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When is Willard Mitt Romney going to get specific about what he would do if elected?

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No Elephants Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-29-12 12:19 AM
Original message
When is Willard Mitt Romney going to get specific about what he would do if elected?
Edited on Sun Jul-29-12 12:49 AM by No Elephants
So far, his campaign has consisted of "Obama has not yet fixed the economy he inherited from George Bush and I am very definitely not Barack Obama."

Fair enough, as far as it goes, but I would rather know that Romney is not George Dummya Bush either, when it comes to the economy, war, jobs, etc.

We know a little bit about what Romney claims he would NOT do as President (even though it did do those very same things when he was Governor), but we have yet to hear any specifics about what he WOULD do. So far, the only things he has said sound to me like "trickle down."

We have already learned that 35 years of trickle down policies, like tax cuts, deregulation and otherwise giving "job creators" whatever they want, only bankrupts America (and a lot of the rest of the world) and throws 99% of Americans (and others) to the wolves, while widening the gap between the top 1% and everyone else. So, how are the specifics of Romney's plan different from trickle down and how will they end the cycle that has been killing most of us?

What is his plan for creating jobs in the US? He seems to want to leave in place all the current incentives for companies to offshore.

What is his plan for saving Social Security and Medicare? Or does he plan to starve those "beasts?"

How does he plan to get Congress to repeal "Romneycare." Er, I mean "Obamacare." He can't do that by Executive Order.

When does he plan to tell us any of these things?

We already know he loves the rich, especially the Anglo-Saxon rich. (We have not had that element surface in politics since Kennedy.) And they should vote for him. But what about the 99.5%? What are the specific reasons they should vote for him?

And why hasn't he told us yet?

And, while we are at it, even in a bad economy, money is not everything. What does he plan to do about things like women's health, contraceptives, choice, stem cell research, separation of church and state, equal rights for members of the GLBT community, etc. We know he is pro-life and against gay marriage, but we don't know what, specifically, he intends to do about those issues, or any other so-called cultural issues. And then, there's the environment, etc.

What is life under Romney going to be like, if you are not a rich WASP hetero male? Oh, wait, sorry. He is not a rich WASP hetero male. What is life under Romney going to be like if you are not a rich WAS hetero male?

As one Dr. Phil McGraw, a Texas Republican Christian, is fond of saying "People who have nothing to hide hide nothing." Yet, Willard is the most secretive candidate for POTUS I can recall.
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