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Sounds DATED: My e-mail exchange this week with local radio wingnut over AZ

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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-14-11 12:03 PM
Original message
Sounds DATED: My e-mail exchange this week with local radio wingnut over AZ
The Wingnut retired as a local radio talkshow host and used to own the local radio station and went from being a Country Club Rethug (an H.W. Bush type) to tiptoeing into full wingnut line-up, transforming the station's programming into ALL Limbaugh/HANNITY/LEVINE, et al. Now even the two local dudes they feature are wildeyed TeaBagger nutcases.

***************QUOTE, EXCHANGE OF E-MAILS**********

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 UTUSN (sent link and) wrote (below link) : ...

(QUOTE FROM LINK: )Pima County Sheriff Blames Vitriol From Certain Mouths About Tearing Down The Government(END LINK QUOTE)

To your radio cohorts, the whole wingnut crew: Why did Dick ARMEY think he was invited to be on t.v. this morning?!

There he was with AMANPOUR and STEPANOPOULIS pontificating about how this case's answers would eventually be settled from psychiatry "not from sociology or politics."

Since the topic ever since the shooting has been about the "temperature of the political climate," it's amazing that ARMEY could keep a straight face in not acknowledging that he has played a dominant role in ratcheting the temperature.

Bob SCHIEFFER would have gathered up the guts (actually, some other anatomical parts) to ask him, politely, Mr ARMEY, tell me why you, the TeaBaggers, the KOCH brothers, and the whole wingnut media line-up shouldnt be held responsible for this?!

On Sunday, January 09, 2011 WINGNUT wrote:

Without knowing what the sheriff means by vitriol and seeing an example of vitriol, one really cannot reply to his statements. Re: the Sarah Palin crosshairs thing; I didn't take it as a metaphor for shooting someone. I took it as a sort of western, redneck thing of targeting something, as in targeting someone for defeat, not for shooting. I think it is a Rorschach test that shows non-shooters or hunters and those who are but that is a really crude analogy. But the crosshairs which have so excited everyone I don't think anyone (in their right mind) would take that as a wink, wink, nudge, nudge for assassination.

I do think some conservative rhetoric is too harsh and I think some the lefty stuff I've read, and I don't read much, is off-the-charts harsh in cases. Certainly the things some felt comfortable saying about G.W. was too harsh and, by the standards of C. AMANPOUR, inciting.

The shooter is a certifiable crazy and the rush to make this out a shooter driven to it by hate-the-government talk reflects the thinking of the elite media types rather than reality, because we don't know why he says he did it.

The irony, for us locally, is that no local Congressman ever holds Congress on the Corner stuff. I don't know of a single recent event at which they have received the people to hear from them. the town hall that one of them did before I left the radio station was very carefully managed and controlled.

And Amanpour, et al pontificated to the max.

On Monday, 01-10-2011 UTUSN wrote:

1) The shooter IS mentally ill. That doesnt rule out the political climate as a factor. Mentally ill people can react to the HOSTILITY without reference to the CONTENT. You might say, they are the canary in the mineshaft. Did you know that Pat and Bayh BUCHANAN have a mentally ill brother and during the FAKE impeachment, he took a gun to somebodys house over hearing Tweety badger Kathleen WILLEY about identifying who her mystery jogger was? The latter day shooter is IRRATIONAL---what he SAYS about WHY might be interesting but not THE answer.

2) How many DIFFERENT ways can you interpret the crosshair words and graphics? The ones who SAY it are certainly going to deny that they really really MEANT it, but once the crap is out there its up for grabs for anybody to do with as they will.

3) Quitter PALIN (there I go, demonizing!) has demanded apologies for herself and her spawn (whoops, did it again!) over WORDS. Just for consistency how about doing some of that apologizing stuff, herself?

4) You seriously think that the vitriol from the Right and Left are equal, AND that the Left is WORSE? As for your supposedly not knowing what the sheriff means by vitriol and needing examples, uh, REALLY? It started with LIMBOsevic, re-born from the 1930s Father COUGHLIN (not to mention HITLER and MUSSOLINI). Theres your BecKKK and the countless imitators that go so far down that they have reached your lowly local radio wingnut level. Did you hear him FULMINATE this past Saturday (over a local issue)? He has long gone to absurd levels. Pray, what other examples do you need?

