in case you are still eating your side salad when the food is hot and ready that they won't have to let your food get cold or sit under a heat lamp until you are finished your salads, but how come Macaroni Grill didn't do things that way? I finished my side salad WAYYYY BEFORE my husband's appetizer came at Macaroni Grill. I have had a time I wanted a side salad with my meal, but I TOLD my server that since side salads are served at appetizer times and get this: THAT WAITRESS ACTUALLY HAD COMMON SENSE TO ASK FIRST!! This is similar to #22 & #18. While I understand the side salad is not an appetizer, it still can be done WELL BEFORE the appetizer, so why not ask your customer you servers out there what order they would like those items in instead of guessing or going by majority? I created a poll, this is a link with the results: Click on the results tab to see the results. Do you see not EVERYONE wanted to wait for their side salad or how some had side salad with their meal or how some had side salad at the same time as the appetizer?

Appetizer or side salad first when dining in a restaurant if BOTH are ordered?

Appetizer - Side salad I may be still eating 11 40%
Side Salad -DUH, because I am hungry 6 22%
I don't care either way 5 18%
Side salad served with your meal 3 11%
Appetizer and side salad at the same time 2 7%

Current Total 27

46. Serving an appetizer without appetizer plates. Common sense, bring the appetizer plates BEFORE the food comes out. I just had a server yesterday that I was on the last one of the appetizer before she brought the plates, I mean really, what was the point then? Act like YOU are the customer.

Some of these are to show that not ALL customers want things the SAME way. All customers are DIFFERENT, so they want something differently. Some customers that want their server to decide every single thing may want to TELL their server in advance to go ahead bring them refills without asking, bring them their check without asking, etc. Not every server is going to just do something without asking and even if they predict correctly, it bothers me that they decided something for me that wasn't my decision since it is MY MONEY. I should get to rule it, NOT them! I know if I wanted someone's money I sure wouldn't think I'd rule them. I would think they'd rule me since they are the ones PAYING for the service and I am not paying for their service. Think about it.....
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1. Got a lot of backlash and has been removed
Quite long I'll give it that
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2. Yup. I came to post here in case the member self-deleted.
And when I went back there it was gone, removed by hosts.

Apparently, springs1 is a well-known troll or nutcase.
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MikeDE Donating Member (9 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-16-14 07:06 PM
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3. Restaurant Peeves???
Sounds like you need to focus on who your dining out with rather than nitpicking the waiter with your ridiculous peeves.
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