5) As for our poor local Congress critters not holding events, uh, do you RECALL the behavior of your TeaBaggers during the town hall season at all? Now, since you bring up lack of constituent face time with them, it was brought up at the past (community) meeting that they canNOT have an audience with either of the Rethug U.S. senators or any other Rethug office holders down the line (in this state), that they only get an aide coming outside the office into the hallway for a five minutes Get-you-GONE! session. So, you WANT our congress critters to hold on-the-corner-stuff? Frankly, multiple town halls are a waste of time. There will FOREVER be one blowhard after another demanding more time and more time. TeaBaggers, among others, will NEVER be satisfied and the Congresscritter needs to be in the office. They dont do it well, but they need to go through the motions at the desk. Mostly, instead of town halls, write a letter, let the aides filter them, then the critter signs (sometimes) even signs his name, or theres a rubber stamp.

6) You say AMANPOUR pontificated. But you always leave out things, like nobody CONFRONTED Dick ARMEY. They treated him with kid gloves as always. Dick ARMEY and the rest of his ilk are always let off the hook.

On Monday January 10, 2011 WINGNUT wrote:

He's not MY Beck--I think he's a conspiracy theorist/nut to the extent that I have listened., which is very little.

(WINGNUT QUOTES UTUSN: )That doesnt rule out the political climate as a factor. Mentally ill people can react to the HOSTILITY without reference to the CONTENT.(END UTUSN QUOTE)

I absolutely reject it. for one thing, to accept your view is to accept a rationale for some form of censorship or control but, really, I don't think we have a 'vitriolic' political climate.

Don't blame me for the behavior of our senators--I don't control them and that they won't meet with (community group) folks doesn't balance out that neither local (Congresscritters) had/have town hall meetings. I cannot believe--except I can--that they would be put off by a little constituent anger. If that's got 'em scared, they should resign. If it goes beyond anger, have the cops arrest them. Nobody wails when the labor union types protest or bitch at meetings, which they have a right to do.

My point about that is --and I believe this about most local pols--they cannot abide expressions of anger or disagreement over their policies or opinions in public meetings. they love only the adoring words of the people. I've though that for years--it's not new.

The shooting was a Rorschach test--people saw what they wanted that first day and into Sunday morning. There was very little evidence of anything, certainly not political views, but THEY think the atmosphere is too charged. What they hear as heightened rhetoric I hear as people pushing back, to use the current phrase, against expansionist government and politicians.

And finally, I cannot finish without G. Bush, for whom I have no brief, but surely the vitriol directed at him or his lying or warmongering or blood for oil or imperialism or wrecking the constitution spurred some violence against...whom? None that I know of on account of the nasty opposition to him. I'm really not upset about nastiness directed at Bush; I'm upset that people won't admit there was nastiness directed at Bush.

Finally finally, we are having a discussion if you want to be highbrowed about the role of government, the nature of America, our future, and it does and should inspire passion. I really do think that liberals, especially the well-educated types, can't figure out why their opponents are so passionate or angry; they can't see it. The are mystified by it and frightened by it because they have always directed politics and the culture and now they think they won't any more. Like, was it Pauline Kael, when Nixon was elected, "How could he win--nobody she knew voted for him."

On Tuesday 01-11-2011 UTUSN wrote:

1) Unlike Ms KAEL, I *do* get TeaBagger/Redneck anger. Its deep down resentment, racism, chip-on-the-shoulder, rage at being made to feel inferior, feeling entitled status slipping away, etc. (That sentence will RANKLE you!) Its the same rage that has been there under previous names: Birchers or Know-Nothing-(Party).

2) As for the immediate speculation without evidence, do you remember Oklahoma City? I clearly remember that Arabs were being detained at airports in the first days.

3) I appreciate that you have, over years, distanced yourself from LIMBAUGH and now BecKKK. That is your decency talking. Thats why I keep asking you how a decent person can be a Rethug. I dont confuse you with them. Its shorthand to conflate the whole wingnut universe as yours if you proclaim yourself to be a Wingnut/Rethug/Conservative/Country-Club-Rethug, whatever. Somewhere down the line those whackjobs belong to you just because they say they do.

On Tuesday, 01-11-2011 WINGNUT sent:

Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’*

On 01-12-2011 UTUSN wrote:

Youve always done the false equivalency thing, buying into the both sides do it, heres the LEFT doing it thing. Like when you said to me I should be satisfied because the Left has OLBERMAN to counter LIMBAUGH. As I replied, there is NO comparison between the two, that LIMBOsevic is a titanic figure in influence and power while OLBERMAN barely scrapes up less than 1/20th of the ratings and 1/15th of the time slot, and is, frankly, fairly unwatchable for me---

Yesterday, HANNITY was pursuing your same topic as your OBAMA knife/fight quote here, reading off quotes from the Left that he claimed were inflammatory and hate-filled. Like this OBAMA one, it was ONE sentence from KERRY, ONE from Hillary, ONE from whomever. How many ill considered, rash incitements does PALIN spew EVERY DAY? Not to mention the rest of the WHOLE line-up of Faux Propaganda Network, LIMBAUGH, G. Gordon LIDDY, Oliver NORTH, OREILLY,LEVINE ---ALL of them together. Its just not EQUIVALENT in tone, time exposure, and all other aspects.

The wingnuts are (probably successfully) pushing back by drumbeating that the AZ a-holes MENTAL ILLNESS has NOTHING to do with wingnut politics. Oh, and your guys (YOURS) are zeroing-in on the sheriff, claiming that hes a political Dem hack who is covering up his not doing his job of having arrested the nut with all the contacts they had with him by blaming the political climate.

Yes, your wingnut side will probably win the argument, the way it happened after the Paul WELLSTONE funeral when the Lefties were RUDE to the wingnuts, poor babies. Oh, and about your saying you have barely listened to BecKKK at all, you sound like Pauline KAEL whom you deride for saying nobody-she-knew-voted-Rethug----you and nobody-you-know listens to BecKKK, eh? Haha. I remember your then local radio program director saying he was THRILLED to usher BecKKK into the line-up, that the station had wanted him for a long time... As I said, you said years ago you didnt agree with LIMBOsevic ABOUT EVERYTHING, and now you say you barely listen to BecKKK, and you say GINGRICH is a hypocritical scoundrel, so those are all to your credit, but your influence at the radio station helped foist these clowns onto us at this bottom of the local barrel.

But I -----LIKE---- you!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might say youre my PET WINGNUT!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, 01-13-2011 WINGNUT sent:

(QUOTE FROM LINK: ) RI Gov. Chafee: Stop paying for vitriolic commentary
10:20 AM Thu, Jan 13, 2011 |Felice Freyer

When talk radio hosts use harshly divisive language, "The advertisers should shut them down," Governor Lincoln Chafee said this morning.

Chafee said the solution to the vitriolic rhetoric -- which some have linked to the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords over the weekend -- is for people to stop paying for it, including not buying books from people who use such language.

Chafee made his comments in response to reporters' questions after a meeting on health care. He noted that he had been a target of violence-tinged criticism himself. In 2006, conservative commentator Ann Coulter wrote a column, "They shot the wrong Lincoln," and calling then-Senator Chafee a "half-wit."

Chafee made national news earlier this week when he announced that he would not go on talk radio and would ban state employees from doing so.

The ban came because talk radio is essentially "ratings-driven, for-profit programming" that was not appropriate use of state employees' time, Chafee said. His spokesman said it had been in the works long before the shooting in Arizona. (UNQUOTE LINK)

********************END OF EXCHANGE***************

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DCKit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-14-11 12:18 PM
Response to Original message
1. I wonder how St. Peter handles it when these folks show up, demanding to be let in.
Do they get a pass because their earthly heads were broken, and they really thought they were doing the right thing, or does he call them on their hypocrisy as he pushes the button for the elevator and a security detail?
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spanone Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-14-11 12:23 PM
Response to Original message
2. hey wingnut, the congresswoman who was shot took the crosshairs as a viable threat
Edited on Fri Jan-14-11 12:24 PM by spanone
who gives a fuck what you or anyone else thought about it....SHE who was targeted was concerned. and why didn't palin come out then and tell the world they are surveyors symbols? cause she's a liar.
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EFerrari Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-14-11 12:29 PM
Response to Original message
3. The first thing he thinks of is some form of censorship or external control
because it would never occur to these wingnuts that they are capable of controlling THEMSELVES without needing the force of law just because it's the right thing to do.

Authoritarian followers, always looking for a PARENT to tell them what to do.
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